SiDi Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Cycling Shoe
SiDi Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Cycling ShoeSiDi Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Cycling Shoe
SiDi Carbon Air Vernice Road Cycling Shoe
The Wire Carbon Air Vernice Road Shoe features all the outstanding quality and top end features that make Sidi a staple of cycle shoe excellence. With Soft Instep 3 Closure, Adjustable Heel Retention and Techno-3 dial for a detailed custom fit.
​The wide, curved strap of the Soft Instep Closure System combines with a thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute pressure evenly over the instep area. Sidi have made the system adjustable from either side so you can center the pad perfectly. You can replace the entire system to ensure your shoe performs to the top level even after years of wear.
  • Perforated construction on the upper shoe for maximum ventilation
  • Soft Instep 3 closure system for microadjusted fit
  • Light weight and stiff Vent Carbon Sole with integrated air channels
  • Techno-3 System dials with proprietary non-binding wire for custom fit
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device reinforces heel cup for better fit during high movement moments
  • Sidi Heel Cup for added durability and stable footing
  • Cleat Fitting - 3 Bolt Look Type
  • Sole Material: Carbon fibre
  • Soft Instep 3


Vent Carbon Sole:
A replaceable polyurethane heel pad and replaceable integrated toe pad/vent cover give your shoe excellent walkability. The light weight and stiff properties of the Vent Carbon Sole allow for high performing power transfer. Designed with integrated vent and air channels, the resulting heat dissipation and air flow make for comfortable warm weather wearing. With the option to open or close the vents you can be sure of comfort whatever the weather. 
A weave pattern carbon fibre construction maximizes the soles stiffness while allowing for a small degree of flex in the toes. This carefully designed flex biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon and helps promote circulation. A standard 3-hole drilling pattern, printed 10 mm lateral, fore/aft cleat alignment scale and the Look Memory Eyelet combine to result in an easy cleat usage system. You'll be able to replace and align your cleats with ease for your perfect fit and positioning. The vents also assist water draining, helping you lose the water after a wet triathlon transition.
Techno-3 System:
The dials of Sidi's Techno-3 System are placed along the length of the shoe so you can adapt the upper shape to fit your needs. A proprietary non-binding wire material means that the dials can be quickly adjusted on the fly with minimal effort. Sidi's knack for making great systems that can be serviced or replaced continues with the Techno-3 System.
Adjustable Heel Retention Device:
Simultaneously reinforcing the heel cup and adding yet more tweakable fit options, the Adjustable Heel Retention Device closes the back of the shoe securely around your heel. This way, the back of the heel stays in place better during steep climbs or sprints. The system is light weight, easy to use and fully replaceable. 
Sidi Heel Cup:
A reinforced heel helps hold your feet in an optimal position. The extra strength also prevents the shoe losing its shape when exposed to prolonged pressure and extreme performance, so you can ride with confidence.
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These are fantastic shoes. My first impressions when I tried the shoes on was that they were a size too small. I bought the same size as my Fizik and Shimano shoes but these seemed way to tight. That impression changed on my first ride. They are not tight rather they hold the foot firmly allowing only a little room for toes to wriggle about. The sensation of effective power transfer to the pedals is way better than with any other shoe I have used. After a brisk 40 km first ride with them I am sold. Superb quality, excellent service from Merlin Cycles and an unbeatable price.
Excellent product, new closure system is as good as they get and can be adjusted on the move! Really firm sole and roomy fitting from a width perspective! Good value for the money