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Continental Gator Skin Tyre - Wire Bead - 700c

700 x 23c
RRP: $42.00
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700 x 25c
RRP: $42.00
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700 x 28c
RRP: $42.00
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Continental Gator Skin Tyre - Wire Bead - 700c
Code: 020080010
  • GatorSkin tyre for road bikes
  • High mileage fast rolling road tyre
  • DuraSkin polyamide mesh layer fabric sidewalls protect against cuts and abrasions
  • Durable and resilient against punctures thanks to a Nylon / Kevlar breaker belt
  • Offers outstanding grip in all weather conditions
  • 700c wheels only
  • Weight 350 grams

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***** on 27/03/2014

Just completed a 100 km Sportive with people dropping like flies, puncture after puncture. I survived intact. Very happy I bought some puncture resistance tyres. Good price too.

***** on 11/03/2014

Been using these for years, durable and dependable, can get 4k miles out of a set on dry weather bike.

***** on 02/03/2014

Great tyres so far, been out in foul weather with hedges that have just been clipped, fingers crossed no punctures. Which is more than I can say for the guys on Ultremos!

***** on 07/02/2014

Great tire for training and general all around use. The additional weight for the puncture protection is negligible as is the wire bead and the avoidance of flats on the road is worth any weight gain. Comfortable, secure, and durable; perfect!

***** on 03/09/2013

Fantastic tires easy to fit and grip really well and fast rolling too would buy this product again.

***** on 22/06/2013

So far so good, no punctures and rides nicely.

***** on 21/06/2013

Riding on Czech Roads you need that extra punction protection and tyres offer that. I've ridden 1000s of km without a puncture on the 23mm version and now a couple of hundred miles on the 25s, still no puncture. I road with a friend on Schwable Ultremo ZXs and he punctured within 10km.

In addition I've been suprised at the noticeable improvement in ride comfort going from the 23s to the 25s.

***** on 30/05/2013

Great tyre at a great price. Good grip and rolls really well.

***** on 23/05/2013

Good long lived tyres. better than average grip.

***** on 08/05/2013

Good tyres, easier to fit than marathons but the last conti tyre I had (super sport) failed in the sidewall so will keep an eye on this one.

***** on 02/05/2013

Silent and fast rolling, easy install - and nice and tuff! Ideal for the streets of Edinburgh :)

***** on 24/04/2013

I have been using this product for many years and have found them to be very reliable. Great price and delivery.
Thanks Bill

***** on 18/04/2013

The streets of Manchester and Salford are not the most tyre friendly ! Had these a few weeks now and so far no punctures. Were easy to fit and roll very nicely. Grip seems fine.

***** on 31/03/2013

I have found Gator Skins hard wearing & durable needed to try 700 x 25 as we have not finished with the ice.

***** on 16/03/2013

Great tyres - good grip on all surfaces and bullet proof

***** on 06/03/2013

Great tyre for all year training, its fast rolling with plenty of grip in wet conditions and excellent puncture protection

***** on 22/02/2013

I purchased these tyre because I was fed up with punctures running Schwalbe Lugano's on my daily commute. It is a bit of a brutal route for tyres, lots of hedges and flints. These tyres are much more resilient and definitely worth every penny. Lower cost tyres are simply a false economy as you'll end up paying just as much money, if not more, in puncture repair kits and inners tubes. I'm not sure why but the ride feels much more reassuring and feel more confident about taking bends at speed.

***** on 20/02/2013

Excellent set of tyres sent by an excellent supplier.

***** on 09/02/2013

Excellent tyres with good protection, but more importantly good grip and low rolling resistance and at the best price around!!!

***** on 25/01/2013

Have used these tyres before and found them to be excellent winter tyres, rolling well and very few punctures. So far so good with these new replacements after a couple of rides in grotty conditions on poor roads

***** on 23/01/2013

Good tire and good pricing.

