Thomson Elite X4 MTB Stem - Black
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Thomson Elite X4 MTB Stem - BlackThomson Elite X4 MTB Stem - BlackThomson Elite X4 MTB Stem - Black
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Thomson Elite X4 MTB Stem - Black
  • 1" 1/8mm steerer diameter
  • 0 or 10 degree rise
  • 50,70,80,90,100,110mm lenghts
  • 31.8mm handlebar diameter
  • Detachable 4 bolt stem clamp
  • 110mm stem weights aprroximately 199g
  • Colour = Black
Phill Keegan This is the best "Track" stem I have ever used in 4 decades of Velodrome riding. More rigid than even the Deda Superzero that I have been using. Awesome Stem.
Stuart Lamb Looks good, feels good, nuff said
Mr Dolor Lightweight, strong and beautiful.
Steve Great product arrived quickly, well packaged. Does what it says on the tin. Sharpens up steering compared to my old 90 mm X4. More relaxed downhill feel.
Ed This product doesn't really need a review. If you are buying Thomson bike products it is because you are after a product that is known for its quality and design excellence. I can't add more than that, but I don't think there are many people out there who have asked for just one Thomson product after they have purchased their first one.
Allison Gorgeous looking, rock solid stem. Easy to set up and use. Was surprised at the very small 4mm allen keys for securing it, but haven't noticed any play or movement through a couple weeks worth of riding.
Robin Nice quality stem, bolt size could be a little bigger so less likely to strip, given 4 stars not 5 on this basis.
Mr Santos Replacing the original stem on my Giant Trans 3 with this Thomson Elite 40mm stem has made all the difference. More responsive. Front wheel doesn't lift on steep inclines. I can drop back further on steep decents. The usual excellent service & delivery from Merlin Cycles.
Paul Michell A beautiful and functional stem. Very stiff.
Paul Beautiful and bombproof stem. Others may be lighter but nothing compares to Thomson quality!
Anthony Great. Stem has a great finish and is the weight is on par with most other alloy stems. Shipping was fast, took a little over a week to the US. No customs fee.
Mr Iacobelli Thomson is a classic, and their seat posts and stems are a great visual and low weight upgrade. This stem was at great price.
Mr Groom Remember that scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader clips the other Tie Fighter and spins off into space? Well if it hadn't been for this 110mm Thomson Stem attaching his control stick he'd have been brown bread for sure. It's black, it's beautifully designed, it's black, it's light and easy to fit, it's black, it makes your bike look sexy, it's black, it's strong - like the force. You can get it in silver, but Jar Jar Binks likes Silver. Be Like Vader and choose the dark side.
Mr Hollingsworth Like all Thomson products the finish is incredible. Bought to match seat post. Would prefer an aero design choice though hence only 4 stars.
Ray Maxson The best stem on the market. I use on my road bikes, not carbon. Stiff and very attractive. And as always, Merlin cycles has the best service and prices.
Mr Pickens Need more stars what's not to like. Beautiful product, strong and stiff. Just follow the torq spec's or it will crack. Trust a little torq goes a long way. The engineering is good, I run these stems on everything
Roszak A reliable stem that's pretty bomb proof and a great price from Merlin Cycles.
Mr Tilman Solid stem! This thing seems bomb proof and should last a very long time.
Jeff One of the most well-made stems I've owned. Machined from a single piece of aluminum. 4 bolt clamp grabs handlebars for no slip. And product looks great! Not the lightest stems around, but if you're looking for a cyclocross or MTB stem that will hold up to punishment, this one is perfect.
Mizek Thomson sets the standard for quality and performance for stems and this one is no exception. This replaces the one on my trustworthy Yeti 575. A careless mechanic didn't use a torque wrench on the previous one I had and overtightened the stem clamp resulting in stress crack. Had it not been for that, the original would have been fine and still going strong after years of demanding riding.
Mr. K. A solid design and great quality build means this stem won't be a weak point on your bike!
Mr Hukill I've never noticed a difference in the rigidity of a stem until I put this on my bike. Stellar.
Mr Drewett One of the only stems I haven't broken, excellent all round. Would certainly buy again.
ben It's a stem, so I'll keep it simple. I got the 50mm-- it's built like a tank and it's still pretty light. It hold the bars securely. What else can you ask for?
