No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Pint
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No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Pint
Code: NT-ST0068
Stans No Tubes Tyre Sealant - Pint

Will stop slow leaks and punctures. This Solution converts standard (non tubeless) tires to tubeless. Also works with any tubeless tire or tubular tires. When properly used, it will seal up to 1/4 inch punctures. The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures. It will not throw the tire out of balance like other sealants are known to do.



  • Will stop slow leaks and punctures.
  • This Solution converts standard (non tubeless) tires to tubeless.
  • Also works with any tubeless tire or tubular tires.
  • When properly used, it will seal up to 1/4 inch punctures.
  • The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures.
  • It will not throw the tire out of balance like other sealants are known to do.
  • 1 pint bottle - seals 8 bicycle tyres
  • No longer supplied with cup
GuyThe only stuff I ever use.. top service from Merlin
Mr CampbellNever had an issue with stans sealant
Mr LaurenceWorks - simple as that.
leecIve tried them all but always go back to Stans. You pay a bit more but the stuff actually works
BrianThe only sealant I’ve ever used. Does the job but you really need a large syringe to inject it into the tyres when fitting.
Mr WatsonNot the best sealant but a great balance between effective and easy to use
StevenGood quality, easy install, no problems
Mr LindseyIt works. And don't forget it's re-usable between tyre changes. Seems to be 18 quid in your typical bike shop, so less than this is a good price.
IanJust changing tyre, amazing what its done without being noticed. Used a scrubber & stans on inside of tyre prior to seating on rim
Mr HamiltonHas an integrated measuring window in the bottle to measure out the correct volume of liquid. Sealed a small puncture in a matter of minutes.
Mr MCDONALDseems to work well great value
dylanused this stuff for years cant go wrong with it
Mr LaurenceAlways use Stans and it always works. Quite expensive when having to top up a few bikes a bit worth it for the lack of punctures. In 10 years i’ve only had 2 that couldn’t seal!!
DavidNo issues - set up my Panaracer Gravel Kings quickly and easily and haven't had to top up after 3 months of hard use.
John WEasy to use and, if everything else is set up carefully, works perfectly.
JezPut this in brand new tubes and tyres (conti race28 light, Vittoria corsa g2) and first ride got a 4mm splinter of flint in front tyre grrrr. Didn’t notice til later that evening when it was half flat. Pumped up to 110psi then again as it went down, and since then it’s sealed. Good stuff avoided roadside puncture repair
Mr eldridgeMy choice for sealant works well and doesn’t stain anything if it does spray onto wheels or the bike unlike others
GraysonI have been using this stuff for years . The shop I worked a few years ago used it for all the bikes we set up tubeless . I have always trusted it and it has not let me down.
MTB like waterDoes exactly what it says on the plastic bottle. Always reliable stuff!
Mr ParkerIt works. Yes there are cheaper sealants out there but I'm sticking with Stans as it has never let me down
Mr MashfordWorks fine for me and lasted longer than I expected when I used it a couple of years ago.
Mr WilliamsonWorks consistently for my tubeless
MarkNo issues here, does what you expect.
Mr RogersonStans is the a great sealant, my first time going tubeless made easy. Good delivery and price
Mr BuckleyIt just worked. My first attempt at tubeless using TLE Nobby Nics and a standard workshop pump. all good so far
#mintbikerGreat tyre sealant, the only downside that there is no measuring cup.
MarkBeen using this for 5 years - need I say any more.
ChrisOrdered and dispatched same day. Product "does what it says on the tin". Fixes most punctures without issue. Bought 2 smaller bottles as it does tend to "go off" after a while oncw opened and is therefore not as effective.
Mr TomanGreat puncture protection and great for setting up tubeless tyres
IanOn my third set of commuting CX tyres now & not a single puncture so I suppose it is working.
MarkTried other tyre sealants and this is still the best on the market
Mr WatsonSeals holes in your tyres. Great stuff, apprieciate the relability.
Bullfrog BluesI must admit this is the only sealant I have used. But it does the job - I`m very satisfied with it
GarethMy go-to sealant for all my bikes.
