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Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre - 700c is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre
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Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre

This item was discontinued 4th January 2023.

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Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre - 700c
This popular all-round tyre is the best in its category with it finely tuned balance of all the critical elements that make a great tyre. Designed for intensive training it is equally suitable for racing. 3 compounds for the best speed, grip and suppleness. Extra anti-puncture protection and suppleness thanks to a thicker tread.
  • G+ Isotech Compound
  • 3C compound for best balance of speed, grip
  • Weights: 225g (23c)
  • Bead: Folding
Mr Ami I was using Conti GP 4000 for years. I wasn't happy with the 5000's so I was searching for a different brand quality tire. These are really good replacements. Love the ride quality. And while I had to fight to mount the 5000's on my rims, these go on easily with just my hands.
Mr Greenwood A comfortable, grippy, reassuring tyre that promises well for the upcoming winter season. A very noticeable difference in confidence on wet, uneven and slippery descents. They feel like a good purchase.
Mr Paterson First time I’ve tried Vittoria tyres, impressed so far easy to fit and seem to handle the autumn roads
Steven Great price for this set of great quality tyres. They went on easily and the 28mm size should give way more comfort.
Mr Neale-Smith I was looking to replace my Mavic tyres which came with the Canondale Synapse. After first two rides these Vittoria Rubino tyres feel great. Both fast and gripy and at these prices its a great deal.
Mr KARGOUDIS Security and safety With these tires I feel safe and secure on a dry road but also on a wet road. They are soft tires and did not puncture easily. They are excellent and cheap.
Mr Rosvall Good grip, feels good. After 500km they feel durable too.
Mr Steinberg Awesome tyres. Like the 5000 but without the punctures.
Mr Ayhan Good grip on the tires. It does not feel vibration on rough roads.
Mr Sadi imren Vittoria my favorite tire. I love these tyres , roll very well with excellent puncture resistance
SConti I love these tyres - they are excellent value, last very well and have carried me well for many years. Thank you, Merlin!
Mr T Have used Rubino for many yrs as winter tyres on rural roads, These roll well. too and feel very good over uneven surfaces and no issues so far recommended
Gary As a die-hard Conti fan I thought I would give these a go. I would say that these are not quite as comfy as the Conti GP 5000s but equally as fast and they take corners nicely too
Edward I've used these for three summers and really happy with the roll and gain over the default rubber.
Matt W Upgrading from the zaffiros that came with the bike,these definitely seem an upgrade in terms of comfort. Need higher pressure but roll well and a bargain at this price.
Mr Corder Changed to these Rubino 28'and what an amazing difference, six bar front and back on a pair of Zondas and now makes my TLC so much more comfortable.
Mark Super quick service from the team at Merlin. Great price for a quality tyre. Started on Vittoria tyres and swapped to Continental. Quickly reverted back and these run fast for a all rounder
Steve B Big improvement on my previous Contis. Used in both wet and dry and so far very happy with these.
sue So far seems a good tyre. Only had them a couple of weeks so unable to comment on durability or puncture resistance. Lightweight and easy to get on.
Mr Stoyanov This will be the third consecutive season I start with this model. I travel about 7,000 miles a year, the tires hold up perfectly. They have a residual resource at the end of the season, but I prefer to drive with new ones. I recommend this model for active cycling.
Jonathan Bought these to replace an old set of Four Seasons that were looking a bit tired. Having previously bought the 'Control' version for the winter/ commuter bike, I decided to fork out a bit more on this version for the 'summer road bike'. Definitely lighter than the Controls, and you can feel the higher TPI count over rough roads, as these seem to soak up imperfections much better. Roll a tad faster too at lower pressures, and with good grip and puncture protection, what's not to like? Just had some issues initially getting them on, as I've always had rigid bead tyres up until buying the Rubinos. Recommended!
Mr Smith Nice tyres, really easy to fit so great if you ever need to change tube by the roadside.
