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Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals
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Time Xpresso 10 Carbon PedalsTime Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

This item was discontinued 22nd August 2019.

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Code: TM-01108057
Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals
  • Automatic pre-opening of engagement mechanism
  • Hollow steel axle and carbon body with flexible carbon blade
  • Oversized pedal platform 700 mm2 with interchangeable stainless steel plate
  • SENSOR Adjustment of angular sensations, or “feel”
  • Q-Factor adjustment — setting of lateral foot position
  • BIOPOSITION Concept — minimal distance sole to pedal axle (14.4mm)
  • Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (2.5 mm)
  • Release angle: 15°
  • Weight: 195 g/pair – Previous model iClic2 Racer: 255 g/pair. Saves 60g.
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Includes cleats
Dori Light, beautiful, well built, intuitive and entirely consistent. Having used these for the past seven months, I must have clipped in and out many hundreds of times, without a single hiccup. Easy on the knees, too. The cleats do wear out pretty quickly, but in my experience it isn't as bad as some have reported - I'm currently on my second pair, and over 1,500 km in there's still plenty of life left in them. The sharp edges require a bit of care to begin with - slightly longer socks are recommended for the avoidance of minor abrasions just above the ankle...
colin These are my 3rd set of Xpresso's for the new bike, still using the original pair which are now on the turbo bike and going strong. Service and Price from Merlin is excellent so they get 5 stars from me
Mr Cardle Quality pedal, easy to clip into and plenty of float to protect knees. Highly recommend.
Mr Hasegawa If the knee hurts, changing to this pedal is the most clever option. The balance between price and performance is the best.
Steve Great pedals at a good price. Super light and plenty of float.
Joseph I had used Keo's for years and liked. An issue I had with Keo's was occasionally my shoe would hit the chain stay. The Xpresso has Qfactor adjustability. I set up with wider Q factor and no more shoe hitting chain stay. Easier entry with Xpresso over my Keo Blade. Very nice pedals with more adjustability.
Andrew Have not had these for long, so can't comment on durability. Easy to adjust, lightweight and look good.
Mr Morin I've been riding on Time pedals (which seems like forever) for over 20 years. The Time Expresso 10 carbon pedals are the best Time pedals to date. I feel so connected my pedal stroke. I can't believe I waited so long to upgrade from the iClic pedal. The price Merlin sold them to me seems like a steal. Shipping to the US was free and they arrived ahead of schedule! I've purchased two Xpresso 10 pedals and will most like get a third - even though I still own two sets of iClics. They're that good!
Mr Lopez Bevan This is my second pair of Time pedals. The first pair which I got three years ago have been great and still going strong. The new pedals are for a new bike I just bought. Sale price best on the web.
Mr Fritz This is my second pair of Xpresso 10 pedals. The first pair which I got about a month ago has been great. The new pedals are for another bike which is being built at the moment. Couldn't pass up the sale price.
Mr Powell Great quality. I've had a pair of these for the last three years and wanted some for a new bike.
Mr NAGASAKA Perfect pedal! Easy to catch & release than other pedals.
Mr Fritz After road biking for many years on mountain pedals for walk-ability I decided it was time to try road pedals. These were recommended by the guy building my new bike. They provide a very stable platform. My concern was clipping in on one-sided pedals but that really wasnt a problem. Clipping in is a sweet little click which seems to require almost no effort. It does make my feet feel well connected and supported. The first few steps in road shoes is a little weird but that passes very quickly. This was a definite upgrade to my riding experience. I did sand down all the sharp edges of the pedal with 220 grit paper before installing based on forum comments from multiple users who'd gashed their legs.
Mr Kim Upgrade from previous generation Iclics. Float is very comfortable for knees
Charles Today was New Bike Day for me and added these instead of my old Speedplays. So far I love the the light weight and the ease of clipping in. Even though they are only one-sided pedals, they stayed upright allowing for easy clipping. To me, they clipped in easier than my old Speedplay! As for longevity of the cleats, I'll have to update my review in a few months.