Brown Quality stem, well made and finished. Small bolts prevent over-tightening. Used as a road stem but can work just as well as an XC stem.
Mr Porter I wanted a -10 degree stem to lower the bars a little and this was the only one I could find. It's not cheap but with the CNC manufacturing and laser etching it oozes quality and looks stylish but also nicely understated. It feels very solid when yanking on the bars but still not unforgiving over rougher ground, but that's more likely due to the frame/fork/bars. Apparently it's meant to be an MTB stem but the 120mm version looks like a typical (but sexier-looking) road stem to me and if it's designed for MTB use then it's bound to be nice and sturdy. The bolts are all 3mm allen key types, which is unusual but should not be a problem. If the lengths and angles suit your needs and you don't mind paying a little extra for quality looks and performance then you won't regret buying this stem.
Mr dormer As a heavy rider this stem is super solid in the sprints
Steve Clucas Lightweight, stylish, not too blingy but still recognised as a quality product, what's not to like about a Thomson Elite X4 stem.
Angus Usual Thomson quality. Fit and set up no issues.
Filipe Cargnelutti Very good finish, stiff, not so light, but its durability is very good
Mr Kemp Standard Thomson - immaculate finish, stiff, and quite light weight.
Pete Beautiful, functional piece. Very light. Thomson components are top shelf.
Mr Tomey Excellent stem. I had the 60mm version which isn't curved on the sides as illustrated, but more 'slab sided' . Beautifully made. Torque wrench required.
Mr Gilbert Top quality. Thanks to the smooth recessed mounting hardware, no more gashing my knee on the stem crashing
Mr Alstead Very light, strong and looks good. Made a big difference going from 90mm to 70mm.
Duke Brilliant stem. Not only suitable for MTB but stiff enough for track/road use!
Jeff The best stem money can buy. Replaced my old Elite X4 with a shorter 70mm version. No question about buying another Thomson. Look great & quality is second to none.
Mr Hough Purchased to replace a longer Ritchey wcs 4axis stem, this came in at about 30 grams heavier but man is this stem stiff, well worth the extra weight. Machining is immaculate as I've come to expect from Thomson. Not sure about the size of the bolts, would prefer something a bit bigger but tightened to the correct torque there seems to be no slippage. Impressed so far. I`d also love to mention the quality of the service from merlin, but its against their guidelines, so I won`t bother (which is a shame coz its pretty good really)
Mr Monnickendam I've had Thomson stems on my last 3 mtb's and they can't be matched for strength to weight at the smaller end of the scale (50-70mm). They are understated but look pretty nice when mounted on the front of your bike with a good set of wide bars, the steering is direct and precise and alters the handling characteristics of the bike for the better.
Urkki Solid bombroof classic. Avalialable in widest range of sizes which is why it's always easy to choose Thomson for any bike really. Not the lightest but certainly not the heaviest either. Honest, no-nonsense looks and top notch machining.
Mr Varney Fitted onto my cross bike, supplied as described, looks fantastic with a lovely finish on it. Clamps nicely and doesn't slip. They also come in their own cool drawstring bag. Great delivery, very quick, always helpful!
Mr Heath This is my 5th Thomson stem on my 8th bike build, I've tried 110s 100s 90s and now 70s I'd love to try the 45s too as they look the bomb! I've used plenty of other stems but In my 25 years of Mountain Biking the Thomson brand has never failed to impress me with its inherent toughness and fantastic finish. Their stems seem to last and last. The bike just feels complete with a Thomson stem on it, many others seem inferior either in looks or build quality.
Mike M Great stem, light and strong with high quality finish!
Mr B Thomson make a good quality product. These might not be the lightest stems available, but you can be sure they are tough enough, and up to the job. Weight stats can be found on thomsons website. Good quality machining and finish on the stem.
Mr Bautista Excellent product, great bit of kit. Quality stem and looks very great on my Mtb bike. Now I have two Thomson I will get more when I can.
Mr Kwong Solid stem with an excellent clamping system.
