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Uvex SGL 104 Vario

Uvex sgl 104 cycling glasses.
Changing lenses has never been easier.
This uvex world first features a completely new sliding mechanism in the frame.
Lenses can now be swapped out in super quick time.

These Uvex cycling glasses combine the latest technology and comfort features in one prouduct.

The unbreakable lenses feature ventilation openings at the top and provide 100% UVA,
UVB and UVC protection. Decentred lens technology ensures distortion-free vision.
Uvex anti-fog coating guarantees fog-free vision,
while uvex “easy to clean” coating enables sweat, dirt or water droplets to be easily and quickly cleaned from uvex sgl 104 lenses.
Soft nose pads and legs are individually adjustable and absorb sweat.

Uvex sgl 104 vario is supplied with variomatic lenses,
which automatically lighten or darken in response to the prevailing light conditions.
They self-adjust their shade from 9-78% transmission.
Uvex sgl 104 vario is available in a choice of three colours.

It was delivered unexpectedly fast although I've ordered it to be shipped to Korea. Of course, UVEX 104 vario itself is excellent even for an asian like me. I a bit hesitated to buy an international fit than an asian fit, though, it fits really well.
I have several photo-chromatic sunglasses, but these have the widest light transmission range. I use them to cycle at night, snowboard in full sun and anything in between. The fit is adjustable. The nose pad and temples are made of soft plastic with a wire inside. They fit large faces and also very scratch resistant.
Great quality glasses with auto darkening as the light gets brighter. Recommended
Design? Fascinating. Discoloration? Perfect. This is my first photo chromatic goggle. Before this, I had normal colored goggles but it was really bugging me that I had to carry around clear lens to change when it's getting darker. But now, just wear it and forget about it! It change the color really fast and backward. And really nice sweat cutter to mount!
Excellent fit and look great. I don't notice I am wearing them, which I believe is the best compliment that can be given to most wearable products. A minor quibble is that in the harsh Australian sun I still find myself squinting somewhat--in other words, at their "variomatic" darkest they are not quite dark enough for someone with particularly sensitive eyes, such as me. This would probably not affect most potential buyers.
These goggles are very rapid discoloration, comfort fit and looks nice.
If you are after the latest fashion - look elsewhere. If you are after a pair of glasses with the widest range of tinting - this is it. These sun/moon glasses have been built by engineering department - not by marketing. I have 4 other pairs of photo-chromatic glasses from different brands - all respectable. These are the only ones that you can really use at night and in bright daylight. Ventilation is good too. Sizing is generous. The width from temple to temple is around 15cm. Bought a second pair for my wife after she tried mine.
After a few hours on the bike, I can say that these sunglasses are fantastic! Well-designed, super-light glasses with excellent, photochromic lenses that are the right choice for almost any daylight conditions. Great price and delivery, excellent service from Merlin.
Received my new glasses just last night and was very keen to get out on the road and try them, I have been researching my options for a while now and was weighing up between a few options including Oakley Radar and Flak but in the end could not get the balance of what I was after and was frankly found them a bit arrogant and over priced, eventually my search bought me to the UVEX 104sgl which seemed to tick all the boxes, the research I did on the variomatic system gave me some assurance pre-purchase but now having actually used them I am completely stoked a incredibly pleased with my purchase. The ride started in complete darkness in suburban streets early morning then in full sunshine through the ride, the visibility through the entire ride was A1 the tint at the end of the delivered perfect glare protection. On the comfort side it felt like you weren't wearing glasses with no pressure points causing any annoyance. The vents were 100% effective at preventing any fogging or hindrance to visibility ... These are top grade glasses and more than a match for their much more expensive competitors
Very pleased with these. Have tried them in a wide variety of light conditions from dusk to full sun and the brightness level (as you perceive it), remains remarkably consistent. I previously had a pair of Specialized photochromic glasses which were good, but the Uvex lenses are definitely a step up, both in the extremes of how light/dark they go and the speed with which they change.