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SiDi Kaos Air Road Cycling Shoe is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 19th November 2018.

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SiDi Kaos Air Road CyclingShoe


The Sidi Kaos Air is a great choice of road cycling shoe if you’re looking for an affordable shoe which benefits from the same cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques used higher up in the range. Regarded as the little brother of the Sidi Wire shoe the Kaos offers the same fit and feel of its more expensive brother as well as that iconic Italian styling synonymous with the Sidi brand. Sidi’s signature Lorica microfibre construction gives a vibrant, high quality finish that is both water resistant and easy to clean; this special Kaos Air model features a fully perforated upper to provide enhanced levels of ventilation for those riding in warmer temperatures. 

Featuring a Millenium 4 carbon composite sole with injected carbon fibre in a matrix of nylon to give more rigidity than a standard nylon sole the Sidi Kaos Air shoe provides superior power transfer through to your pedals while the sole of the shoe is fitted with the standard 3-hole drilling pattern making it compatible with the majority of pedal systems including the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo. Off the bike an anti-slip polyurethane toe and replaceable heel inserts make walking easier and safer.

Sidi have combined a Micro caliper buckle with a twist dial and nylon wire closure to provide a comfortable and ergonomic Techno 3 closure system over the entire length of the top of the foot, allowing you to fine tune fit even when on-the-fly while avoiding unwanted pressure points thanks to their anatomically curved Soft Instep 3 strap with a super-soft EVA pad. Sidi have included a reinforced cup on the Kaos Air cycling shoe to support your heel and prevent any potential for heel lift when you’re out of the saddle putting the power down.



  • Cool, comfortable synthetic perforated upper
  • Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole
  • Replaceable non-slip polyurethane heel pad
  • Caliper buckle for a secure fit
  • Techno 3 micro twist dial closure system
  • Caliper buckle
  • Soft Instep 2
Sidi has been making quality shoes for many years and the Kaos is my third pair. The other shoes I owned have not worn out but I thought it was time for a change since my last pair is ten years old. The new pair is overall stiffer particularly in the uppers and the carbon sole. I like the newer wire system where you only need to turn one dial to tighten the toe box. They look great and I have gotten many compliments.
TL:DR = best bang for Buck with top end quality. Long version: I have a mtb bias, I ride a pair of SiDi Drako that are the equivalent of the very top Road shoes. I've been enjoying the road bike so I wanted a shoe that fit the same. These fit identical to the top end ones, have the same lower wind-up buckle and the same upper instep pad but with a buckle. Absolutely fantastic, you are getting 90% of the top end shoe (minus the "heel clamp" which I haven't missed on road) at half the price of the top end shoe. Don't be put off by the white, I use flash wipes to clean black chain lube off and they stay bright white for ages (3 years riding through mud on Drako which has the same upper.) Just note that the ankle fabric will discolour slightly compared to the lorica uppers but a sponge soaked in washing powder sorts that.