Zipp 202 Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Rear Wheel
Zipp 202 Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Rear Wheel
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Zipp 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Disc Brake Rear Wheel 24 spokes 10/11 Speed SRAM White Decal


Smooth is fast. That’s true even when the conditions and terrain get a bit chaotic… You know, cyclocross… gravel roads… steep lonely lanes… urban assaults. The Zipp 202 Firecrest Disc-brake wheels are durable, lightweight and stiff while also providing the consistent and powerful performance of disc braking.

At the centre of the 202 Firecrest Clincher Disc-brake wheel is a newly designed 11-speed compatible hub. Larger Swiss stainless steel bearings with a custom cartridge in the rear hub shell provide increased durability. The hub geometry and virtual 3-cross spoke-lacing pattern are optimized for reliability as well as exceptional stiffness, resulting in efficient power transfer and quick acceleration. The result is superior performance in conditions ideal for disc-brake riding.

When it’s time to scrub off speed or stop, you won’t have to tense up and ‘grab a handful.’ You have the consistency and power of disc brakes – precision modulation and stopping power is at your fingertips. You also get the unmatched stability and aerodynamic efficiency of the pro-proven 32mm deep 202 Firecrest rim.

It all adds up to a smooth ride. And as cyclocross and road veteran Tim Johnson likes to say, smooth is fast. “In dry conditions the one-finger braking can mean the difference between stuffing it up in the corner by sliding out, or keeping on the edge of the perfect racing line,” said Johnson, of the Cannondale p/b Team. “In muddy and sketchy conditions, consistent braking, or having brakes at all help me stay in the right rut or give me the confidence to let it rip and push even harder than the previous lap.”

In other words, control over chaos.

The 202 Firecrest Clincher Disc-brake wheel combines that innovative disc-brake-compatible technology with the credibility and heritage of one of Zipp’s most acclaimed wheelsets. The 202 Firecrest and its pioneering predecessor, the 202 have been ridden to victory in multiple editions of the two toughest cobbled classics, Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix, as well as a multitude of cyclocross victories and even a mountainous Tour de France stage in wet, miserable conditions.

In developing the original 202 wheelset, Zipp discovered that a wider rim increases lateral stiffness for sprinting and cornering while also providing greater vertical compliance for greater control, comfort and durability. That wider rim profile led us to develop our Firecrest technology, which revolutionized aerodynamic efficiency and stability for carbon wheels.

The proprietary Firecrest rim shape optimizes the aerodynamic profile of the front half and – here’s the revolutionary part – the back half of the wheel. Firecrest moves the wheel’s centre of pressure to be more in line with the steering axis for stability in even the stiffest crosswinds. All of that innovation along with the precision control of disc braking gives you a wheel that’s as smooth as it is tough.


Rear Wheel

  • Max recommended rider weight : 250lbs
  • Weight : 775g
  • Hub Used : 188 Disc Brake
  • Hub Width : 135mm
  • Rim Depth : 32mm
  • Brake Track Width (centre) :  24.62mm
  • Max Width : 25.4mm
  • Spokes : Sapim® CX-Ray
  • Spoke Count : 24
  • Spoke Length Non-Drive : 264mm
  • Spoke Pattern Non-Drive : Virtual 3 cross
  • Spoke Pattern Drive : Virtual 3 cross
  • Spoke Length Drive : 262mm
  • Max Tire Pressure : 125psi
  • Max Tire Pressure : 8.62bars
  • 11-speed compatible hub : Yes
  • Track Adaptable : No
  • Dimpled Surface : Yes
  • Nipples : Sapim®
  • External Nipples : Yes
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