Vittoria Open Pave Evo CG III Folding Road Tyre
Vittoria Open Pave Evo CG III Folding Road Tyre
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Vittoria Open Pave CG III Folding Clincher Road Tyre ISO Grip Compound 320TPI
  • Especially for those who cycle all year round, on all road surfaces (including pavé and asphalt) and for racers in the North European classic races.
  • Vittoria has improved one of its most traditional models, the CG, and raised it to the K 320 Casing level.
  • With its new Corespun K 320 casing (80% polycotton, 20% Kevlar®), Open Pavé CG is probably the strongest tyre available on the market.
  • If you then add to it our Kevlar® SiO2 3D Compound for the tread and a "handmade" casing construction, typical of our tubulars and open tubulars, you get a green-black CG tread capable of out-shining the competition even on Roubaix roads, as well as in your own personal challenges.
  • Our new high density casing - a true 320 TPI - delivers unbeatable comfort and superior performance with inflation pressure of up to 130 psi!
  • New PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belting placed underneath the tread increases the flat prevention properties up to 40%, even while reducing the weight.
  • ISO grip compound
  • NOTE: The 25mm version is the Pave CG 111 (non Evo) in all black



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Hmm...not sure. Initial imprression not good. Bought these because others reviews said they had VG grip in winter conditions and were comfortable. After 40 miles on damp roads I'm not convinced. Grip didn't seem any better than the Michelin 'power endurnace' I replaced and definately less comfortable (even at 100psi, the minimum recommended). This may be because although they are 25's they actually only measure 23.7mm. They were also absolute so-and-so's to get on the rims! On the plus side they do seem to be very well made. Conclusion - I don't think I would buy these again or indeed recommend them to any of my cycling chums. Obviously haven't riden far enough on them to comment on puncture resistance but unfortunately having ridden them 40 miles don't think I can return them!
Usual Vittoria quality. Supple, light, fast and grippy in the wet and out of the saddle on steep hills. If it wasn't for the cost I'd ride them all year round but in this case you do get what you pay for.
Great tyre - just did 80 km in the rain and on a mix of gravel and roads, super grippy and no cuts.
27mm, no more than 6 to 7 bar, love to ride different gravel roads here in Sweden. Rolls well on asphalt. Got a spare pair and will buy more.
Tires roll very smoothly at 95psi. I weight 155lbs. I had purchased these tires specifically for climbing the Finestre, which has 8 - 9km of dirt and rock, but liked them so much, I kept them on full time. Unfortunately, despite being billed as a tough tire, they punctured much more easily than Continental Grand Prix 4000 IIs, which do not ride as smoothly.
Amazing! Such a grippy tire, I see why these are the best tires for the rain!
Excellent tire (at a very good price) for the not so great roads of Glasgow.
I use these on my gravel bike. Great traction on multiple surfaces and they're supple and fast on pavement. Great tire.
I put these on my gravel bike. Excellent road feel and great on hard pack and somewhat loose gravel.
Having run Conti 4000s, no more. These Vittoria tyres roll better, look great and cost less! Merlin, great product, great prices and great free delivery!
Have been using these on my winter bike for last couple of years and pleased with grip and they roll very well, big improvement on Gatorskins.
Does come up a little more narrow than my Michelin 25mm tyres, so I'd say it was a true 24mm tyre. Seems tough, grippy and quite light / fast. Would probably look better without the green strip IMO but that's a small point. Great value for a performance winter tyre. Good service from Merlin.
My favourite tyre for bad/wet roads, they seem to handle more predictably than the CX although they must be made from the same rubber compound. Perhaps it's down to that extra 1mm.
Excellent bad weather and/or bad surface race tyre which absorbs bumps and potholes and hasn't punctured.
Best all-round road tyre on the none.
Robust tyre which absorbs collisions with stones and potholes very well without the gashes in the sidewalls which regularly appeared in my previous tyres. Confident cornering. Comfortable ride even with the recommended high pressures but don't roll as well as a lightweight summer race tyre. Life's a compromise!
Nice tire for rough roads of Western North Carolina.
I think the best all-around high-performance tyre to train on year round. They grip like crazy in the water riding. Compared the the Evo Corsa race tyres, these give up a small margin of responsiveness, and give back extra comfort over the rough stuff, plus the grip you want in the wet.
Excellent, love these tyres. Ride 100 miles plus a week and so far little sign of wear and no punctures, also definitely more shock absorbing and smoother rolling that previous clinchers. A little strange to fit open tyres for the first time if you have not used them before but not problematic. Excellent service and price as always from Merlin. Highly recommended.
A proven tough tyre at an excellent price. I would buy again if they were in stock.
Very comfy to ride on, and feel very stable and fast too, no punctures after 200 miles of london riding.
An excellent tyre in wet and dry great to race on. Responsive hard wearing and easy to fit.
Great tyre and pretty much bomb proof. Have rode on these for winter training and several long sportive's and never had a puncture. Best sportive tyre out there. And at this price worth the money. Merlin's service as usual is second to none.
Excellent tyre. Only done about 50 miles with them but appear to be hard wearing. Not even a scratch on them so far, which could not be said about the Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres I previously had. Previous tyres were lighter (going by spec) but haven't even noticed a difference. Ride feels slightly better and this with same tyre pressure, think extra 1mm on width (previously had 23mm tyres fitted) has made a slight difference. They are quite difficult to fit, but persist and you'll get the first one on! Once I figured out how to do it, second tyre was easier, but still not straight forward. The professionals use these in spring events when it is likely to be wet, so this in itself says alot about the tyre. Would thoroughly recommend
Very pleased with this product it is the perfect tyre for the kind of roads I ride on [ flipping rough ] a tough tyre but still quick give it a try.
very good tyre feels sure footed exellent on smooth and rough roads thoroughly recommended.
These tyres work well with the Shimano C50 wheelset, easy to mount with fingers only. They roll well and give me confidence when cornering.
I've spent 15 years cycling in all kinds of weather and these are by far the best tyres on the market - worth every penny.
Look good but more importantly no punctures yet
I live in the country, full of potholes, gravel, farm slop, dirt roads these tyres have been the best so far.. 24mm wide gives a bit more comfort as well. and easy to put on my rims. great.
Bought a set of these for the winter after too many dicey moments and a bad fall using some Vittoria Rubino Pros. I find the difference in grip in the wet or slippy conditions very noticeable and my confidence in these conditions is much higher. I would certainly recommend a set of these for the winter months. There's history in the green stripe too so those in the know will give you kudos ;) Merlin had the best price I could find at the time too and despatched super fast as always.
My first ride on these was a great experience. Comfy ride with excellent grip and low rolling resistance. Highly recommended...