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Veloflex Master Folding Road Tyres - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Veloflex Master Folding Road Tyres - 700c
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Veloflex Master Folding Road Tyres - 700c

This item was discontinued 22nd December 2020.

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Veloflex Master Folding Road Tyres - 700c
The Veloflex Master is an all-purpose open tubular that will give you more than you can expect from a clincher tyre. Built with the same 320 TPI casing of Veloflex's tubular tyres for low rolling resistance and incredibly supple ride feelings.
Suited for training and racing for everyone that wants the excellent characteristics of a tubular and the easiness of mounting of a clincher tyre. The special tread will grant outstanding grip and cornering stability in all weather conditions. Master models come with gum coloured sidewalls for a more old-fashioned look and four colours of choice for the rubber tread.
  • Weight: 195g 23mm (Veloflex advise to allow +/- 10% allowance due to the handmade nature of the tyres
  • TPI: 320 TPI
  • Pressure: 100/145 psi
  • Protection Belt: Antipuncture layer
  • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun
  • Beads: KEVLAR® inextensible yarn
  • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound
Mr Frangiamore Very good quality hand made in Italy I have used these tires before for racing and training and they are my preferred choice from the more common so called market leaders...
Mr Richardson These tyres are miraculous. 28mm, 80psi front, 90psi rear, they give a really plush but grippy ride. Much better than the previous Vittoria Corsa Evos which were good tyres. Excellent.
Larry Have been using these tyres for about 15 years or more. Used to ride Vittoria CX tubulars . So when clinchers got good, switched to the Veloflex Pave which are now the Master. Have found these almost as good as the CXs and rarely had punctures. I'm quite light weight at 60 kg, so get a better millage than that in the specification. And another reason why use them is my good bike is retro a 1990s version of a road bike and a Roberts Columbus Nivacrom frame, Campagnolo Record 8 speed etc, so these tyres go with that era.
Mr Browning Smooth rolling, low resistance, easy fit.
Shane I use Vittoria Corsa clincher tires now my racing days are long past. These tires are very nice. Handmade in Italy. No need for tubulars anymore when you can ride these!
Kevin Already riding these and they are fantastic! Love the color for my particular frame...
Michael I bought these for frivolous reasons: I just wanted pretty, gum-wall tyres like the tubs on the pro's wheels. However, apart from looking great, they DO run really fast, grip exceptionally well and are suited for wet and dry. They did Honister Pass and Kirkstone Pass, including ludicrously fast, safe-feeling descents on their first outing and performed brilliantly. These were the best priced racing clinchers that I found and I'd recommend them. They're only a few hundred miles in but all is good so far.
HALSHAW Great tires. Look awesome and loads of grip for the fast corners. Highly recommended
Mr Shannon I've ridden Veloflex tires tor the past 4 seasons, and they consistently meet my expectations. They are light, supple, responsive, and reasonably durable- the closest ride quality to a good tubular that I've ever found in a clincher tire.
Mr Pir The material is highest quality and it looks great on a steel bike
Mr Oh A tire that has grip, minimal friction resistance, price, and the best performance.
mark Very excellent tires, super supple, thick tread, thin side walls but they ride great. I have had no issues with longevity. The roads around here are smooth, so not good for training.
Mr Taskazan Very good tyre. Its performance is stunning. It's handmade and its material is silk. Very soft and quality tyres. I recommend these tyres to those who are expecting performance, softness and handling. Additionally, it is also good for wet weather and condtions. The tyres stick to the asphalt and it improves the bike handling and give confidence and security while riding in wet conditions. However, I do not recommend this product to those who ride in rough road conditions, because it will get easily punctured. Lastly, you may use this tyre for four seasons only if you rice on smooth and neat road conditions....
Mr Evans Great. First experience with folding tyre. Easy enough to get on the rim. 700x25 seem to roll great around slightly bumpy roads. Very comfortable and grippy in the corners. No punctures as of yet :)
Mr Matthews Hadn't used these before, got them on recommendation from my cycle mechanic, wow! What a comfortable grippy ride they give and still fast rolling and excellent value with extra discount applied at checkout, I'll be replacing tyres on my other road bikes with these as they wear out.