Mr KÜÇÜKCOŞKUN mükemmel kalite diğer lastiklerden daha iyi yol tutuşu var. ıslak zeminde denediğimde tecrübemi paylaşacağım. şiddetle tavsiye ederim
Mr Brickel Was recommended Vittoria tyres by a friend. Got some Corsa’s for the summer. They’re great. Was getting punctures on my winter bike with Continental so bought these Rubino’s. I think they’re great for the winter especially but could well be used in summer. No punctures yet fingers crossed. Great service from Merlin and a great price. Win win.
Mr Owen After having punctures in the double digits with Schwable ones I switched back to these and the punctures so far have stopped. Great all around tyres
Mr Greaves Great performing tyres for training on UK roads.
Ian Love these tyres I have fitted them to several bikes in our group, cheaper than Conti’s, cheaper and quick and great in the crappy road conditions.
Mr Giannakos Excellent tyres, roll very well with excellent puncture resistance!
Mr Collyer I bought these as a cheaper alternative to Continental GP4000s and so far they have not disappointed. The ride feel is very similar if not better than Continentals and so far no punctures. I just wish I had bought the 25s instead of the 23s but that is my fault not the tyres. As a cheaper winter tyre these are great and I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.
Mr Silverstein Excellent tire, supple, and tracks well. Switched to 25c rims and tires, a world of difference in comfort.
Mr Moody I had used the Rubino Pro Slick for a number of years, but think this new tyre is actually better. Seems to stand up to cuts better and ride is a bit softer.
Mr Gallon Excellent tyres roll very well with excellent puncture resistance (so far). Quick delivery from Merlin and well packaged.
Mr Felsher My go to tire for group rides. Very puncture resistant (I have only gotten a flat once on these tires, and have gone through a sets of tires without ever getting a puncture), yet fast rolling and grippy for fast decents. Seem to last a couple thousand miles. Comfortable tire at 95/100 psi. Run 60-70 PSI on cobbles in France and work great.
Mr Hauser I've been riding Vittoria tires incl. Zaffiro and Rubino for the past decade and never got disappointed. The are long lasting, have good puncture resistance and low rolling resistance. They perform significantly better than those Dutch tires and are much better value than those 2 German brands. I will remain a loyal Vittoria buyer.
Daniel Been riding Rubinos for years and years, and they're just reliably good. Put these new ones on a slightly wider rim and it's almost like riding Corsa tubulars from 10 years ago.
@Andy_delilah I have been using these tyres for 3 years now after a certain other well known brand got puncture after puncture. These tyres roll fast are easy too fit and in the 3 years I have only had 3 punctures so I would highly recommend them.
Mr Peters Always a fan of Vittoria Rubinos tyres. In my experience they seem to be almost as punture resistant as Gatorskins, yet lighter and faster rolling.
Paul Second tire I have purchased. Usually go with Conti Gatorskins or 4000s. I use this as a front tire on two road bikes that I have that can only handle 25's in the rear. No issues, works fine.
Mr Cholakov This my second purchase of this vittoria tyre . I have used 23mm for my carbon bike, now order 25 for aluminium bike , strong long lasting almost without flat tyre. Probably will order one more
Mr BEZ Perfect balance and puncture protection on mostly flat tarmac and broken surface, gravel road.
Steve Good grip in autumnal weather, just don't roll quite as well as 4 Seasons.
Marek XIV Tires that I highly appreciate, perfect, their stamina absolutely great about 6000Km.
Mr Hill Great tyre at a great price this is the second pair I've bought no problems with them very tuff but supple riding quality great over the rough road of northern NSW
GrayA Cheap, roll very well, great grip and wear and great service from Merlin too !
Peter Like these tires very much....good mileage, good flat protection, good handling and grip.
Kenneth Trying these for the first time, Used the Pro 3 series for years, get around 5000 miles per set. Expect the same or better from these. Happy to buy from Merlin, great service.