Ms Lim Great pedals, better than Shimano Dura Ace carbon. Lower stack height and more forgiving on the joints, easy in and out.. as a climber I like the positive feel under foot.. love them.!!
Mr Craig New bike so time for new pedals. Went for Time again as had Time RXS Carbon on previous bike which were perfect and hassle free for the 10 years of use. Set up with cleats and pedals similar to previous pedals. Cleats/ pedals have changed in shape over RXS, so no using old shoes/cleats on new pedals! From first clip in the pedals felt much easier to engage compared to old pedals (old pedals/cleats may be a bit worn). Again disengaging was smooth and intuitive. No complaints so far, feel even better than RXS. Great combination of quality/weight/price. Excellent service from Merlin as always!
Mr Nemeth Recently switched from Speedplays to these TIme Xpresso 10's. I had no trouble installing them or getting used to them on the bike. Cannot wait to see how many miles these will rack up! Pros: Look very good on the bike, lightweight. Cons: The tension adjustment for release is a little difficult to feel a large difference in, but doesn't hinder performance at all. Just takes some trial and error to dial in.
Patrick Quite enjoyable pedal. I have transitioned from the original 1987 Time Equipe Magnesium pedal to this. The iClick system is really that: just put the foot on the pedal plate a small click lets you know you're off to the races. As with other reviewers, I have found that the pedal does not (yet?) place itself in position, but of course a bit of practice makes it easy to use beacause clicking in is so easy. I feel confident in putting full power on the pedals and not getting untidy. Did not unclip even under hard effort, on the contrary. I feel that all the juice I can muster gets right to the bike. Nice float, but will need a bit of wearing in to be fluid, even with factory (lowest resistance) setting. I had the same thing with my old 1987 pedals. I have had the pedals 10 days and only 300km or so but am very happy . By the way, Merlin Cycles offered excellent service and quick despatch.
Mr Keeton I purchased my first set of Xpresso 10 pedals from Merlin a couple of years ago. I have been delighted with them so have now decided to make the full switch by taking off the RXS pedals I had on my second bike and installing a second set of Xpresso 10 pedals also purchased from Merlin. The pedals are excellent, and the service from Merlin also.
Austin I switched from Speedplay to these Time pedals as I wanted a bigger platform and less maintenance hassles. So glad I did! There is just as much float available as a Speedplay Zero, but far easier to keep the foot planted without having to dial in the float. I can definitely feel the larger footbed. Cleat engagement is relatively easy, somewhere between speedplay and look - I've had no issues with finding the pedals and engaging quickly. I cannot comment on the longevity of the cleats yet, but as they are 1/3 the price of speedplay cleats I am not worried about that anyway. For anyone wanting the knee-friendly float of Speedplay, but the hassle-free low maintenance of Look style pedals, these are definitely worth considering.
Mr Hey Very happy with these. I got them for my winter bike - mountain bike shoes equals warmer and drier for me. These pedals are kind to my knees and relatively lightweight.
Mr Gale Hands down the safest clipless pedal system for your knees. I've been riding on Time for over 20 years. I get about 5,000-7,000 miles per pair of Xpresso 10s, the issue with the current design is that the metal insert decks wear on these a little too easily and can get carved up. Hence my 4 stars. Never had a problem with release mechanism or spindles, and they are a nice lightweight pedal for the money.
Mr ojeda Overall, I am very happy with the pedals. They have a large mounting surface that are easy to clip in and out of as well as feel very secure. The float took a bit to get used to however it is great with knees that need bit more wiggle room. This is my second set on a new bike. I would recommend.
Mr lapointe Far a and away best pedals out there. Easy entry and very durable. Light too.
Mr Evans Love these pedals. Good platform. Easy to click in or out and very light. My only concern is the durability of the cleats. These get terrible reviews. Too early for me to tell.
Mr Shirakashi My second set of Time Xpresso pedal. Time Xpresso provide me stressless pedaling.
