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The ultimate in jockey wheels!
  • Tacx jockey wheels are amongst the best in the market.
  • They are unique thanks to the choice of materials used and their composition.
  • The very smooth running jockey wheels by Tacx are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings.
  • Thanks to the closed bearings they will not get stuck, show play or squeak.
  • The wheels with ceramic bearings, for minimal resistance and high performance, are very exclusive.
  • They're a must have for all cyclists who want to push their limits!
  • Supplied as a pair - top and bottom
  • White
Tim A direct replacement for my worn out Dura Ace 7400 jockey wheels. They spin very smoothly and shift performance is as good as it ever was.
richard Good value ceramic jockey wheels that do the job. Help gear changes and give smooth running to the transmission
Mr Gillis Great product, I've been using for years.
Mr Paul Smith These are the best jockey wheels I've come across so far. I use them for my road, cx & Mtb bikes. They are quiet, smooth running and seem to last. My only complaint is that they don't come with 6mm bushes for Sram. You have to drill the bushes out which is easy if you have the tools. Great price & delivery from Merlin as always.
Marty Smooth as silk, quiet operation, Shows up dirt more than standard black ones, but that only encourages you to clean the drivetrain more. Win win.
Prentice Great value ceramic jockey wheels. To get the best out of them give them a spray with PTFE, see the difference !
Mehmet Sevil Excellent jockey wheels with dedicated tension and guide pulleys. They are marked "upper" and "lower" so it is still easy to install even if you don't know which is which. :)
Mr Neill Excellent upgrade, there is loads of choice but most are style over substance. These are good quality and very easy to fit and a more subtle style than some others available
Redvers Beware these jockey wheels take no prisoners they are clean, precise and ridged and will highlight any slight misalignment in your rear derailleur. Only took five minutes to fit but then needed an hour to fine tune stops, indexing and B tension. Once set up they perform very well and are an excellent upgrade, tight, very quiet with crisp gear changes, quite like having a new derailleur again.
Mr Bateman Decided to by these taxc jockey wheels after cleaning my ultegra ones which only one was a bearing the other was just a plain bush which had lots of drag and play in it. After fitting these I can definitely notice that the shifting is much more crisper positive now well worth the upgrade after cleaning my other halfs 105s which are both just bushes they will be next but only if she is a good girl.
Mr Heyns Excellent jockey wheels - highly recommended