Mr Roberts Second set of these - they wear well (3000 Km on first set), roll nicely and have been puncture proof. They also keep their shape better as they wear than some other tyres that I have used.
Mr Moody I have changed to these from the Rubino Pro Slicks, I had used for several years. I have had very good luck with these, and they do seem to live up to claim of grip and rolling resistance. I can say they give better wear so the increase in cost is not a problem. Very satisfied.
Ashik Speedie! Light and good as pro4
Mr Roberts At the price point you just can't beat these tyres. I've just put them on my wife's bike and she can tell the improvement in speed and I will testify to their longevity - done 2000 miles on a set with no punctures and little sign of wear.
Mr Hill A great purchase so far I can say they are great at descending plenty of grip etc comfy on the flat and sure footed going up
youki G + has become easier to ride than the previous tire, it is very good. But, I felt the width was thicker than the display size.
Ed My first folding tyres which I found easy to fix. My first week of rides has seen an improvement in my average times which I believe is down to this purchase.
Clive Dakin A really nice folding tyre, if you want to go one step more robust than race tyres and fit and forget then this is a good choice. The suppleness is still reasonable and at 25mm provides a comfortable ride without soaking up too much energy. Good pricing and prompt delivery from Merlin - in fact a 'Magic' experience!
Andy My go to tyres, these give a great balance of speed, grip and puncture protection. All my bikes now sit on various versions of the Rubino range and I wouldn't trust anything else.
Constantinos Much better than previous version (Rubino pro III). Supple, more enjoyable ride with absolutely superb grip. It remains to be seen how well they will hold up but so far nicks and cuts apparent in other tyres even from the first rides are not present. Previous tyres were the GP4000SII and while on one point they seem to perform better (rolling resistance) its negligible, almost marginal. I will definitely buy again. One more time: the cornering is far better compared to the GPs.
Alan I have been pleased with these tyres, I have both the 28mm on my winter bike and have just changed to the 25mm for my summer bike. They have made a massive improvement in handling. Can't comment on how they wear still early days.
Andy These tyres were recommended to me in advance of the 172km Challenge Roubaix - glad I fitted them as they were great, made it all the way round and over 50+km of cobbles with no punctures - unlike many others I passed at the side of the road. Only wish my bike could have taken the 28s rather than the 25s...
Mr Lavelle Upgrading from the Vittoria Rubino. Very satisfied. Roll well, comfortable (25 & 28)and superior traction. No punctures yet so nothing to doubt claims. The 28s are quite narrow so don't bulge over traditional rims.
Mr Perrins Great tyre for the price and quality. Have used these since they came out and enjoy the security of the grip and no punctures just glass cuts (which no tyre can prevent!) which meant changing the tyre as the cuts went through the base layer. Love the way they corner!
Peter I am a big fan of the Rubino Pro line. These are replacement tires for when the tires on my bike need replacing, so I haven't tried them yet. Difference this time is going to 25s from 23s in the hope of a softer ride. Service and delivery from Merlin was first rate.
Canada Eh! Great tire, used them all last season so picked up a fresh pair for the spring. Fast shipping, no duty delivery to Canada.
Mr Moody My go to tyre from the old Rubino Pro slick. Good price, good control, good mileage.
Mr Munro Perfect for winter cycling or wet conditions it is an all round brilliant tyre with plenty of grip and you can be confident around any corner. It gives you maximum stopping power too so you can brake with more confidence. I highly recommend this product to anyone who like myself lives in England haha or just wants a good training tyre for winter.
Mr Soyaslan Very sticky. I use it on wet road. Recommended
Andrew Fitted these on a set Of Zonda's went on nice and easy no need for tyre levers inflated to around 100 psi nice thing they not to bulbous (don't protrude out much from the side of the rim). Not really ridden much distance but I expect as with all Vittoria Rubino tyres I've ridden in the past good grip ,good puncture protection and long lasting tyre which great value for most weekend warriors and training .
