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Tacx Shiva Bottle - 750ml
  • Screw-on cap with a leak proof spout
  • Secure grip on triangular cap for easy opening and closing of bottle
  • Bottle Size: 750ml
  • Unprinted design (no logos)
Cheap and minimalist.
Very good quality, good value for money
Best value, it's third which I bought
It's simple and cost next to nothing. I lose loads of bottles due to forgetfulness, so this one is perfect for me.
Great bottles, the top is an easy screw on with little ability to cross thread. Mouthpiece is right amount of soft/firm and opens easy on the road.
Cheap and fantastic quality. I purchased the red one and the colour is so vibrant! I love it!
Big bottles, great price, don't leak.
Does exactly what it says on the bottle. Great value.
A little strange sight without any print but defintely usable
Very good value for money. The red color matched my bike!
+ Good material, good price - Leak a bit
Fantastic Bidons! Great Price, great volume, sit in the cages well and easy to clean
Basic and good product.
Nice bottle for everyday use, easy and convenient, on or off the bike
Perfect fit for elite carbon cages
At this price the bottle is an amazing value buy. With a discreet colour scheme suitable for most if not all bike colour schemes it's good to have on board! The bottle itself is well made with a firm squeezable application and secure fitment into my bottle cage. The capacity is likely to satisfy most rides. The only ownside is not having a top cover for the mouth piece, easily remedied by fitting a top from a bottle that does have one and desirable when the road conditions get grimmer! The service from Merlin as ever impressed with the speed of delivery and excellent coms with reasonable p&p costs, unlike other retailers. All in all a very good and recommended buy!
Super price for 750 ml bottle. I can drink a large amount of water easily and the bottle is easy to grip. I use a Tacx Tao cage & the fit is great.
Nice bottle, although the material is a bit stiff for my tastes. I like a softer, more squeezable plastic.
A lightweight, large bottle. The screw-on cap definitely feels cheap, but for long rides this bottle is perfect!
Appear to be good bottles at a cheap price. The kids love them for school
Great vivid red color, doesn`t leak and its cheap. Can`t ask for more...
Good bottle, easy to use mouth piece
This is a great bottle for the price. The bottle is nice and pliable and the spout is functional and comfortable. And at this price it's no big deal when the kids take them to their activity and lose them.
Hold water and don't leak, what more could you want
It's a cheap water bottle. It doesn't drip, the spout is easy to open with your mouth, fits well in standard water bottle holders, it's pretty easy to clean. It gets the job done.
Good product, no insulation of any kind but for a day-by-day ride is excellent.
Excellent price for this quality of bottle and promptly delivered - the usual high standards Merlin deliver of course!
It's a decent 750ml bottle from a well know brand. Why pay more?!
I always like the quality of the Tacx bottoles. Good 'squeezability' and made in Holland. It's nice to find an unbranded unlogo'd Tacx bottle. Although black would probably have been better, so as not to show up the scratches and scuffs from chafing in the bottle cage.