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Speedplay Aero Walkable Cleats
Speedplay’s new Walkable™ Cleat technology for Zero and Light Action pedals sets a new standard for user-friendly, off-the-bike functionality. Speedplay’s Aero Walkable™ Cleats are the first truly walkable™ cleats for road pedals. The integrated, rubberised covers stay on the cleats while you are riding. When walking, the covers improve traction and protect the cleats from wear. Additionally, the thin, contoured cleat profile allows for a more natural gait and makes walking in road shoes much less awkward.
In addition to these benefits, Cleat Buddies are handy plugs included with cleat sets for use when walking in dirty conditions. Cleat Buddies prevent debris contamination by fitting into the cleat’s centre cavity. When you are ready to ride, Cleat Buddies can be easily removed for riding and conveniently snap together to fit in a pocket or bag.
Yellow cleats are only compatible with Zero pedals.
Grey Light Action Cleats are only compatible with Light Action Pedals.
Bought as a replacement for the same cleat type. I'd recommend anyone using Speedplay pedals to switch to the walkable version when replacing their cleats.
Such a massive improvement on the old style. Easy to walk in. Not sure I'll use the plugs much.
Great product solves an inherent problem with speedplay cleats
Finally got a chance to try these out today and it sure is nice to walk on a gripable cleat surface for a change. I am running the Northwave shoe speedplay specific so once I mounted the cleat I found the rubber cover difficult to install. I think the clearances are a little tighter with these shoes but I used a heat gun to soften up the cover and it did go on in place so not a big deal. Seams to be the standard high quality that Speedplay puts out so yeah I really like this setup.
Vastly improved on previous versions. Better fixings and now user friendly walking grips. Excellent.
Work well and good having the walkable cover.
I have used Speedplay products for more than 5 years now, these will not disappoint. They feel a little different than previous models when you first walk in them but you will quickly get used to them. The dust covers in my opinion are only useful if you will be walking in a muddy area otherwise leave them at home.
A bit expensive for what they are, but a much better design than the original Speedplay cleats. I hope they make these standard at some point.
I've been using Speedplay Zero pedals for about 2 years now. The original cleats are a bit slippy on certain surfaces (cafe stops, etc) these are a great replacement, as there's no need to fit covers on them when off the bike. Great product! Very happy with them.
I love Speedplay and these walkable cleats take them to yet another level of convenience and ease of use. Brilliant.