Mr Vinsun One of the increasingly few absolute 'classic' bike components available today and one which should probably be on every real mountain bike. Imitations are about, some from pretty major manufacturers, but absolutely nothing comes close to a genuine Thomson either in fit, finish, quality of materials or durability. Rivals come and go but Thomson continue to simplify and add lightness. Why buy anything else at this price?
Rupert The usual Thomson quality. Cannot fault it.
Aussie Scott Lightweight. Good and solid. Another quality product from Thomson.
Mr WONG X4, light, strong and nicely crafted. What more could you ask for?
Michael 2nd one I bought - excellent quality and classic looks, why go for anything else, maybe only if you need it it in 10 degree rise...
Mr Casey Beautifully made stem at a great price. Substantially more robust than the 70mm Stem.
Mr Magnusson I have never been disapointed with Thomson, light as a feather, solid as a rock. Just mount it and forget it.
Mr richardson Stunning quality, super price. I have owned lots of stems but the Thomson is without doubt the best looking.
Mr Mosley This is my second Thomson Stem, first one was the elite now with a stiffer and lighter version I couldn't be happier with my clothes on. Very easy to fit and get your bars in the exact position you want with minimal fuss. A great stem with nothing but praise.
Basso from Finland Very good quality stem. It makes whole frontside of the bike very stable. It is also good looking. I use this in my road bike and I am very satisfied with it
Mr Parker Fantastic stem. Super strong and top quality.
Mr demetiou That stem is a masterpice. Very light, stiff and axcellent finish
Mr Aston The best stem on the market? Probably :) I use the X4 stem in different sizes on all my bikes and wouldn't buy anything else, buy one, you won't be disappointed 8)
Mr Colby Was torn between this and other lighter stems for XC riding. In the end I chose this in 90mm zero degree and could not be happier with it. Very well made and reasonably light. Machining is beautiful!! Looks great teamed up with seatpost and top cap!! Would highly recommend!!. This was my first ordr from Merlin and the service was second to none!!! Very happy, thank you Merlin!!
Mr Macfarlane I have used Thomson products for about 15 years. So new bike new Thomson stem. This is of superb quality, strength and pretty light. The ultimate in affordable bike bling. Safe on your knees and never comes loose if torqued properly. A bike design classic. Buy one
Albert As always, excellent service and fantastic price fora great piece of kit.
Michael I always look to Thomson eventually when I need a new stem or seatpost (and soon handlebar and maybe, maybe a dropper post if I can afford it). Maybe there is a little brand-addiction involved - stems are stems - they attach your handlebar to your bike. But Thomson X4 stems are nice to look at, light, nicely made and come in black. And they'll match the rest of your Thomson components, so why not?
Mr Hubbard Super light, beautifully machined.
Mr Angell Superbly machined from a single piece of aluminium, it's the perfect combination of light weight and strength. I don't understand why people buy wrapped carbon fibre stems for twice the price when this is so much better. Looks fantastic paired with a Thomson stem cap. Another great product from Thomson and highly recommended.
Mr Varney Maybe not the lightest, but still up there with the very best. I feel perfectly safe installing carbon bars into this stem without course to a file to remove any sharp edges. Excellent plating on the fixing bolts, I,ve another one fitted to my hardtail and they never corroded in over over four years.
Mr Davies Thomson stem - is there anything else to say!? Although I would like to see them use a slightly larger allen bolt size, but that is proper nit-picking.
Mr James What more could you ask for? Unrivalled strength to weight ratio and still looks awesome! Handlebar held firmly with four bolt design so no movement or twist. Other stems maybe cheaper but you would be hard pushed to find one better.
Mr Watson The best you can get, a quick glance at the exquisite machining will tell you that.
Mr Webb Thomson speaks for itself would not buy anything else.
Mr Huke Quality product, easy to fit and promptly delivered. However, no Thomson bag - have they stopped doing them?
Mr bennett Hello. Just a note to say how pleased I am with your service. I first ordered a bike from you in 1996, and have been steadily ordering bikes and items from you ever since. The last few items I have bought have all been Thomson products as you continue to be ultra competitive with the price. Thank you again.
Paul Smith Not much to say about the stem other that there's nothing better. Same goes for the service, received promptly the day after ordering.
Mr Gallagher Great stem, best price you can get, and fast delivery. Gota love merlin :)