Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost
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Thomson Elite Dropper SeatpostThomson Elite Dropper Seatpost
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Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost

You want the increased control a dropper post gives you but you had to give up your Thomson post to have it.
Not any longer you can put your Thomson post back on the bike! Our cartridge based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry.
If repair is needed it is fast, affordable and simple. Every single component is the best available.
Custom made Norglide bearing bushings custom made Trelleborg O-Rings and seals Thomson saddle clamps and fasteners Motul Oil.
This is the drop post good enough to be called a Thomson Elite. 450 grams the lightest drop post available.

Dropping the saddle in certain terrain allows the rider more confidence being able to raise the saddle back quickly means
you keep riding without stopping to adjust.
Same great clamps, same tested fasteners. Literally millions of miles have been put on the saddle clamping system of our post.
While all drop posts will require service the Thomson Dropper Post has the longest field life 2 years guaranteed and the easiest least expensive service procedure.
Our replaceable internal cartridge system makes service quick and foolproof.
Seals sized to fit perfectly synthetic oil with wide temperature range. Charged with 100% nitrogen.
Custom double lipradial spring outer bushing for both smooth operation and maximum resistance to contamination.

Side mount of actuation mechanism means we can keep all the critical dimensions of the Thomson Elite cradlebolt and clamp geometry.
One piece forged inner stanchion for strength and reliabilty no joint to loosen and fail.
Actuation is by cam so rider gets smooth variable speed and height without resorting to a complicated damage prone hydraulic actuator.
No bleeding require dever. 5mm of setback is built in to the seatpost cradle allowing a little more cockpit room.

Designed not to extend when the saddle is used to hang the bike on a lift chair.
Custom made Norglide bearing bushing ensures years of service with no saddle left to right “play.”

The smallest most ergonomic remote lever available.
592 grams including remote lever and cable.

  •     125mm Travel
  •     400mm Overall length
  •     450 grams excluding remote lever and cable
  •     The smallest most ergonomic remote lever in the market
  •     Infinite height adjustment
  •     Return speed adjustment
  •     2 year guaranteed service life


