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Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre
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Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre

This item was discontinued 7th April 2021.

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Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre - 700c
This new addition to the Rubino Series addresses the need for a very strong tire that is capable of handling the worst of road conditions, without sacrificing the performance the all-round range is known for. Graphene offers superior grip, wear resistance and puncture protection. The G+ Graphene compound decreases rolling resistance by 16% compared to the previous model of Rubino tyre.
  • Strongest tyre for all road conditions
  • 3 compounds for puncture/cut protection, grip, suppleness.
  • Extra casing layer for flexible protection.
Mark Extremely pleased with this tyre. Superb build quality. Great rolling resistance. Smooth ride!
Mr Martin Tyres look and feel really good. Not tried in the wet yet, though. Easy to get on and off, so bodes well if I do puncture. Price was amazing, so 5 stars just for that.
lee First time on vittoria tyres. So far so good. No negative so far
Rooster84 Great tyres. I have them front and back on my bike with no punctures or any problems. I have done about 1200KM on them and they are still looking new. Would highly recommend this tyre especially at this price.
Buz Excellent winter tyre. Bargain price too. Had these on since October last year. Had to replace one as it was marmalised by broken glass... Staggeringly though that broken glass didn't cause a puncture. These are tough. Rolling resistance is not great but you don't buy them for that. I have them on my summer wheels now as the farmers are putting manure down. Might keep them on all summer as they are so reliable
NPF Brilliant tyres at a brilliant price. Easy to mount, comfortable at 80-90 psi and grip well. Should have bought a second pair as spares!
Jonathan Tried these out as a very cheap alternative to my usual 700 x 32 Duranos. Noticeably harder Ride, but roll well on tarmac, with good grip on the bends. Narrower than 28mm. More like 26/ 27mm. Have reduced pressure down to 75/80 psi, but still feel a little hard compared to what I'm used to. Used for a little light off roading and no signs of any cuts in tyre as Duranos had tendency to do. Strava times tell me they're slower than Duranos, so maybe the hype around fatter tyres IS true! Great tyre for the price, but get something wider if you like a bit of luxury.
darren Great value feels grippy out of the box. Not quickest rolling but not bad as I got 28mm for my gravel bike.
Mr Palmer Just done a couple of hundred miles on these so far, but very comfortable ride and assured grip. Not picking up small stone chips or other potential puncture debris like my previous tyres. Well impressed and particularly at the cracking price of £11.99 each!
Mr Richardson I've only done 200 miles on them but they roll well and are a comfy ride. They are 28mm so I'm running them at 75psi on the front and 85 on the rear. No flats so far! Exceptional price.
Shanaan So far so good. No punctured yet. Have gone on a bit of off roading as well. Bit heavy though but as training tires, this would be more than good enough
John m Needed a pair of wet weather tyres and these have been excellent
Mr Clark Look and feel good. Don't have many miles yet but seem okay
bendip I think this is the replacement for the rubino pro tech tyre..? I love vittoria tyres.. the old rubino pro 3 is the least dissapointing road clincher I've ever used..these are heavier than those because of the added puncture proofing.. these (after 3 rides.. 130 miles) feel a little more forgiving than the pro tech model.. (while not as supple as the rubino pro 3.. and naturally the corsa editions ) they corner a bit sharper and grip very well.. far too early to judge longevity.. but the price is daft.. 2 high quality tyres delivered for less than £24.. they'd be double that for michelin.. continental or schwalbe.. they ain't race tyres.. but for 90% of riders they a great choice
Nic So far so good. 400miles and not 1 puncture. On rough isle of man roads in isle of man in the middle of winter.
Steve Great tyres, good all-round grip, very few punctures over 1000's miles at a reasonable price
John I was a Conti 4 Seasons devotee for years. I then had a custom build commuter bike made and the shop put Rubino Pro Control G+ on. This was first time I tried a tyre with Graphene in. The rolling is great, quicker than the 4 Seasons but the puncture resistance is fantastic. The first pair did 5000 miles before a puncture. I've a done century ride on them in the rain with no problem. At this price they are an absolute steal and I wouldn't use a different all season tyre.
Mr Perrins a great tyre! very good rolling, dare I say not many punctures, at the risk of jepordising my luck with them! Great price even including our GST (tax) and I have to mention Merlins service Fantastic. No one else sends gear to New Zealand for the low postage cost or quicker delivery. Thank you!
bryan Tyres for my winter bike... Always choose Vittoria for long life and reliability... Easy to fit and good looking...thicker stronger version 330g but seem to roll just as well as the lighter versions... And no punctures
Jerome Such a good price on a quality tire, I bought four .
Rich Birkett Seem great, only used once so far but they were easy to fit, look good, provide a comfortable ride (28mm) and were an excellent price in the sale! Only time will tell on the puncture protection
Joseph These are great tyres vittoria is the brand I always buy! fast rolling great puncture protection, longevity and trustworthy
Mr Lex C Used it for my TimeTrial event and it works as good as Corsa G+
R This tyre was easy enough to get on. Rolling resistance is good. I normally get regular punctures around Bristol and none so far with this tyre after a couple of weeks.
James 2nd set I bought. Have good grip and roll well.
Mr Skindel Great tires, awesome puncture resistance and comfort