Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2017
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New productSidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2017Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2017
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Sidi Shot Road Cycling Shoes - 2018

The Shot is Sidi’s range-topping cycling shoe which builds on Sidi’s ever-popular Wire Carbon shoe with a redesigned aerodynamic upper and central Tecno-3 dials that close the shoe symmetrically for an even better custom fit that eliminates the potential for any pressure points on the top of the foot.

The Sidi Shot road cycling shoe features a Microfibre Tech Pro upper that includes striking new embossed graphics which have been specifically designed to aid airflow and increase venting above the toebox and shoe sides to help cool your feet during the hottest rides of the year. One of the key features of the Shot cycling shoe is Sidi’s super-stiff Vent Carbon sole which provides superior power transfer and is made from beautifully finished 3K carbon checkerboard; it includes the clever addition of a sliding vent at the toe allowing you to tailor the amount of airflow through to the underside of the toebox.

Sidi are famous for their efficient, user-friendly Push Dial closure system and for the Shot cycling road shoe they have developed their new Double Techno-3 Push Dial that closes the shoe symmetrically for an unrivalled fit and includes an all new propriety Sidi material that is completely non-binding giving an even lighter action and making fine adjustments on-the-fly easier than ever before. With an adjustable heel retention device that reinforces the top of the heel cup the Sidi Shots allow you to adjust the interface between your foot and the shoe’s heel eliminating the potential for heel lift during those out of the saddle efforts, this reinforced heel keeps the foot in an optimal positon and prevents the shoe from becoming deformed under prolonged pressure.

Available in a variety of colours, each featuring stylish graphics and coloured accents the Shot’s Black & Fluo Yellow option includes a specific Tech Pro luminescent upper fabric that has been engineered to absorb sunlight and then gradually release it when the sun goes down increasing rider’s visual safety during twilight hours.



  • Aerodynamic Microfibre Tech Pro upper
  • Embossed graphics
  • Super-stiff 3K Vent Carbon sole
  • Sliding vent in sole at toebox
  • Double Techno-3 Push Dials provide superior adjustment and fit
  • Adjustable heel retention device
  • Replaceable polyurethane heel pad


They are seriously expensive but very very comfortable to wear.
That's my third pair of SHOT... Very very comfortable shoes...
I am an avid cyclist that ride basically everyday and put a lot off miles on my shoes. Had Sidi in the past and tried many brands. Love this new Sidis; very comfy, direct power on the pedals, light and looks good
These are the most comfortable and the most beautiful shoes I have ever had. I bought them in white/red. I have had Shimano and Sidi shoes before, but these are different. After hours of ride I have no foot fatigue at all. They are about 100gr heavier than some of their competitors, but I do not care. They are also very visible with the rear reflectors at night. I have become a Sidi fan after having these shoes.
Perfect fit - really stiff - amazing power transfer - absolute steal at this price!
Best cycling shoes on the planet, whether road or mtb. Shots are even more comfortable than wires. And wires are almost perfect. Hard to believe that they will probably improve the technology further in the coming years. Finally, they just look so feels like a pro when you wear them.
Some things are just worth the money and these shoes sure are. The most comfortable, well made shoe I've ever worn. And that's 40 years of every brand in the world of cycling shoes.
Love the Sidi Shot after the first two rides. Very stiff sole, bora system is fantastic. You can see the yellow fluorescent from a mile away-and thats a good thing.
Great shoes with lots of adjustability. I was a little concerned at first as the left tongue has a sharp edge and was rubbing my ankle. But after a few rides and and a blister now tough skin, they are ultra comfortable. The sole seems mega stiff and power transfer is great. I have bony and narrow feet and with most shoes get heel slip but these stay firm and have an adjustable heel. These shoes should get better and more comfortable with use. No probs fittting the Look Keo cleats and the tab is useful so that cleat replacement is exactly the same.
Great shoes. New closing system fits very well and prevent from damage in case of crash. My third Sidis, love them all.
These shoes are light, comfortable and stiff. I've always had Sidis as they fit my feet shape very well. I've been impressed so far in the dozen rides or so in them. No wearing in period required and they are cool enough in the Aussie summer!
Really good shoes, comfortable, heavy duty :) strong made
Anything sidi is simply the best. I'm just glad that Merlin had them at such a great price. Spend the extra money and buy sidi. You will not be disappointed.
Feel like wearing slippers, most comfortable shoes I've worn, feet are secure using the wire and ratchet system
Great shoes, nice design. I bought them in black matt and white. Shoes are small, make sure to order at least one size bigger as usual. Comfortable and rigid sole. The boa system is great and it is also possible to maintain the feet better by adjusting the width of the shoe at the tendon level. I fully recommend these shoes.
OK, so these shoes are expensive and it took me a long time to come to terms with the idea of spending this much, but they truly are worth it. I bought the black and white ones and they look awesome. More importantly they are super stiff but also really, really comfortable - I have "normal" feet and was amazed that a racing shoe could be so comfortable. At the end of the day, I am so happy with them that I feel I got decent value for money (especially at the price Merlin are doing them for) so they have been well worth it.
Great looking and fitting shoe. As with all footwear, not all shoes will fit all feet. Due to the double ratchet on the tongue, the shoe's tongue is very stiff without flex where the mechanism is located. Works for me but the lack of adjustment options on the top of the foot (for example compared to three straps going across the foot or a shoe that has the ratchets on the side) may cause some issues. It's a roomy shoe with lots of adjustment points.
fantastic shoe, very comfortable and the new position to tighten the shoe is so much better and more comfortable, bit expensive but you get what you pay for
Very expensive but great shoes, new boa in middle of shoe is much more comfortable than the old carbon vernice, fluo is very bright which is what I wanted