Heilancoup I ride mostly XC and was sceptical whether I would use a dropper post enough to warrant buying one. I needn't have worried, after a few miles I found that I was adjusting the seat height without even thinking about it. The post is very well made, light and easy to install and use. I can't tell you how it compares to other droppers but initial impressions are extremely impressive. Would thoroughly recommend and merlin had the best price by far.
Silas As usual, excellent service from Merlin! I have only used this post a few times, and it is my first dropper post. That said, it is beautiful like all Thomson products, and installed easily without a hitch. The cable activation is easy, smooth, and nicely modulated. Seat action is smooth and quick up and down, but doesn't hit your underside in any uncomfortable way. If this post turns out to be durable, I'd say it's a great option for the money!
Jeff the Hawks fan Very good ordering experience, received my order here in the US in about a week. I had some trepidation about how the process would work, but it was so smooth that I will be ordering again from Merlin Cycles. It arrived in good order and was well packed. The price was the best I found anywhere. The post works exactly as advertised, I am very happy with it's fit and finish. After several hundred miles it is still flawless and there is absolutely no seat movement unless you push the button. Self-adhesive cable ties were used to manage the cable. Just like any Thomson seatpost - you don't even know it's there. I expect it to last for many years.
Mr armstrong This is my first dropper so I don't have much to compare it to, but I can say that it is of the same exceptional quality I would expect from thomson. Easy install. The action is smooth and the return is a nice speed. No side to side play at all. The thing just feels solid and incredibly well made.
Mr clutterbuck Looks good and much better than reverb with no annoying movement of saddle. Was a bit tight when new but cycled a few times and sorted. Looking forward to trying out up north Wales.
Mr Cobb I bought this as I was having reliability issues with the xfusion hilo I already had. A few of my mates have reverb and two of them had issues with the hydraulic remote. So the two year servicing period drew me to the thomson. In use its much smoother than the hilo, and the finish, as with all thomson products, is second to none. It was easy to set up (5mins) and has performed faultlessly on the 50miler or so that I've done so far.
Mr Saenz Thompsom Elite Dropper Seatpost quality is great. Installation was very easy and took about two hours from start to finish. I've only had it out on the trails a couple of times, but it works great. Nice smooth up and down operation.
Mr Gallop Top notch dropper. 6 months and still going strong
Mr Spencer Five Stars. I've used the command post, KS LEV, and reverb and this one is the best of all. Thomson quality in a nice looking, easy to install package. Merlin ships fast to the US too.
Lukasz Great product for excellent price. Dropper post is one of must have components when you do some trail/enduro riding. On flat terrain it is useless but in mountains it's worth every penny. Design: Thomson Elite Dropper is very well made (as rest of all Thomson products) Quality of CNC made details is second to none. My frame is not designed to have internal cable routing so decision was easy. In 2015 Thomson will release internal cable routing version. Instalation: My post was delivered with two sets of cables (110cm and 130cm). When you mount it in regular (cable under top tube) way they should work fine in most cases. I decided to go with longer loop (about 150cm) and route cable close to down tube which requires longer cable. This cable routing avoid ugly loop that interfere with rocker in my Turner Sultan. So I need longer cable - no problem, I bought regular brake cable and shift cord and everything works just great. Cord delivered by Thomson is more flexible than regular shifting cord but my regular shift cord works just fine. Only one problem was with cord grommet in lever actuator. You have to bend cord 90 dgr which is bit difficult. You can also skip this cosmetic cord routing and save some time :-). Ride: After few rides in moderate conditions (rain, mud, dust) I have not noticed no problems with dropping function of Thomson post. Works smooth and perfect, no side to side play. No extension when grabbing your bike for saddle. When you gently push handlebar lever it will extend slowly, hard push and you have it quick. No need for rebound adjustments (like in RS Reverb). Lever has slick design and allow to mount in many configurations to siut personal requirements. Final thoughts: Time will tell if 2 year service free warranty is true. Right now I am very happy and feel more confident rider on descents. You don't need 11 speed, save some cash and buy dropper post. This product will truly make you better rider :-)
Mr Wallace Seatpost works well. Easy to fit. Easy to thread cable through frame. No hydraulics means less hassles. Nice small & tidy remote lever. Thomson quality finish
larrystumbles This really is a quality piece of kit and well worth the money in my opinion. Extremely easy to install and a breeze to use. The action is smooth and controlled, almost silent in fact. The remote is particularly well thought through, a real boon for those with cluttered handlebars as it takes up a very small amount of space. All in all it's well worth the purchase price and Merlin were the cheapest I could find. Highly recommended
ardeb After years of not getting a dropper post cos they are so expensive, finally got this one. Great price from Merlin. Like everyone else, this revolutionises riding. Worth every penny and would 100% recommend everyone gets a dropper post. This Thompson post is a beautiful piece of engineering. Very easy to fit, only needed to trim the end 50mm of cable. Works perfectly.
Jeff Always a fan of Thomson kit - looks great and top quality. Held off getting a dropper post after questions over reliability from other manufacturers so when Thomson finally released the Elite Dropper - no more excuses. So far so good, been on a number of rides in rain & shine. Post is working as if new. No play - rock solid. Thomson does it again.
