Steadyrack MTB Rack
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Steadyrack MTB Rack
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Steadyrack MTB Rack
The Steadyrack MTB Bike Rack is one of the only bike racks on the market that caters specifically for bikes with tyres up to 2.8 inches. Designed to pivot almost 180 degrees and fold flat for maximum storage space efficiency, the Steadyrack Fat Racks can be mounted on virtually any wall.
Whether you’re handy with the drill or it’s your first-time on the job, our guides make installation easy. Simply pull down the top arm, push your fat bike into the rack and pivot from side-to-side.
The Steadyrack Fat Rack can be mounted to virtually any wall and will swivel almost 180 degrees from side to side. It minimises space without compromising safety and there is no heavy lifting required.
  • Tyres up to 2.8"
  • Bikes without mudguards
  • Wheel diameter 20" - 29"
  • 35kg Max Weight
  • Swivel 180 degrees
  • Zero lifting of the bike
Gary Really pleased with this bike rack. Very easy to install and being able to push the bike closer to the wall gives me a bit more space in the garage.
Mr Iordan I bought two of these, and they have exceeded my expectations. A very good product, easy to asemble an use.
Mr Fitzmaurice We have 5 of these steadyracks in our bike store at home, before we had a nightmare jumble of bikes, pedals caught in spokes and handlebars snagged in brake hoses and gear cables. Extracting a bike was not a task for the faint hearted. The steadyrack system has completely changed all that, our bike store is an oasis of calm and retrieval or storage of our trusty metal steeds is as simple as popping the bike on the back wheel and slotting it in, so easy in fact that I've managed to squeeze in an extra bike....and we all like an extra bike don't we, N+1 remember :)
Mrs Borrill Very easy to set up and great for easy storage on a garage wall