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Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 26th January 2018.

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On every Pro's wish list - no other pedal comes close!!

The performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer's wish list. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero. By thinking "outside the box", we created and patented the most technically advanced pedal system ever, featuring your choice of either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. Once you compare the features of Zero pedals to any other brand, you'll find that other pedals systems are no match. And like all Speedplay pedals, we accomplish this without compromise by ensuring that the locking edges of our pedals and cleats are made of metal, not plastic. What more needs to be said? How about Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Paris-Roubaix, Amstel Gold, Paris-Nice, World Time Trial Championship, Tour of Germany, Tour of California, Tour de Georgia, Hawaii Ironman World Championship and the countless other races that have been won by champions using Zero pedals. Speedplay Zero Pedal Systems are simply the winningest road pedals on the planet.

Speedplay Zero Stainless Pedals Features:

  • Dual-sided entry: The symmetrical double-sided pedal self-locates just by stepping down into the cleat whether the pedal is right side up, upside down or anywhere else in its rotation. No kicking, no fumbling, no looking; just step down and go.
  • Your choice of micro-adjustable float or a fixed position: The Zero allows rotational float to be precisely micro-adjusted to the exact range needed or set in a fixed-position anywhere within the 15-degree adjustment range.
  • All three foot-axis adjustments can be set independently of one another: No other pedal system offers the precise adjustment or convenience of independently adjustable fore-aft, side-to-side, and rotational foot positions. Unlike the inexact set-up of traditional cleats, each of the three critical foot-axis adjustments of Zero cleats can be set or changed without affecting the position of the other two adjustments. This feature also eliminates guesswork and misalignment when replacing cleats.
  • The lowest stack height: The Zero cleat positions your foot closer to the top of the spindle for improved power transfer.
  • 11.5 mm stack height for 3-hole mounting
  • 8.5 mm stack height for 4-hole mounting
  • Unbeatable cornering clearance: The thin pedal profile of the Zero pedal lets you power through corners where your rivals coast.
  • Phenomenal light weight: Stainless pedal each - 103g
  • Zero cleats per pair - 70g
  • Large, stable pedaling platform: The Zero Pedal System provides the same solid connection as conventional single-sided pedals, but with Speedplay's unique, inverted design the cleat provides the platform once the cleat is engaged.
  • Quality without compromise: Zero pedals use precision cartridge and needle bearings - three of them instead of two found in most other pedals - which allows the Zero to be thinner for a lower stack height, better cornering clearance, and reduced aerodynamic drag. Like all Speedplay Pedal Systems, the locking edges of Zero pedals and cleats are metal-on-metal for durability and safety, unlike our competitors who use engagement edges made of plastic.
  • Fits more shoes: The Zero cleat fits any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount.
  • Easy maintenance: A built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication.
  • True locking mechanism: The Zero's locking mechanism does not rely on spring tension for security, so entering and exiting Zero pedals is easy, but unintended release is virtually impossible.
Fantastic product - light weight, durable and stops all knee pain. Will never use any other pedals. Thanks to Merlin for the fantastic service and prices!
Swapped out Dura ace pedals for the Speedplay, after reading about their ability to stop knee pain - bit sceptical, but after the first 50km, where the first hints of agro used to occur, nothing! And so it continued. Needless to say, well pleased. We'll have to wait to see how much of a hassle the maintenance is, given I didn't touch the old pedals, but it'll be worth it for the worry free riding
I would like to thank Merlin for their excellent service, I returned one set of pedals in order to buy the speedplay. The speedplay were delivered the very next day no charge awesome. The pedals are very good, easy to set up and have many advantages of fine tuning the cleat placement in order to eradicate niggles in the calf/achillies area. However, as noted by others, they can be difficult to clip into. I think this will become easier as I get used to the pedals. Further, I find the screws that hold the cleats in place a little flimsy in that they move allowing the cleat to shift into a different position than when set. perhaps I am too scared to over-tighten them. On the whole very pleased, a very secure clamp on the pedals and easy to un-clip from when required.
Amazing Pedals that are so easy to clip into. Never had a problem with maintenance just keep them clean and lubed and they work every time. Grease them every 3/4 months depending on mileage also. Totally serviceable too, with replacement bearing/ parts etc. I have never had to yet and have ridden them for 4 years solid. Bought these for a bargain price for my new bike build so now have 2 pairs and expect the same faultless record.
Tried Look and Time, however Speedplay always impress with quality and more importantly operation.
Same old excellent speedy service!!!! The pedals are awesome, dunno why I didn't use then years ago. Take a smidge of getting used to and setting up correctly, but other than that....great!!!
Great product , they worked For my bad knees.
Great product , they worked For my bad knees.
Been using Speedplay pedals for a year or more now and never had any problems with reliability, plus I have less knee pain than with any other pedal types I've used in the past. They do take a bit of getting used to, but after a few rides you settle in to using them. I'd recommend the coffee shops caps
Already have a set of these on my first bike (now to be used for winter). These are a higher spec set though stainless. But love these pedals, find much easier than SPD-SL for getting foot in place first time