Mr RyanBrilliant stuff sealed a tyre within seconds
Mr D PerkinsUsed in change to tubeless. 100ml injected via stans tubeless valves it completely sealed all the small air bubbles from around the rim on 27.5+ tyres. Been riding to work on the tyres and all good so far with no noticeable air loss. The inner tubes I took out weighed 840 grams so a real weight saving
NigelThomasSound instructions and easy to install with No Tubes Injector - but no punctures so far, so not tested as yet.
Jon HodgettsBrilliant sealant, so easy to use highly recommend
Mr WeinerMy go to sealant for MTB
martinStill the best! An iconic product that simply does what it says on the bottle! It also way outlasts its recommended lifespan. Feel the benefit of a tubeless riding - Reduced wheel weight, better rolling wheels, no niggling punctures, worryfree riding., better handling, more grip through riding on much lower tyre pressures..What's not to like?
Mr KalmijnStans - great products that work.
maundyI have tried other brands but this does the job better than all the rest. Only need a small amount to do your tubeless setup. Would buy again.
O'LearyThe ever dependable Stans sealant, just works.
Mr wattsDid both road tyres with plenty to spare.
Fat Man RidingSet standard, I have been using Stan's Sealant for 2 year, only flats I have had have been because I have not replaced with fresh for too long - over 1 year, it is great but can't perform miracles!
Gary OUsed before and has always worked well.
tintim_mtbBig fan of Stans sealant, used with numerous mountain bikes and different wheel sets, Stans has never let me down. Sealing every puncture I've ever had - sometimes only stopping briefly to top up the air! The good old days (long since gone) where a ride consisted of changing inner tubes often are a thing of the past, maybe I'm getting old but its getting harder to remember the last time I actually did this :-P
Mr BaileyOriginal and still the best no tube sealant
Mr WakelinStill the most reliable tyre sealant.
Mr wareingThe best sealant
Mr clutterbuckGreat sealant. Fitted tyres onto my stans rims with stans tape and inflated easily with track pump. Quick ride to get sealant into all the little gaps and sorted. Much better than other brands I've used.
Mr HedleyI've been using stans sealant for the past 9 months, no issues and more importantly no punctures!
TJExcellent product, just make sure you've sealed (rim/spokes) the whole wheel prior to use!
Mr mccormackGreat at sealing small punctures in a tubeless set up, best sealant I have used so far.
Mr MooresMy first try at tubeless and I am happy to say this product was easy to use and sealed the tires first time. No punctures so far.
KreekNever fails, reliable, especially when racing, brings confidence
ChrisI tried Schwalbe's version of tubeless sealant the other week, as it was all my LBS stocked. Rubbish. Every day it needed 15-20 psi pumping in. Back to Stans- no trouble. Does the job.
Mr PowellPurchased to replace the previous tubeless set up I had, 2 years 5 months and not one puncture, this stuff works and its works very well, not sure why people still use tubes?! I will never go back.
Steve HarrisonAbsolutely brilliant. I bought this as I had tubeless wheels but was still running with tubes. My tyres (Schwalbe Sammy Slick) have Kevlar bead but were not tubless. I removed the tubes and followed the instructions on the bottle. The tyres seated easily with a track pump but the sealant could be seen leaking through the thin sidewalls of the tyres. After rotating the wheels to spread the sealant this eventually stopped but the tyres still leaked air overnight. After putting in more air I tried the sidewalls with soapy water and there were areas showing signs of frothing. Tilting the wheel towards these areas soon had the tyres fully sealed and I have lost no pressure in the last two weeks. Brilliant :-)
Mr CausonGreat sealant - can be relied upon, I have used this for 4 years without ever having issues.
Mr ArmourSeals tyres perfectly. Highly recommended. Switched to tubeless a while back and no punctures at all.
Mr BrownTyre went on, sealant went in - pumped up and heard 2 pops as the beads seated. No leaks - 5 minute job and bike was ready to ride immediately and no pressure loss since (MT66 rims with Racing Ralph Evo UST ready tyres). Helped to shave a kilo off the weight by removing the need for inner tubes.
