Widget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar Tape
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Widget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar TapeWidget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar TapeWidget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar TapeWidget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar Tape
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Widget Components Premium Tacky Wrap Bar Tape - Excellent price for this premium bar tape
Widget Premium Tacky Wrap is our premium all conditions anti-slip handlebar tape. Similar to our Grip Wrap the Vex Gel has no glue residue which makes re-wrapping easy. However the Vex Gel gives superior shock absorption over our standard wraps. The soft smooth surface is comfortable whilst also giving excellent wear resistance. The screw-in bar end plug has a design etched into black anodized aluminium alloy plus a stainless steel bolt so they will stay corrosion free and give a professional and secure finish.
  • 2 x rolls of Tacky Wrap
  • 2 x Widget Black etched screw-in bar end plugs
  • Finishing tape
Mr Huggins 2nd set. For the price, can`t be beat. Used with fsa carbon bars, tacky enough for riding on elbows, yet smooth enough for general riding .
Mr Oldroyd Quality product at an excellent price. Very pleased.
Mr Huggins Awesome tape at an awesome price. A step above factory giant tape, and I think it's right in line if not better thank lizard skin.
Steve This is my second set of this style bar tape, I like the two-tone look (black on the tops, white on the drops) and it's super-comfy and super-tacky even with sweaty palms. The machined aluminium expander-plugs are a step-up from the usual plastic knock-in affairs but this does come with a (small) weight penalty. The white section does show the dirt though but I guess this is the penalty you pay for the soft tackiness vs. a more easily cleaned glossy tape, and it's a pain trying to get the white/black transition hidden beneath the hoods. Overall it's a classy looking bar tape, but like most white tapes it requires regular cleaning and periodic replacement.
Mr Dino Cheap and good quality. I have used it for all my 3 bicycles. Not slippery and soft.
Mr Baek Tacky and very soft grip. Bar end cap is nice too.
Mr Green Nice bartape. A bit tricky to get it right because of the 2 colours. Great feel and the plugs are a nice finishing touch.
Sweetie Very good tape I like the end plugs.
AT This tape's on the thick side and the tacky surface feels a bit like your grandma's old vinyl sofa, but it is quite good for cushioning if you're happy to sacrifice a bit of road feel. Having switched to this from regular cork tape I found it a bit deadening and the extra padding, especially on the drops, made the bars feel a bit thick in my tiny, Trump-esque hands. That said the product feels like sturdy stuff so it'll probably stick around for years... The two-tone colours aren't a subtle look, and it took quite a few wraps/unwraps to get the shift from one colour to the next in the right place on both sides, but on a fairly blingy bike it does complete the look. There's no shorter tape section supplied for the shifter bracket so you'll need to trim a section or wrap the tape a little closer around the shifters for full coverage. The screw-in end caps are brilliant and feel a lot more secure than standard plugs. Overall I was happy with this on the deal price I paid: not sure I'd go for it at full price, or buy again when the current set does wear out.
Mr TV Tape has a rubbery feel in it. Bar end plugs tighten with a screw
Vin Great value bartape, comes with quality end plug.
carlton Great tape at a great price. I really like the plugs as they fit well and tighten to prevent falling out.
Fabian Really easy to install and quite comfortable to ride. Also it looks awesome on the bike!
Eric In the packaging, it came with both rolls of tape, screw-in bar ends, and finishing tape. I feels very thick and comfy, but not as grippy as I'd like it to be; it leaves more to be desired when it is wet, or even if there is some sweat on your hands. It can easily be re-wrapped without leaving any sticky residue as well. Would have been 5 stars had it not been for the lack of grip.
Mark Nice quality tape and extra nice quality bar plugs included, comfy too nice product
Mr. PMJpolicajt Great feeling on the hands, low priced product that can compete with Lizard Skins tape on my other bike. The only little downside...this tape is a bit heavier due to screw-in plugs.
Mr Nifras Good quality tape. Had to re-wrap several times as the two tone color was a bit tricky to get absolutely right. Fortunately the adhesive of the tape is some kind of sticky silicone and was very easy to work with. The tape stretches well on application and is quite thick and very comfortable. Had to buy another for my other bike. The red/black looks really good. Only downside is that there was no small strip of tape included to use at the back of the shifter which is normally supplied by other tape brands. Oh and the price is ridiculously good!
Luke Slightly unusual texture, but definitely a good thing. Seems durable. So far I like it lots!
Bird Absolutely brilliant grip! Actually red not the horrible pink like the other grips!
Capson The quality of the tape was a bit disappointing. It stretched and tore in one place. I've wrapped enough bars to know this is not normal. The color was far more orange than red so it didn't match the color scheme of the bike like I wanted. I would not purchase this product again.
Metten Very thick and padded. Plenty of wrap to make it all the way up the bars.