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Sram Red eTap WiFli Hydraulic Disc Electronic Wireless Groupset is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 2nd August 2019.

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Code: SMER81640
Sram Red eTap WiFli Hydraulic Disc Electronic Wireless Groupset - Flat Mount or Post Mount (WiFLi™ option fits up to 32t Cassette)
Sram Red eTap WiFli Hydraulic Disc Electronic Wireless Groupset
Introducing the new Sram Red eTap Hydraulic Disc Groupset. With this, SRAM have taken the simple bicycle, removed everything to make it as elegant as possible, a true technological advancement.
The eTap features race-car-inspired paddle shift logic that virtually eliminates mistaking upshifts for downshifts, while keeping shifting precise, fast, and easy. It’s a logic that is simplified for speed: right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers to change the front ring. The revised ergo fit controls seamlessly connect rider and machine with reach adjust to fit any hand. You’ll shift more, with less effort and spend less time doing it. 
  • Front Mech: Red eTap front derailleur - 187g including battery. 
  • Rear Mech: Red eTap WiFLi rear derailleur - 11 Speed - WiFLi™ option fits up to 32t Cassette
  • Shifters: Red eTap shifters Hydraulic Disc Brakes, carbon ergoblade levers (Wireless) - 275g for the pair. 
  • Batteries: Front and rear derailleur batteries
  • Includes: Charger,  Flat Mount or Post Mount calipers
Iain P As expected, very easy to install & set up. Also like to mention Merlin cycles fast & efficient service.
Brian There are several reviews for ETAP on the internet, so I have focused on a few things that are experiential. 1. You must use SRAM chainrings and ideally cranks with the ETAP front derailleur. SRAM of course tell you that you have to, but their design locks you into this. You can get front shifts to work with other high quality brand chainrings, but it is not as smooth or consistent. Front shifting is where there is more fiddling required to install and tune than rear shifting. 2. Shimano cassettes work fine with the rear ETAP derailleur. Just as well, as the grossly overpriced SRAM RED 1190 cassette and even the compatible 1170 and 1130 does have viable quality and cheaper Shimano alternatives e.g. Ultegra 11-32 11 speed cassettes work fine with an ETAP WiFli derailleur. 3. Shifting speed is often mentioned in reviews as slower on ETAP when compared to DI2 and EPS. I can say it is marginally slower than the wired and stronger battery powered DI2 from personel experience, but I can barely notice it in practical riding. It is more of a technical than usability issue. 4. Yes, it is much easier to install and setup than DI2 and there are good online videos to help. 5. As SRAM was the last major groupset manufacturer to offer electronic shifting, it is likely that Shimano and Campagnolo patents that have limited what SRAM can do. It would be nice to allow some user changes e.g. swap sides for cassette shifitng functions. The firmware upgrade USB dongle is still an unused piece of kit after 2 years of ETAP. 6. The HRD HC brakes (different from other SRAM hydraulic brakes) are the best in terms of feel and setup and maintenance that SRAM produce. They are only available on ETAP HRD groupsets so far though. Ensure you use SRAM brake rotors with them - again another proprietary lock-in, even though other brand rotors do work OKish. 7. Battery life is as advertised by SRAM. 8. The Merlin price for this groupset with no mechanical components was very, very competitive. 9. As with all SRAM Red groupsets, it is beautifully boxed - so good you just have to keep the boxes. 10. Overall, I prefer it to DI2 for install, maintenance, simplicity, better hydraulic brakes and shifter ergonomics. I cannot compare it to EPS though.