Time Xpresso 4 Pedals
Time Xpresso 4 PedalsTime Xpresso 4 Pedals
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Time Xpresso 4 Pedals
  • Automatic pre-opening of engagement mechanism
  • Steel axle and composite body with flexible carbon blade
  • Oversized pedal platform 700 mm2 with interchangeable stainless steel plate
  • SENSOR Adjustment of angular sensations, or “feel”
  • Q-Factor adjustment — setting of lateral foot position
  • BIOPOSITION Concept — minimal distance sole to pedal axle (14.4mm)
  • Angular float (+/-5°) and lateral float (2.5 mm)
  • Release angle: 15°
  • Weight: 224 g/pair
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Includes cleats
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Well as these are my second pair it means that I am satisfied with the product. Unbeatable weight for the price. Pretty much contact surface. Clipping and unclipping is awesome. Cons are that the bearings are not good quality they develop play very fast but never the less I used my old pair many miles and still in one piece. Also cleat durability is below average.
An absolute bargain at Merlin prices. I own the Xpresso 10's and wanted a second, cheaper set for my TT bike, as weight is no issue on that bike. Looks wise they are obviously made of cheaper materials, but in performance terms you cannot distinguish between the more expensive versions and these, the engagement and float etc is all near identical. Anyone with knee issues or who just doesn't get on with Look style pedals should definitely consider these. They are so much cheaper than Speedplay and easier to engage than Looks (in my experience anyway). The built in float is there if you need it too, but if you have a rock solid pedal action the pedals will hold your foot in place no unwanted movement. Highly recommended, and at Merlin prices an awful lot of pedal for the money.
This is my 3rd set (have them on 3 different bikes). These are the best bang for the buck in the Xpresso line up. Easy clip in and good Time float.
Pedals are light, clip in easily and look good. Not sure about the cleats though. I don't commute with these, only do rides that involve minimum of walking (i.e. push bike out of garage past car and ride. Rides don't even include cafe stops. Yet Cleats are already showing significant wear after only 4 or 5 rides.
I've ridden Time pedals since the year dot. I find the varied float available helps my aging knees. The new models from Time replaced my Time Impact pedals. As a comparison, the Xpressos are much lighter and it's great that Time has upped the allen key fitting from 8 to 12mm. This makes installation that much easier. Some reviews have mentioned that entry into the pedals can be awkward because of a lack of weighty spring mechanism. I've not found this a problem and have been impressed by the positive nature of cleat-to-pedal engagement. Another feature I like is the replaceable cleat platform. which can be prone to wear. This is why I opted for the Xpresso 4 (this feature is not available on the Xpresso 2 pedals). I'm already putting some money aside to purchase a set of Xpresso 8s for my racing bike. Very happy and would definitely recommend at Merlin's price!!
Excellent pedals so far. No wobble/rattle of my feet: held in snugly without fear of accidentally unclipping. Light, and the big contact area makes it feel as though you have nothing attached to your feet apart from shoes. Springy feel to rotate foot back to 0 deg angle. Sometimes these don't align themselves into an easy clip in position as I'd like, or as well as the original i-Clic pedals that I've seen, which can at worst make them dangerous for an inexperienced rider - this has got better with a few hundred kilometres of spinning.
I love how easy it is to clip in and out. It is relatively easy to walk in these cleats but I wouldn't recommend it because they seem to wear fast.
Great pedals, feel very secure. Feel better than SPD-SL pedals, float seems better and not just a single pivot point. Highly recommended. Only drawback is they are not weighted and dont "hang" in a particular direction, but you get passed that pretty quickly. I actually bought a sexond set.