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Smart Trainer ideal for training sessions indoors when the weather is bad, or as a power fitness training program during winter.


Tacxing has become a household term for cyclists all over the world. Specific training sessions, which you can also complete indoors when the weather is bad, make it possible to prepare optimally for a race. The Tacx cycle trainer also is the ideal alternative for a good power and fitness training program during the winter months. ‘The Tacx’, the training mate of pros, amateurs and recreational riders, is always there, so one can keep on training.

For many years the sky-blue Satori has been the trusted warming-up trainer of the pros. The brake system consists of a powerful Neodymium magnet and an extra-large steel flywheel of 1,6 kg. At low pedalling frequencies the trainer can generate very high powers. It is for instance possible to generate 400 Watt at the fairly low speed of 27 km/h (17 m/h). The maximum resistance is 950 Watt.



Hunnymonster So, a review for something that none of us really wants - a turbo trainer... The trainer itself is a breeze to erect and affix the bike to (even with the wider rear that comes with disc wheels) - so far so good. Installed the Tacx app to make sure the bike was sitting properly - then the niggles started. First of all the trainer wouldn't connect to the phone... Then the phone could see the trainer but refused to connect... After much swearing, resetting & reinstalling - it connected! Paired with my GPS first time. So I performed the pending firmware update. Connection lost again to both phone & GPS (despite retaining the same ANT+ ID). Round the swear, reinstall, reset cycle and it connected again! Since then it's worked perfectly and connected to Zwift entirely painlessly. As a trainer 10/10, Merlin 10/10, the Tacx utility app -849/10.
Ronan McDonnell Really nice bit of kit. The power meter is a great addition. The initially delivered turbo was not registering on my phone's bluetooth and Merlin handled the returns and testing superbly. The turbo has worked flawlessly since, although no error was found on it.