Dennis Francis The last time I used a tyre different to Vittoria Rubino was probably in 2004. Since then it has been exclusively the Rubino folding due to its light weight, reasonably low rolling resistance, high puncture resistance and, above all, very long life. The new incarnation with Graphene added the carcass certainly seems to live up to that expectation.
John Great tyres - have used the 28mm tyres on my cyclo cross which I use a wet winter days road bike and was really impressed so when I wanted 25mm tyres I again bought these Vittoria's and have ridden through some pretty mucky wet country road with no slips, slides or punctures over the the last couple of hundred miles - I definitely recommend them - really impressed with Merlin's service - superbly quick
Mr Brooks Typical Vittoria Rubino quality ie excellent. Had these before in 23mm and these 28mm have a similar look and feel as you might expect. They are nice and light, but fill the large clearances on my winter bike very nicely. I'm running them at around 80psi and the ride is comfortable and grip is good. Only done <100 miles so far so too early to comment on puncture protection.
Mr Moody I had been using the Vittoria Rubino Pro Slicks, for the past 6 years, but tried thes earlier in the year, and do like the holding power in turns. The last ProG+ gave me 3,000 miles till casing showed through, and this is 1,000 more than I got with the Pro Slicks. These are great tires.
Christopher Bought these in 28mm width for my winter/audax bike. I've done 500 dry km on them. No cuts or punctures. They handle well and are a much smoother ride than 23's or even 25's. I find 75-80 psi is about the best pressure adding comfort without feeling soft. Good feel through the bars. Quite light for a 28mm tyre.
Mr Brunt Good value tyre that gives confidence in the wet. In 28mm it has improved the comfort of my alloy bike.
Kevin If you want a fast, light and durable tyre then this is the one for you. I bought the 28mm version and weigh 272g each, the rolling resistance is good and feels silky smooth on the road. In the wet they still handle well. I use these as part of a commute along a several mile stretch of gravel towpaths, and hundreds of miles later I have yet to get a puncture. I'm very happy with this purchase.
Mr Hewitson Used them for the first time on a club weekend. 150 miles of very mixed terrain and thanks to Garmin's idea of a road we took in tarmac, grass, rubble, boulders and even a dry river bed. Maybe not what road bikes are designed for but the tyres performed faultlessly. Fast, grippy and a step up from the rubino pro 3. Tbh they are so good why buy anything else?
Roszak These seem to be good so far, no punctures and the wear factor seems to be good. I used to run my 23mm tyres at 100psi but with these I find somewhere between 80-90psi is much more comfortable. The size of these tyres are great for poor roads and they were easy to mount on my Mavic rims.
Akihiko Kayaba Great tire! No flats so far! Rolls pretty nice too!
Mr Perrins Beautiful ride! gives me more confidence especially fast downhill, cornering!
Hague I have 3 road bikes and ride 20,000+ Km a year. Two bikes I run Vittoria Rubino Pro the other one Continental Grand Prix 4000s 2. For the price the Vittoria Rubino Pro are one of the best tires out there. The last set I ran 8,000 Km with only one flat. These tires do everything well. I just installed the new G+ Isotech 25 mm last week so time will tell how they do against the Rubino Pro tires.
Mr Redimarker These tires truly deliver on what they claim to be able to do. They are fast in the straights and grip just right when you need them to. I'm not sure if it is the "graphene" but I will definitely buy these again.
Mr Lee New product; excellent durbalility and excellent handling on rough surface
Mr Stokes Exactly as per Merlin's description. Good all-rounder and can be used for commuting to racing. Grip is good.
Mr Brooke The tyres are easy to fit and look fantastic on the wheel. The weight of the tyre is great for what is aimed at year round commuter friendly tyres. It is early days but they ride very nicely and seem to have great grip. Time will tell if they are better than my usual Conti 4 seasons tyres.