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Supra RC58 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - 11 Speed is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Supra RC58 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - 11 Speed

This item was discontinued 19th March 2018.

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Code: SUPRA-RC58
Supra RC58 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset - 11 Speed


  •  Carbon Clincher 58mm - Aerodynamic High Profile
  • Front Hub: 2 X seal cardridge bearing
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray Black, Front 20 / Rear 24
  • Extra: Skewers - Cr-mo hollow included
  • Supplied without rim tape



Great set of wheels and delivery from Merlin Cycles was great as usual. Have a set of Supra (smaller rims) for some time and very happy with them, looking forward to these new wheels for the upcoming season.
Great wheels! was struggling to keep with the bunch in cat 3 races but these make it a lot easier as they give you an extra mile an hour per lap
Feel great on the TT bike. Roll really fast and so far in minor crosswind have had no issues. Very well finished, I got the no decal and it looks great. Weight doesn't seem apparent as the hubs roll nicely, also hold higher speed quite noticeably easier. Had an issue with an internal screw in the freehub not being seated properly, but once diagnosed by local mechanic, Merlin were great in sorting it out. Recommend Supra as for the price these are fantastic, highly recommend Merlin!
This is my 3rd set of wheels from Supra... super lovin' it! Performance wise and budgetwise!
Got to be 1 of the best things I've bought for my bike. Looks stunning, roll fantastic ( really feel the difference) bike is lighter. A fantastic wheel set at a price that really should be loads more!
I went for the logo-tastic version for the 90s Dutch/Beligian racer look: really nicely made, all tensioned nicely, the carbon is of good quality, decent hubs, nice touches of red anodising (discreet but quite nice) and generally cannot be faulted. Good braking surfaces, roll well, stiff and make a nice noise. Which is nice. Only down point is that they are a bit heavy, but that's to be expected with a ali/carbon job such as these. Not a race wheel. Very good (but not excellent) value
Sturdy and more, you can get what you pay for. Very nice set of wheels.
Well boxed on arrival. Got mine without the decals. The Conti GPs easily went on the rims well and after the first roll they felt brilliant. Very happy with the wheels so far.
A solid set of wheels. Roll nice, had no issues in cross winds, whatsoever and that was after riding 20+ miles with cross winds. Not the lightest, but lighter than my shimano r500 so I'm noticing a difference in weight, a positive one. It does appear to help me hold speed, but not had enough outings on them to give a detailed reflection. Overall though, a good set of wheels at a good pricee.
Purchased these as an upgrade, they look superb and are reasonably lightweight, performance is right up there too and roll brilliantly with a lovely sound when brought up to speed, price wise you can't fault best thing I ever bought for a bike.
With my first multisport event approaching (Duathlon with 4K run, 20K bike and 4K run) I was looking for anything that may give me the edge. After fitting TT bars to my Trek Domane, the next logical upgrade was wheels. After a chat with my local bike shop and a trawl through the internet, I was about to purchase deep section wheels from another well known 'budget' manufacturer. However, before I clicked 'Buy' something called me to have one final wade through the Google results. It when then that I found these - and I am mightily glad I did. At this price point, a lot of deep section wheels have flimsy fairings that simply sit over the rim. This was true for even the expensive wheels that I was looking at. These Supras, however, looked to be made of much sturdier construction. In a way, I guess that is reflected in the weight - they are not an especially light wheelset. But, given the state of our roads, I'd much prefer a sturdier wheel of a light, flimsy wheel any day. As soon as I took these out of the box, I knew I'd made the right choice. They look fantastic (although, in this colourway, they won't be to everyone's taste), the carbon rims are sturdy and well finished, the graphics really make them 'pop' and the hubs look stunning in red. With them fitted to the bike, they did not fail to reward. Although they take a little more effort to spin up than my shallower section American Classics, they carry the speed well. And, once you are up to cruising speed, they roll beautifully. The ride is fairly comfortable (which is a surprise given the high spoke tension) and they handle very nicely. As with all deep section rims, they can catch the occasional cross wind - especially noticeable when cornering. But, even the most expensive 58mm rim will do that. In any case, you really are only going to use these for specific scenarios - when that aero advantage is important. Their first real test was in the aforementioned Duathlon. If results are anything to go by they did brilliantly - carrying me to 6th in my age group for the bike segment! Even I did not believe I'd finish that strongly!! At the current reduced price, these are a steal. In fact, they are so good that after dropping by my local bike shop to show them off - and after letting the owner have a quick ride on them - he was straight on the internet looking at getting a pair for himself. And, he is a very discerning punter. As upgrades go, this is one of the best I've made to the bike. They tick all the boxes - price, quality, looks and performance. As you can probably tell - I do like them!!
Just ridden these on a week trip to France/Belguim... They ride fantastic.. Even rode them over the last 60 miles of the Paris Roubaix Route and they are still true after the cobbles.. And I`m not light at 88kg either.. Also not bad up the Flanders climbs either.. Fantastic set of wheels for the money... And forgot to mention they look great too.
My first trip with the new wheelset was a 300 km race in one day. Performance was fantastic. It must be the best wheels you can get for that kind of money.
Lovely looking wheels arrived safely packaged as usual. Not the lightest but that's not the point of these wheels. About 1,800g is about on the mark for this kind of deep section carbon clincher. Wheels roll really well and once up to speed hold onto it on the flat and make a nice sound. They can be a bit sluggish up the steepest of climbs but it's not a big problem. Above all the wheels look absolutely superb and whether or not you have the power to justify the aero benefits you will definitely want to get out and ride for the looks alone. No regrets and worth every penny compared to the alternatives out on the market.
Extremely happy with the wheels. They are rigid and smooth and give a great feel. The arrived very quickly and the service was excellent
Recently brought these shimano RC58 carbon wheels in closs they arrived well packed and quick delivery they look superb now they are on bike they make bike stand out. They are super light and the response time from a standing start has improved greatly
Wheels arrived promptly and look superb. Smooth running Endura bearings show that these are a quality set of wheels at a bargain price.
Lovely looking wheel set and should make a difference as they are incredibly light. Beautifully finished.