Mr furu This product is very light, and the appearance is good, too and likes it.
Mr Toros Great pedals. Really light. Engaging is easy and effortless. Free float feels great. Came in black, not red; which is great for my stealth looking bike. Also metal tin it came inside works great as a toolbox.
Mr Higgins This is my third set of Xpresso's Great pedals!
Dr Shacklock I'm loving the new time Xpresso range and these did not disappoint. Very light, easy to clip into and a nice float without feeling sloppy.
Mr Higgins Great pedals! Light, fast engagement, large platform, nice float, fairly low stack height.
Mr katzer Great pedals easy installation and functions flawlessly
Mr Walkington Very light, good platform. Clipping in is very quiet so a bit disconcerting at first. Carbon spring is very clever.
Mr Sampson Excellent pedals very easy to engage and the wider platform makes them very comfortable
Mr Shandobil 2nd pair of Time Xpresso pedals. I have the 6 on my other bike. Great pedal. I go back with Time pedals from the early 90's.
Mr Appel Awesome pedals. Very positive click in feel. Wide platform. Best Time pedals yet.
PB Very light pedal. TIME will tell how it lasts. Good solid large platform. I moved from Looks and I had to adjust saddle aft to get to same position.
Mr Pang Great pedals,very easy to clip in and out. The best one I ever used!
Dr Miljan Another great pedal from Time. Light with a good amount of float and the new cleat style is much less bulky than the old style. Highly recommended.
Mr Danson Time Pedals are probably the best road pedal out there, again they innovated their design with the new Xpresso My first impression of these pedals is fantastic looking and weight loss is unbelievable. Merlin always supply best priced goods and fast delivery. 5 Stars Merlin
Mr harcourt Very pleased with the pedals, great support for the foot and fast for clipping in. Ordered the pedals in the morning and they arrived the following day
Mr Nguyen Long time user of Time pedals (Equipe Pro Mag and Racing as well as Carbon RXS) and these new Time Expresso 8 continue the quality and feel that I've come to expect from Time. Clicking in and out is very easy but once you're in, it's very secure. Cleats for the Xpresso/Carbon RXS are better to walk with than the older Equipe cleats, but not as flat as Look pedals, which would be my only complaint. I like the smallness of the pedals compared to Look/Shimano, but also like that it has a bigger platform vs. Speedplay/Eggbeaters, which I run on my cyclocross bike. Overall, a great pedal that works from training rides to club rides to local races.
Mr To I have tried spd sl, speedplay and look blades and for me these pedals are superior. Entry and release have very positive action , cleat walk-ability is excellent. Another pro is long cleat slots so you can position cleats far back if desired. There is a really neat Q factor adjustment too - in all very clever pedals with a very solid feel once engaged. The float feels very natural and the pedals feel very secure. I'm more than pleased and glad I've finally found the perfect pedal.
MBeeman This is the second set I have purchased, one for each of my road bikes. I am very impressed and like the extra contact area very much, it is a noticeable difference in foot comfort when getting back off the bike at end of ride. I also like the mechanism for grabbing the cleat. Very positive and fast. In 15 years of riding and about 5 different types of pedal designs, this is easily the best I have ever used. Get them before they are sold out.
Mr uliasz Great pedals, lightweight and easy go in and out. Great price from Merlin as always.
Time Fan I have changed over from some RXS that I have been riding for a number of years. The RXS have been a solid, reliable performer - but I have immediately noticed with the Xpresso that the platform/contact area is larger (while on bike - feel is noticeable & nice). So the larger platform feels great, and the engagement mechanism is easier than with the RXS - but it was never really an issue for me to have to push down a little harder to engage.. I wonder about the durability of these pedals, only time will tell. Only downside so far is a pointy corner pertruding on the outside edge of the pedals - has a tendency to scratch whatever comes in contact..
Mr Fudala I'm yet to try these but they look great (bonus points for the packaging).