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Tacx Mudguard MTB is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 7th August 2018.

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Tacx Mudguard MTB
Prepare to ride through mud and rain
On top of our wide range of indoor trainers, we also offer solutions for mountain bikers and other cyclists who like to ride outdoors in the winter. The Tacx Mudguard is unbreakable and lightweight and offers optimal protection against mud and splashing water. Whether you ride on cobbles or in the woods, the mudguard makes sure that you do not get a wet, cold back.
Thanks to the quick-release attachment, you can easily click the mudguard in place under the saddle. Thanks to its ingenious design, you can click other bicycle accessories, such as the Tacx Saddle bag and the Tacx Go Pro Bike mount, to the mudguard. This way, these accessories can also be quickly clicked on to the bike and removed again.
The Tacx Mudguard is made from shockproof plastic that does not break, not even on bumpy cobbled roads and dirt tracks. It has an attractive, slender design and is easy to clean. The shape offers optimal protection against splashing water and mud. The mudguard is small (1,5mm thin)  and lightweight (Race: 70g, MTB: 90g) ) and available for racing bikes and mountain bikes.
The Tacx Mudguard has a quick-release attachment for under the saddle and is available for racing bikes and mountain bikes.
Initially I could not fit the attachment to the seat, as I have my seat a bit forward, and the attachment needs the flat section of the seat rail just behind the seat post attachment. I`ve moved the seat back slightly and now it fits. The mudguard once clicked in is quite long, so better than an ass saver. Only downside is that its a bit noisy from the road vibrations. I`ve put it on a flatbar road bike with 30mm tyres. So ample coverage with the MTB version. No rain to test it yet, but my expectation is that its going to be effective.