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ZipVit Sport ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel
ZipVit Sport ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel

This item was discontinued 9th March 2016.

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ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel takes the highly effective ZV7 Energy Gel formula and 'supercharges' it with a synergistic blend of caffeine and Tyrosine.
Top Features of the ZipVit Sport ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel 
  • 160mg of caffeine
  • Fast digesting carbohydrate for improved performance
  • 51g of muscle fuelling carbohydrate
  • Rapid energy delivery
  • Great tasting
  • Easily digested
  • Food Type:

The 160mg of caffeine presses the accelerator pedal, reducing effort during training and racing, while tyrosine puts mental fuel in the tank. Each gel delivers the added kick needed to lift focus, reactions and performance to a different level. The ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel was developed in collaboration with the worlds best endurance athletes and its unique size is THE standard within the pro peloton.

What makes it different to ZV7? The Caffeine Energy Gel takes the highly effective ZV7 Energy Gel formula and 'supercharges' it with a synergistic blend of caffeine and Tyrosine. Caffeine presses the accelerator pedal and tyrosine puts mental fuel in the the tank. Couple this with 50g of carbohydrates to fuel your muscles and you have a winning formula.
Why 160mg of caffeine? Each ZV7C gel contains 160mg of caffeine, which is scientifically proven to increase both mental and physical performance. This is coupled with Tyrosine to effectively supercharge your rides!
The ZV7C Caffeine gel is a very powerful product, taking 1 gel 90 minutes before the end of a training session or race will give a sustained performance boost. For short races, such as short time trials, track races and criteriums take 1 gel 60 to 90 minutes before competition.
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The only gels that I've tried that will 'dig you out a hole' if you see what I mean. They aren't really the nicest but at at +50g carbs you hardly need to eat any, and the package is comparatively small for the energy given. Really good for long, long, long rides.
Helped me with energy boost on recent Dunwich Dynanmo 180km overnight rode. Can really feel the caffeine boost and felt pretty supercharged after each one. Handle with caution! Will buy again.
Best Gel I've tried - very high caffeine content so I'd only recommend 1 gel per ride but gives a noticeable boost! Coffee flavour is very smooth and tasty too.
If high5 is pure energy, this is not from this world sorry, it gave me 30min TT and one near to limit interval although I thought I was finished. Thanks.
Great to have 30 mins before a TT. Boom is how I can describe this gel :O)
Best energy gel on the market
...quite a kick...a little pricey, but well worth it.