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Sixpack Z-Trix Lock-On Handle Bar Grips

The Z-Trix is one of the thinnest Lock-On Grips made by Sixpack. It's a smaller diameter with only 28mm combined with the honeycomb design and specially designed contact surfaces increase for thumb and index finger grip and anti-slip performance. Each pair of the Z-Trix comes incl. 4x SGES-Spacer (Sixpack Grip Extension System). The SGES spacers have a height of 5mm. This allows to enlarge the handlebar width by 20mm without changing the handlebar.


  • Honeycomb structure
  • Single aluminum lock on lock
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Handlebar caps included
Alan the mouse Upgraded from stock item on budget Specialize mtb. Great grip for the price. Good feel and easy to fit.