Veloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres - 700c
Veloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres - 700cVeloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres - 700cVeloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres - 700cVeloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres - 700c
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Veloflex Corsa Folding Road Tyres, 700c x 23mm or 25mm. Choice of Colours

All-purpose open tubular that will give you more than you can expect from a clincher tire. Built with the same 320 TPI casing of our tubular tires for low rolling resistance and incredibly supple ride feelings. Suited for training and racing for everyone that wants the excellent characteristics of a tubular and the easiness of mounting of a clincher tire. The special tread will grant outstanding grip and cornering stability in all weather conditions. Corsa models come with black colored sidewalls for a more aggressive look and four colors of choice for the rubber tread.


  • Use: Racing , training, fast recreational riding
  • Size: 700 x 23mm,25mm
  • Weight: 23mm = 195 grams ± 10% 25mm = 205 grams ± 10%
  • TPI: 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
  • Pressure: 7/10 bar (100/145)
  • Protection Belt: Calicot puncture resistant layer
  • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun cotton
  • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound
  • Mileage: Front 6,000 km - Rear 3,000 km
Worth every penny, exceptional performance to price, good for everyday ride.
Supple casing provides a nice feel on the road. The grip in the dry and wet is without any issue for training on the road. The price is good compared to other options with high thread count casing. The tread life is decent , other tires (Vittoria Rubino Pro) offer longer tread life but without the nice ride. Puncture resistance is good but not up to bad road conditions or facing a lot of debris (glass etc.) . If you experience punctures often look to something more durable.
The closest thing to tubulars in a clincher I have found. Fast, smooth, and confident on corners. With the softer, grippier rubber they don't last forever, but I come back to them year after year.
Veloflex Corsa clinchers are my favourite tyres - I use them exclusively on my race wheels - they look and feel like tubulars
Very pleased after a couple of rides. Easy to fit without levers, excellent grip in the wet/dry and roll nicely. No punctures so far...
I was very impressed with just how smooth and fast these tyre are. They take a bit of muscle to fit them, but its well worth the effort. No punctures yet . Awesome tyres.
Great tyre for fast riding and racing. They are puncture resistant and grippy. As close as you'll get to a tub. They don't last long which is why it's recommended to only use them for racing.