Mr Abbott I chose the Thomson because of the reputation of Thomson and also because of the 2 year warranty (something I hope not to use), also I like the fact its cable actuated instead of hydraulic, let`s face it who wants something else to bleed. I noticed a lot of people commenting on the cable length supplied, I can say from my personal experience it was plenty long enough (Ibis Mojo hdr size medium). The installation is very straight forward, the cable tension takes a bit of perfecting but its easy. The post is beautifully made and functions perfectly, no side to side play of vertical. Now I`ve only been on 2 rides so far but both have been pretty wet and muddy....well british! time will tell on durability, but so far I`m pretty chuffed with my first dropper post, really is fantastic having that instant control especially at trail centres where the terrain undulates much more than my usually peak district rides. I haven`t used any other brands so cant compare, but the ease of installation, 2 year warranty and quality of this product leave me thinking why look elsewhere. Hope this has helped you.
Mr adamson This is my first dropper post and I have to say that I'm glad I went for this. Originally I thought the Thomson was out of my price range but when I saw Merlin's price I knew it had to be the Thomson for me! Only used it on a few rides but have found the dropper post invaluable. I have nothing to compare it to but my local bike shop who fitted it were raving about it due to there being no side to side play. So far operation has been very smooth even when caked with mud. Obviously I have been keeping it clean after every ride in order to keep it working at optimal performance. Great value and service from Merlin as usual!
Mr newton Only had a couple of short rides with it up to now but quality looks good, as you would expect from Thompson. Easy to fit and comes with all the necessary bits (including the crimp on cable end). Cable and cable cover length is fine for my 'large' 29er. Only slight gripe (hence the loss of a star) is that the cable actuator looks to be quite exposed to dirt but with a two year warranty hopefully that won`t be an issue. Delivered very quickly after order. I was a bit worried that with Royal Mails new policy on suspension parts (ie they won`t deliver stuff containing liquids / gases) I might have some problems getting it delivered. I would certainly recommend, especially if you can get it in the sale.
ElGato Very pleased, fixed a flap of inner tube to it that keeps it clean from mud. The post, lever and cable were very easy to install and does exactly what it says it will (enough cable to fit orange alpine medium with slack), zero play in the post even at full extension and smooth travel all the way through, I spent ages choosing a post and in the end I had to go with the thomson as it was the best, the remote lever presented zero problems unlike the reverb with positioning and servicing and that pretty much sold it to me, got to give 5 stars for the whole package as it is a well thought out and well made product.
Mr Medley Super smooth operation requiring minimal effort (Compared to a Rockshox Reverb that I had before). Care has to be taken installing the cable as any friction in the system will cause the post to drop. In practical terms this means that you have to keep cable tie usage to a minimum or it won't work. If you want a super neat installation you might be disappointed however this is a small price to pay for the smooth operation.
Mr Winterbottom This is a quality bit o kit! Although the outer cable supplied was far too short for the cable run on my Large framed full sus bike, bit poor on such an expensive bit of kit, post feels very solid with no side to side play at all. Pleased
Mr Grace As always with Thomson products the Elite Dropper Post is really well engineered and functions beautifully. The only niggle is with the cable supplied for the remote lever. It is too short if you have a large frame/wide bars. This is easy to remedy as it is a gear cable, but a little frustrating that Thomson don't supply a longer cable to cut to the required length.
Haydz Got this at a great price. Was debating whether to get a dropper post for a while. But really wanted the Thomson one as I have built bikes with their stems and seatposts for many years. When it turned up I wasn't disappointed. Looks beautiful, Instructions were clear and was easy to fit, setup and tune. Heard many people say that they found the cable housing supplied to come up short. Found the same myself. So bought some longer brake housing as it is less abrasive on the frame. And also a longer inner gear cable. Glad I did as the one supplied was a tad too short also. Out on the trail. Instantly it is a great component. Not just for popping up or down on the ups or downs. But if you are coming into blind berms on new trails. Or just want the seat down a wee bit. Made all the easier with its small handlebar mounted lever. You can set it close to your grip. Either side of the bars. Making it easy to press. It's action is smooth. And I found it to not stick out too much or feel sharp. Because of its infinite travel. It is so easy to tweak into your desired position. I suffer from a bad back so was really handy. Quite amazing how you spend less time worrying about your saddle height and more on the trail you are on. Can't rate this seatpost enough to anyone who is looking to buy one.
Mr Wiseman Usual Thomson quality, silky smooth, no play and it go's up and down! Destined to be the dropper of choice.
C456 OK time will tell how well the post holds up in UK MTB condotions, but it feels very well made and after a few weeks of riding its still silky smooth and the saddle is rock solid. Absolutely no play in any direction. My only gripe is that the cable outer supplied for the remote is about 100mm too short
Paul Monaghan First thing the speed of delivery is out of this world I ordered this lunchtime and Friday and the postman woke me up Saturday morning to give it to me. I've been looking to get a dropper post for a while now but have struggled to justify the cost. However every time I go out I end up in a situation where I wish I had one. The Thomson Elite had been recommended to me by someone who works in the MTB trade over the Rock Shox Reverb as its a less complicated design and does not suffer from the side to side slop you get with other droppers. The quality of the post is exactly as you would expect from a Thomson product. Superb feel and finish. The installation of the post was really straight forward and took me no more than 30 minutes. Couple of things worth pointing out. The cable has to be routed across the top tube as there isn't enough to route on the down tube and then up the seat tube. Also the cable is secured to the seat post using a tiny 2mm allen bolt. The bolt needs to be removed to feed the cable through the hole. Don't lose this bolt otherwise its game over. Once fitted the operation of the post is super smooth and the level of control is excellent.