Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Veloflex Arenberg Tubular Road Tyre - 28" x 25mm is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Veloflex Arenberg Tubular
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Veloflex Arenberg Tubular

This item was discontinued 17th November 2021.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Veloflex Arenberg Tubular - 700c (28) x 25mm

All-purpose tubular ideal for rough terrains like cobblestones, or not perfectly paved roads, its tread guarantees the best grip for this kind road surfaces both wet or dry, the larger (25mm) width will reduce the risk of flats, all these qualities in a contained weight of only 280gr.

A fine pro-competition or everyday high performance tubular with outstanding grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread supplies great cornering stability and traction control both on dry and wet roads. The new 320 TPI corespun casing will give you the best available weight, lowest rolling resistance and comfort. Roubaix is available in all black only. Constructed utilizing a latex inner tube for the utmost in low rolling resistance. Casing features a Calicot puncture resistant layer under its natural rubber tread to help ward off road hazards.


  • Use: Road Racing / rougher surfaces / fast touring
  • Size: 28" - 25mm (700x25c)
  • Weight: 290grams
  • TPI: 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
  • Pressure: 6/9 bar (85/130 psi)
  • Protection Belt: Calicot puncture resistant layer
  • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun
  • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound
  • Inner tube: Latex low rolling resistance
  • Valve: Presta 36 mm with changeable (removable) core
  • Mileage: Front 6.000 km - Rear 3.000 km
Mr TAKAHASHI Great driving comfort.Excellent!
Free My Willie This is my 4th order of Veloflex Arenberg Tubular Road Tyre .. where I am limited to 4 tyres per order. Yes - I purchased 12 of these - they are THAT GOOD. Sure these are the older model now but these tyres has been "proven" by the years they been in service till only recently Veloflex rolled out a new range. They are long lasting, durable - REAL DURABLE - where on my 1st tyre I hit a 2cm sharp thorn and I though I was done there -- nope - pulled it out and kept riding. Somehow it did not make it past the puncture protection. They grip really well in the dry - I cant comment too much for wet but I never taken a slide on these in the rain unlike continentals which I dispise because I kept sliding on them in wet that left me with zero confidence. So far it's held up in the wet (not too aggressive riding). I am a heavy rider at 95kg - prob 100kg with full kit on a titanium Lynskey road bike for reference.
Steve Pretty much the same tire and excellent ride as the Roubaix with black sidewalls . Mount up straight and true.
NG Always read about how good these are supposed to be and it's true. Superb ride quality. So good, that I bought a second tyre within days for the front. Easier to fit and a better ride than the conti gatorskin I had previously.
Steve H These are my favorite tubular tires. Easy to mount and they don't puncture very often. I usually end up deciding to replace the tire only when I have worn the rear down to nothing and flats become more of a risk.
louis My favourite performance/racing tubular tire. Great in all conditions, dry or wet, even on rough roads. Rides nice, and comfy. Good for 3500 km's + under my 74 kg.
louis The best tubulars for all round training and racing on any quality roads, good or bad. Great durability. Quality construction and finish every time. A great investment for all your tubular wheels.
Mr Palter Great rolling, long lasting tubulars
Daniel Atencio I started riding Veloflex around 5 years ago and they never dissapoint. They will give you a soft ride (for example at 170 plus I only pump them up to 70 psi back/60 front for their 27mm tires, 10 more psi each for the Arenbergs. They will also wear slowly and rately ever flat, at least on decent roads. All in all I rather pay a bit more for these and know I have top quality than on other cheap brands.
Paul Whitaker I've been itching to try Veloflex for a while now and as soon as my recent tubs expired I took the plunge. Superbly made, easy to fit and a super price from Merlin. These however are the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits - quite simply the ride is sublime and the grip is outstanding compared with my previous Vittoria Corsa Evo/CX tubs I was running. So far so good in terms of wear/punture resistance but I'm super pleased with the purchase and top marks to Merlin for their assistance and promptness of delivery.
Daniel I have been on these 25mm for about three years and they are great as always. You can`t go wrong with Veloflex; its all I ride.
J Bouwer These tubbies are great for rough roads and cobbles
Steve H This is my favorite tubular tire right now. It is a joy to mount on a rim, compared to the super-tight Continental tubulars that I used to use. I weigh about 168 lb and I run this tire on my Zipp wheels for day to day riding. I use ~90 lb psi in both the front and back and that provides a very comfortable ride. The tires are long lasting; I think I got about 9 months/ 6300+ miles on the rear before it finally wore out, and the front still looks good.