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Tacx jockey wheels are amongst the best on the market.
  • Tacx jockey wheels are amongst the best in the market.
  • They are unique thanks to the choice of materials used and their composition.
  • The very smooth running jockey wheels by Tacx are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings.
  • Thanks to the closed bearings they will not get stuck, show play or squeak.
  • Fitted with standard ball bearings
  • Supplied as a pair - top and bottom
  • Black
Great - these along with a fresh cassette, chain and BB and the bike is running sweet! Thanks Merlin.
I bought these jockey wheels to replace the originals on my 10 speed 105 gearing. This has led to improved gear changing and my drive train is now very smooth. This is a good purchase.
Much better than Shimano ones.
This is the third set I have purchased. All have been excellent value for money. Bearings are fine the only wear is after a couple of years when the plastic teeth have worn down to points.
Having replaced the wobbly worn out Shimano 105 originals, the Tacx made gear changing precise again. The bearings look to be more robust that Shimano, but only time will tell if they last longer. An easy job to replace them without the need to remove the chain - just an Allen key is needed if you haven't done this before
Much smoother than the jockey wheels that came with my 105 derailleur. The 105 jockey wheels use bushings so there is a noticeable difference.
Only done one short 15 mile off road ride on them, but can tell the difference immediately. Transmission feels much smoother. Ditch the standard bushing wheels and get these make a huge difference.
Good jockey wheels easy to fit old ones out and new ones straight in with no faffing. They are an upgrade to any rear mech without bearing jockey wheels and they seem to do the job a peach.
Used Tacx ceramic bearing jockey wheels in the past & they were great. These were easy to fit and seem robust enough - time will tell if they last lots of miles
Versatile jockey wheels. Comes with a range of inner fittings to ensure you get the jockey wheels that fit best.
Good jockey wheels at a reasonable price. They come with a set of bushings so the same wheels can be used with different manufacturer's derailleurs. Very happy with these and they've made a noticeable different in terms of reducing noise and smoother running of the chain. Makes you realise how worn the others were...
Hard to get too excited by jockey wheels! However if like me you have in the past bought a whole new mech because of broken jockey wheels, don't! These are a doddle to fit and are working very nicely. Exceptional service as always from Merlin.
Easy fit and seem to function smoothly. Time will tell whether sealed bearings will do the job at the dirty end of the bike.
They seem a lot more durable than the shimano ones I replaced on my deore mech. They will not transform your gears to xtr standards or anything but they do the job.
Value replacement jockey wheel set. It won't last as long as the expensive Shimano replacement parts. You get what you pay for I guess! They're not bad though.
High quality Jockey wheel with smooth running bearings, excellent
First class, easy to fit. Look good.
Just as problems with item or delivery
Good price, great quality and fast delivery.
These tacx jockey wheels are pretty good has the top & bottom stamped on them so you cant go wrong fitting them as are the spacers clearly marked a.b.c.d. took me 10/15 mins to fit easy.
So far so good only just started using these so can't comment on long term but shifting no different from more expensive products
Cheaper than shimano and I've had no problems so far, runs smooth forgot I've changed them !!
happy with product good price and great service from Merlin
Bargain buy for top quality jockey wheels
Only just fitted so no comment on durability but seem good quality and do their job well.
Sealed bearings appealed to me as the rear mech gets jammed with crud. Upon removal of seal I found the bearings to be packed full of grease (excellent). Not had them long enough to comment on wear.
Much better than Shimans offerings.