Vittoria Latex Inner Tube-700c
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Vittoria Latex Inner Tube-700c
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Vittoria Latex Inner Tube-700c

The bicycle wheel's weight and rolling resistance is a key consideration when racing. Tyres and light wheels help keep the weight down, but inner tubes are often over looked. Vittoria have addressed this and produced the Vittoria Latex Inner Tube, lightweight, durable and perfect for timetrials, road races, sportives and triathlons.


  • Durable, lightweight latex construction
  • 85g
  • Ideal for racing and sportives
  • Suitable for 19-24mm tyres
  • Valve length: 51mm
  • Presta valve
David These ride like a cloud. Thank you for the fast shipping .
Mr Moore Been using these for a few years on my race bike. Highly recommend. Faster and more comfy than standard butyl tubes. Have to reinflate before each ride, but worth it IMO.
simon Using these with Magic Aksium wheels and conti force/attacks tyres. Much much better than burly tubes. Felt the difference straight away, less road buzz than the supersonic tubes I've been using for a long time
Gary Without a doubt well worth the money, they run smoother, faster and are so compliant, I've been on Latex for about 5 years now and used them with either Schwalbe one's or Conti 4000 II's (23 and 25mm), during my first 3 years (well over 20,000 miles) I had no flats "0", then I had a couple of tubes fail I believe due to ageing as the very small holes where not on the tyre side but facing the rim tape, I'm now going to replace every 2 years. My last pair of tubes from Merlin cost about £13 which is very near the cost of the best branded Butyl's. Downside's are you do need to check the pressure every ride (most of us do anyway), expect to loose a bar over night, and care should be taken when fitting, you must have a bit of air in the tube until the last pull-on of the tyre.....
Arm These tubes are great. Use them for racing. This is all subjective but I feel like they help dampen road vibration and roll smoother. I've compared latex and butyl tubes on my trainer and notice that there's less rolling resistance with the latex. I stick to butyl tubes for everyday use and training however as they are more economical
Mr Kristensen Simple! Best latex tubes for the best price.
Mr Coates 2nd set of these, love the ride
Nedster5000 Excellent tubes. Much better than Michelin, in my experience. I have ridden about 1000 miles on my pair with no problems. A faster, more comfortable ride.
Jeff Excellent and lightweight!