Time Atac XC8 Carbon pedals
Time Atac XC8 Carbon pedalsTime Atac XC8 Carbon pedals
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Time Atac XC8 carbon mountain bike pedals
  • Chrome steel axle and carbon body
  • Stainless steel molded dual-arches
  • ATAC system for ease of engagement
  • Adjustment of angular sensations, or ”feel”
  • Excellent mud-cleaning thanks to the self-cleaning concept
  • Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (6 mm)
  • Cleats included
  • Weight: 284g/pair - previous model ATAC XS 330 g/pair saves 46g
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Quality product as expected from Time - solid yet light weight, functions precisely as intended.
Replacement for a 2 year old pair that had covered many winter miles before the cage self destructed. Purchased as I much prefer Time cleat float to shimano and two years is pretty good component life for me.
I have 4 pair of Time Atac Alium pedals and I finally stepped up to light weight pedals. These are easier to clip in to than the Aliums which is a nice surprise. So far I love them.
These are one of best pedals on the market and company stands behind the products. I own few pairs of these going back to first gen since they work in the mud better than Shimano and pedal float is easy on knees. They take beating from pedal strikes and never had issue not like those with Crank Brothers. I had some issues with loose pin and lost spring. After contacting Time, I received brand new pair.
Bought these because the price was fantastic and the reviews have been good, especially for people with bad knees (like me). Wanted to use my mbk shoes with my new road bike. Heard some negative reviews about too much float. Was worried that they'd take some time to break in. Slapped these on my old mountain bike up on the trainer as soon as I got them and was amazed. Butter smooth! Immediate clean catches. Smooth, smooth feel. Super easy, but controlled exit (I've got the cleats set for the 13degree disconnect). Can't wait to get these on the road.
Super fast shipping from Merlin to South Australia, I had my original Time Atac carbon pedals from 2002, had them for 13 years and never touched them. They were bullet proof. Got these new XC8 ones when my old bike got stolen and so far they are great, offer excellent float, maintenance free and durable.
This latest version of Time's ATAC pedal is the best yet. There is now an absolute minimum of slop/play in the cleat engagement, a larger support platform, and the overall construction seems more solid and reliable. As always the cleat engagement is smooth and predictable and mud clearance is supreme. The brass cleat and composite body provide for a very supple contact point unlike metal on metal pedals.
Solid engagement and very light, especially at this price. Can't speak for durability as only a recent purchase but I have loved several other Time ATAC pedals.
Bought these for my 8 year old BMX racer. They are light an well made. He has never come unclipped. Just ordered a set for myself!
A fair bit lighter than old Carbon Atac. The best MTB pedal, time will see if there has been improvements in bearing play.
I have used Time Atac pedals for many years, must have 4 pairs now in different materials and colours and they are all still working well. I saw these pedals at a great price and they now look perfect on my titanium road bike.
This will be my second pair of the new Time Atac XC8 Carbon Pedals. Although I find these pedals less durable then the XC7's they are still a really nice set of pedals. Super light, reliable and sharp looking. I have used Time's since I started mountain biking and will continue to use them so long as they are offered.
Great product with easy and positive entry and exit. Replaced eggbeaters. Couldn't be happier!
Great product. Well made like a usual Time product.
Been using time atac pedals for 10 years now and in fact my two original metal pairs are still going strong. Have used them for MTb and cyclocross (two times on three peaks) and never have any issues clipping in or unclipping when not needing to. Bought two carbon pairs this last 12 months but not used for heavy MTb use so not sure how they'll stand up to big knocks. The version I bought seemed a good compromise on price (Merlin cheapest around) and weight . The titanium version is just silly money. Great product which has hardly changed over time (excuse pun) . Never used any other spds other then time keos on my road bike so can't compare to other products.
Great value, way better than the eggbeaters I used before. Cleats center well, unlike previous versions.
Awesome pedals, solid clicking in and out, easy to setup and have replaced my new look s-tracks that were a nightmare to set up.
These are very solid pedals for a good price so I think they are a great value. I do not ride in mud but they stay clear of debris for me and will always engage. I use these on my mountain bike and commuting bike so I can have walkable shoes for the train.
Easy to fit and setup. The mud & dirt clearing is far superior to anything else. Makes clicking in a breeze even with the thickest mud in your cleats.
fantastic - much better than previous incarnations of these pedals - Ill be swapping them on all my bikes now
I had some reservation ordering from a UK vendor as I am located in the US, but the price was right. Merlin Cycles did not disappoint the item arrived in one piece and on time. These went on my sons bike who is 6 years old and he can get in and out of these with ease. We had some issues with the ROX and switched to these. I would recommend this product. And I would recommend Merlin Cycles, to any US shoppers don't hesitate these folks are the real deal!
Light, easy to clip in and out, plenty of float, maybe a little bit rattly between pedal and shoe compared to a shimano SPD but much kinder to my knee's
After 10+ years, my old Time ATAC's finally gave up the ghost. These pedals are by far the most consistent performing pedals on the market, regardless of conditions, and they are super durable. Great pedals, and at the price offered here, they can't be beat.
Lo mejor la est
Bought these for my cyclo-coss bike, so far they have proved to be a very efficient and easy to use pedal made all the better by the attractive price through Merlin Cycles.
Nice! For cyclocross racing and commuting, these pedals will be fantastic. The floating action for the wide angle release will no doubt take some getting used to for those transitioning from PSD pedals, but well worth the effort. Pedal entry is incredibly easy- stand on them and go. So far I have not missed a pedal entry, although sometimes wonder if I have clicked in correctly the locking action sound is not always evident. Longevity is something to consider- unable to comment, but the pedal body looks delicate.