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Ultimate Hardware 700c Single Speed / Fixed Wheels is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Ultimate Hardware 700c Single Speed Wheels
Ultimate Hardware 700c Single Speed WheelsUltimate Hardware 700c Single Speed WheelsUltimate Hardware 700c Single Speed WheelsUltimate Hardware 700c Single Speed WheelsUltimate Hardware 700c Single Speed Wheels

This item was discontinued 5th August 2015.

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Customise your bike with these great single speed/fixed wheels.  Available in a variety of colours these wheels are great as a replacement for worn out wheels or to add colour to your favourite bike. 

  • Sealed bearing hubs ,with double sided rear
  • Rear hub width 120mm
  • Fixed sprocket one side and single speed freewheel other (both included) - 16T
  • Stainless steel spokes 32 hole
  • Proper washered track nuts,
  • Large flange deep section alloy rims 20mm wide x 30mm deep
  • Choice of rim and hub colours


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I've been riding these for about 300 km now, and I'm surprised about their quality. Novatec hubs are smooth and fairly light and rims are visually really good looking. Big stickers can be removed. It's there to cover seam in the rim. Remember to order long valve inner tubes with these, at least 60mm!
After 2 weeks of riding on these wheels I am very pleased with them! Surprisingly light for deep rims at this price and strong, still running true after several encounters with potholes. They have stiffened the ride of my bike, something I was not expecting! Overall: Very good wheels at a great price.
Suspiciously cheap, but actually very good and visually striking (I got the white set for visibility and to go with my dark frame). My set came well-packaged and run nice and straight. No dings or scratches. The fleur-de-lis-type sticker hides the join, and is helpfully placed opposite the valve hole, of which more later. Not as heavy as feared, and even with the 16t freewheel giving me a higher gear than I ran before, the daily commute is the same. If anything, the deep-sections may be a bigger aero advantage than promised - the road where I'm normally fighting against the wind seems slightly easier than it used to be. Hubs are Novatec, and so far quiet and smooth. So far, I'm very happy with them but it's early days. I've put some 35cc tyres on, which fit fine. A note on inner tubes - it's obvious after the fact, but when I got these it didn't occur to me that long valves are a necessity. I had a load of 40mm-valve tubes I didn't want to waste, so bought the Topeak valve extender which works a treat. Otherwise I would strongly recommend getting tubes with at least 60mm valves and possibly even 80mm. tl;dr version: Decent set of wheels for the price, very eye-catching. Get long-valve inner tubes.
A very basic flip flop wheelset which should be fine for the daily commute but serious cyclists who do most of their miles on a single speed through the winter would probably see them off within a month.