Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017
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Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes - 2017
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Sidi Genius 7 Road Cycling Shoes


The Sidi Genius 7 road cycling shoes offer high performance at an affordable price combined with Sidi’s instantly recognisable styling. Featuring a redesigned Millenium 5 carbon composite sole with injected carbon fibre in a matrix of nylon to give enhanced rigidity the Genius 7 provides superior power transfer through to your pedals. Off the bike an anti-slip polyurethane toe and replaceable heel inserts make walking easier and safer.

To avoid unwanted pressure points on the top of the foot Sidi have included an anatomically curved strap with a super-soft EVA pad and combined this with a Micro Caliper buckle that allows you to make simple on-the-bike adjustments to the fit letting you completely open it by lifting together both side buckles, or pushing the centre button to slightly loosen one tooth at the time. Two High Security Velcro straps compliment the caliper buckle to enhance the fit and keep the front of your foot firmly planted in the shoe. With heel retention in mind Sidi have included a reinforced cup on the Genius 7 Fit cycling shoe to support your heel and prevent any potential for heel lift when you’re stomping on the pedals out of the saddle. 



  • Soft Instep 2 Closure System for micro adjusted fit
  • Millennium 5 Carbon Composite Sole for a rigid and durable sole
  • Caliper Buckle closure for easy on-the-fly adjustment
  • Sidi Heel Cup for added durability and stable footing
  • High Security Straps for strong-holding strap security
Great shoes. i have the mountain bike version as well.
Been using Sidi Genius shoes for 20 years. There's nothing more comfortable.
Great pair of shoes especially at this price. Beautifully made and extremely comfortable.
Last pair I bought was just called "Genius", I think they are 12 or 13 years old. These look as well made and have improved sole, velcro and buckle bits. Maybe I will get 15 years out of these ones!
Great shoes. Quality design, materials, and craftsmanship.
Excellent shoes. Very consistent: I've been using the Genius series for decades, and can just order my size and they fit. The hardware and performance is always perfectly amazing.
Great shoe. Have been using them for over 15 years. Very durable. Half sizes are nice for fine tuning fit. Rather narrow show.
Usual great quality from Sidi. Great fit and performance. Very small sizing - always a 44 in a shoe but needed 45.5 in these!
This must be about the perfect cycling shoe with ratchet mechanism and velcro straps; hope this style of model is never discontinued as experience of wires and cords is that these usually fail before the rest of the shoe is even half worn. Hope they will be as comfortable as my last pair.
So far so good. Just one 70-mile ride on them so far. Still breaking in. Well made. Still getting used to adjustments. Great look. First time I have received shipping internationally. Great price and well informed on shipping status.
I recently replaced a pair of Sidi shoes that were 17 years old. The quality of the new shoes is as good as the ones replaced. Merlin offered the absolute best price and was extremely prompt with delivery. I look forward to another 17 years of Sidi service.
Superb shoes, expensive but quite simply the best. Not only do they come in a great range of larger sizes (true sizes by the way) but the also perform very well. The carbon sole is very stiff and I have just taken a brand new pair for a weeks cycling in Lazarote where the hills are not for the faint hearted and these shoes delivered all the time. No lack of stiffness, great fit and comfort and still good 'feel' on the pedal, highly recommended. Only disappointment was that the larger sizes only come in one colour option but that is a very minor point. Good shoe, instils confidence.
Very impressed with these shoes. I've been riding with Gaerne road shoes for a couple of years, but there was something not quite right, so I decided to buy these. I've got to say they are extremely comfy. They feel very secure and the quality of finish is great. No more hot foot (caused by poor fit in previous shoes) these appear to be much more suppporting. I would definitely recommend these. I will use Sidi from now on!