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Time Xpresso 12 Titan Carbon Pedals
  • Automatic pre-opening of engagement mechanism
  • Hollow titanium axle and carbon body with flexible carbon blade
  • Oversized pedal platform 700 mm2 with interchangeable aluminium plate
  • Adjustment of angular sensations, or “feel”
  • Q-Factor adjustment — setting of lateral foot position
  • BIOPOSITION Concept — minimal distance sole to pedal axle(14.4mm)
  • Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (2.5 mm)
  • Release angle: 15°
  • Weight: 155 g/pair – Previous model iClic2 Titan Carbon: 175g/pair. Saves 20g.
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Includes cleats
Mr Cohen Love these. Have used for several years. This is the (next to) lightest version. Have used all, but lightest.
KP Love, love, love these pedals. High quality, super light, and very easy to get into, I'm a Time lifer! Thank you for offering such high quality products at great prices!
Mr Farmer 64 kg, 61 year old male, these are the best cleats I have ever used. Easy for entry and unclipping for my weight.
Dr Olson I have used Time pedals since 1992 and they keep getting better and better. Best pedals, easily adjustable and great durability.
Mr Worms Great pedals. Very light and and good looking. Bearings feel very smooth and give the impression of having to produce less effort when pedaling
Chris2dhs When I got my new bike I thought I'd try out Time pedals, so I bought the Xpresso 2 pedals. Loved them, fast reliable engage, positive sound and feel, nice big stable base, much better for me than Shimano or Look and pretty light. Having tried the budget 2`s, I decided to get these 12`s to match the level of the rest of the bike. These are seriously light. Even better, more positive click, first time, every Time :-p Unlike Shimano the 2`s didn't always drop the right way round so sometimes you may have to turn the pedal before stepping in. That's not a problem with these 12`s, they always drop the right way round. Only issue I had is the preparation time. As with the 2`s, the edges on these pedals are brutally sharp. As with the 2`s, a little bit of wet&dry and a little bit of Stanley knife has them nice and smooth (and safe).
Mr Perrins These pedals are fantastic. I switched from Shimano and briefly used a set of Look pedals in between. These Time Xprrsso 12's are extremely easy to clip into/out of compared with either of those others. They are also very light, look great, and are surprisingly affordable for their level of performance. Some complain about the sharp edges cutting your ankles, but that's a pretty sad complaint to anyone whose seen a mountain biker's legs after a hard day in the woods. HTFU.
Taks Another great product from Time. Already had the Xpresso 10 and wanted another pair for my race bike. Very light (as expected), clicking in is with ease, float mechanism is on par and the red coloring is a good accent.
Mr Walters Very easy to clip in and out with a reasonable amount of float, plus they are very light. I highly recommend.
Mr Blanchard Upgraded from Look. Worth the price. Very light with great movement.
Dr Potiphar Very light and easier to clip in to than my old Shimano clipless pedals. They look good too, going well with my red / black bike. Lightness does mean that you may have to sometimes flick them into position, as there is not enough weight at their bottom to keep them in the normal non-use SPD position. But, after a few times clipping in and out on the road, this did not cause any problems. A recommended very light and easy to use clipless pedal. It does cost quite a bit of money, of course!
Mr boquist These pedals are ridiculous. Crazy light with a big platform, probably the best pedal money can buy. Going fast is all about cutting rotational weight and these pedals excel in this regard as well as any other measure of a quality pedal.
Mr James Arrived quickly via Royal Mail which is always a bonus. Pedal easy to fit. I upgraded from xpresso 4 pedals to these 12s. Very light pedal. Advertised as 155g but when put on scales were 150g. Very easy pedal to clip into and excellent power delivery.