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Sidi Wire Carbon Matt Road Cycling Shoe
The Sidi Wire Carbon  shoe is a top of the range road cycling shoe packed full of Sidi’s highest-level technology and is made using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques combined with state of the art materials. Featuring a super-stiff Vent Carbon Sole the Vernice provides superior power transfer through to the pedals while the soles include integrated, adjustable vents to help with heat dissipation during the hotter months of the year and feature a standard 3-hole drilling pattern that is compatible with the majority of pedal systems including the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo. Off the bike an anti-slip polyurethane toe and replaceable heel inserts make walking easier and safer.
The Sidi Wire Carbon road shoe upper is made from a light, water-repellent Techpro microfibre with an anti-mold treatment so your shoes will stay fresher for longer while the replaceable soft instep closure system distributes pressure evenly over the instep area providing additional support. Sidi’s Techno-3 push dials quickly seals the shoe around your foot for an unrivalled fit is completely non-binding giving a light, easy-adjust action making fine adjustments on-the-fly easier than ever before. With an adjustable heel retention device that reinforces the top of the heel cup the Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice shoes allow you to adjust the interface between your foot and the shoe’s heel eliminating the potential for heel lift during those out of the saddle efforts.
  • Super-stiff Vent Carbon sole
  • Replaceable Soft Instep 3
  • Techno-3 push dial system
  • Adjustable heel retention device
  • Replaceable polyurethane heel pad
  • Sliding vent in sole at toebox
Great shoes, I already have one pair in black color. Now I bought a second pair. Intended rather for a slim foot. They were stiff, comfortable, and of course beautiful Italian style.
I should've made the investment in these shoes a long time ago, the fit is perfect, the way that wrap around my foot just feels like they're tailor made, the locking system is super, I really love the quality and fit of these Sidi Wire, such a lovely shoe to look at as well, also feel like I can output more power compared to my previous shoe.
I was in the market for some new cycling shoes & as I was finding most of them to be a bit boring I decided to go for the Sidi Wire shoes in matt black. I'd read some comments on line about the shoes being a bit too tight & to get the next size or half size up. I didn't bother & I've found that these shoes fit fine in my normal size 9. The shoes are well made, very stiff & with good ventilation. I've already been out for a few rides in them & just from the way they look I feel like I'm 10 miles an hour faster, although my Garmin tells me otherwise. I would strongly recommend Sidi shoes to anyone.
I have been riding Sidi shoes for decades (my last shoes prior to wearing Sidi were Duegi wood soles with nail-on cleats, if that tells you how long). I have always found the quality and fit to be exceptional and they come with a dash of style as a bonus. These are replacing my well-worn Air Vent Carbon Vernice shoes and I must say that the Sidi wire closure system provides an even better fit. I get a snug wrap on my foot with no pressure points on the arch and a generally more "locked-in" feeling than with the two strap + ratchet on my previous shoes. Making adjustments while on the bike can be a little bit fiddly but really not an issue. Do note that there is an adjustable tongue position strap (overkill???) that either needs to be positioned or trimmed so that there is no extra strap on the inside of your foot lest this bit of rubber periodically/annoyingly hooks your crank arm. The Merlin sale price made them irresistible and I am very happy with my purchase.
I had Sidi Megas before and I like these even more. Tried a few other brands but I keep coming back to Sidi.
I've been wearing Sidi shoes since the 1980's. Perfect for my feet. Superb quality and unbeatable price. Thank you Merlin!
Nice shoes. Light and strong. Make sure to pick the right size. They are very tight but it's normal. To be sure the shoes would fit me I went for a 44 and it was a mistake. I should of went for a 43 or 43.5. Do not follow some websites recommending to go oversize with Sidi.
A well made shoe. Roomy toe box. Very adjustable closure system. A bit tricky to adjust on the fly, but some practice should make it more straightforward. Might not be an easy thing with gloved hands. The stiff sole seems to benefit power transfer and foot comfort when pushing hard. I have worn Sidi Genius shoes for years and the Wires are a cut above. Worth the extra cost. I am so pleased, I have ordered another pair of the Wire Vent Air shoes in another color. In regard to sizing, I have always worn 44.5 Sidi's. The Wires feel slightly larger than my old shoes. I may have been comfortable in a 44, since I prefer a tight fit, but the 44.5's don't have any hot spots and will accommodate winter socks. I made a good choice with these kickers.