ChrisQuietly does the job for the majority of punctures (I generally just notice little damp patches from where they've sealed). I've pulled out chunks of glass and they've sealed up fine. The only puncture that didn't seal up was a 1 cm cut in the middle of the tread from a flinty descent.
PeteGHave been running tubless with this sealant for a few months now and I've never had any problems. This bottle should be enough to last for several trye changes in the future.
saturnfiveWorks well on thorn punctures, pretty useless on tears though
David DSealant works well. No problems so far.
Mr NewtonExcellent service from Merlin as always. Stans just works. Some others I've tried don't!
Mr MatthewsThis is my second purchase of this sealant from Merlin as the product works brilliantly and again is the cheapest I could find on the net. Delivery time was also excellent.
Mr hopkinsA pint of goop for a tubeless conversion! Reasonably economical way to buy and does come with measuring scoop etc. I've used it the old school 'goop in bottom of tyre hung on one bead, then fit and inflate' method described on the website of a maker of nice blue tools. Friends have told me it works fine injected through a valve core also. Assuming you get quantities right it will give you a measure of self-sealing puncture protection. Just watch out when you remove the tyre from the rim... It's not all set and there may be a short sharp shower of latex!
Mr williamsNew to tubeless so this is the first sealant I have tried, but after 3 weeks no punctures and very little loss of pressure
Mr LakerI recently purchased this solution to accompany the stans tape to convert a set of Stans crest wheels, this is the first time that I have used Tubeless and to be honest was a bit aprehensive. That was completely unfounded as using this solution was so easy and stress free.... Oh and also MESS free..! My tyres(non tubeless schwalbes) sealed first time, I have covered approx 150 XC miles on them without a problem ... Very impressed indeed....Thanks Merlin
Mr CorbettWorks well, sealed a hole hole in my tyre made by a thorn
Mr jonesUsed Stans without any problems then as an emergency I used joes, tyres went flat shortly after use. I went back to stans and I now have happy tyres! No other sealants from now on thanks.
RiddersReally surprised by how easy his was to get right. I've heard loads of horror stories, but this worked a treat and didn't take that much longer to fit tubeless than a normal tyre/tube arrangement. Recommended.
GavinDoes the job perfectly - have used for years and not yet had a flat (versus a flat a month on tubed tyres on the same routes).
DavidDoes exactly what it says on the bottle. Works perfectly and no trouble after two weeks use. a great way of saving weight and avoiding punctures. Win win
Mr RootesIf your going tubeless this is the only stuff Don't bother with any thing else, you won't Regret it.
RobUsed this with both Schwalbe and Bontagers tyres without any issues. Can't say I've noticed any loss in pressure so I guess it's doing it's job. Can get a bit messy...but practice makes perfect. Will definitely buy this again.
Mr BettanyBest latex for going tubeless , beats the other competitors products .
Mr MackenzieI always use No Tubes sealant as it's the best. It does what it says on the tin, er plastic bottle. It can be a bit pricey though. When I checked on the web Merlin Cycles were the cheapest by a long way, so it was a no-brainer really. I ordered a pint of sealant on Monday afternoon, it was at my door Tuesday morning. Fantastic service.
Mr HindExcellent product, very easy to use, I would recommend this product to anyone. First class service by Merlin cycles arrived the next day.
JimWorks great to seal the tyre, fix thorns and even nail holes. No good at all against small cuts in the tyre, though.
Mr corbettAs always the service from merlin was exellent, promt delivery also. i have used no tubes sealant before and would use nothing else.
MattThe thing that makes tubeless work!
JoeNo punctures yet, works like it says on the tin!!
Jon MooreEasy to use, clear instructions [for a tubeless newbie] and not as messy as I thought it'd be. Can also be used in tubes by using the injector [purchased separately] through the valve [have to remove the valve cores] before reinflating so will also be useful for my other bikes.
Mr GOETZFirst time I mounted ZTR rims with std TT tires: I tried without sealant: the air last 5 - 10mins. Put the sealant in and carefully followed the procedure on Notubes site: I haven't lost any drop of air in a week
Mr Bromleyit just works
Mr ClinkardEasy to use - very impressed. Can even be transferred between tyres and used again.
Mr SmithWorks really well and very easy to apply.