***** on 23/01/2013

Recieved these within 24 hours, so far very happy. Heard great things about Continental Gator Skin, hopefully no more flats on dirty gritty roads this winter.

Merlin price could not be beaten on this product

***** on 22/01/2013

Great tyre. Great price. Essential tyre for winter training!

***** on 18/01/2013

Great tyres good value

***** on 10/01/2013

Excellent training and commuting tyre. I'm careful to remove shards and flints every day but I have never punctured on these tyres. They have worn well and the replacement pair has been on the shelf longer than I expected. Grip is fine in the wet and dry. Wide 28mm profile makes for comfortable ride and pothole impacts I've had and winced at have not resulted in the pinch flats I expected.

***** on 11/12/2012

Great winter tyre, highly recommended for anyone using quieter country lanes through the winter. No punctures as yet after approximately 300 miles this winter. Usual high service from Merlin, and lowest price around.

***** on 09/12/2012

Excellent winter tyres.

***** on 12/11/2012

Purchased these tyres for my road bike for the winter months as a sturdier option than the usual summer slicks. Have now been out a few times on them, and have had no problems at all with wet roads, leaves, or gravel in the lanes. Don't notice much difference in the running of the tyres compared to the slicks and very impressed by the grip and resilience. Overall very impressed and would recommend them to anyone wanting a sturdy tyre with good grip but not too cumbersome. Did have trouble getting them on the wheels but think that was just a lack of practice.

**** on 09/11/2012

I've ridden Gators for a year now (2500 miles) and am just going onto a new one (on the front, the old front on the back). Good grip for a high-pressure tyre, but of course not puncture-proof - I've had 8-9 flats, all flint or thorns. A bit fiddlier to fit than some makes, particularly in the cold & wet thus only 4 stars.

***** on 07/11/2012

The best tyre on the market for winter riding durable with excellent wear.

***** on 03/11/2012

Felt I need a change from my hard robust Vittoria`s Rubino. So went for theses gator skin tyres alot more "grip" love the price (under 40 pounds) and went for standard delivery to, still arrived next day. Thanks merlin

***** on 18/10/2012

These are the only tires I use on my road bike! Have ridden them for years (3 bikes and about 25,000 km) and can testify that broken glass (the bottom of a bottle) is the only sidewall cut I have had that flatted the tire - once only. Also, I have had staples that have penetrated the rubber tread and have been deflected by the Kevlar puncture layer and were therefore prevented from puncturing the tube. I find the staples in the tread when I clean the bike post-ride. Once I left a staple in the tire to see if there was a slow leak as a result. Checked the tire pressure the next day - no loss of pressure. Removed the staple and continued using the tire and tube. Can't ask for much more than that! Good long lasting tires. I get about 4,500 km on the rear and 10,000 km on the front. I change the rear when the centre of the tread is flat (ie squared; no longer rounded profile - there's not a lot of rubber left between the road and the tube) and I change the front when the rubber starts to "check" from drying out. No need to buy any other tire! Thanks Continental!

***** on 14/10/2012

superb service from merlin cycles throughout ordering and delivery process and top prices - have already spread the word - thank you merlin cycles

***** on 13/10/2012

i have had these tyres before and they have been very hard wearing and as of yet puncture proof. i would highly recommend them

***** on 09/10/2012

Used a set of Gator Skins for nearly 2000 miles without a puncture, until my bike was nicked. Durable and reasonably light and me being a body weight of 100 kilos, I think it speaks volumes of the tyre's construction.

***** on 05/10/2012

Bought this tyre to replace the same that I damaged in a freak accident, and would buy again. Rolls smooth and not a flat tyre yet on my daily commute. Good value tyre.

***** on 29/09/2012

Great tyre, exactly as advertised

***** on 04/09/2012

Great tyre. Very durable. Good grip on road. Great training/commuting tyre.

***** on 17/08/2012


***** on 16/08/2012

A quality tyre, but harder to fit than expected. Good service from Merlin.

***** on 26/07/2012

Good tyre , goes on rim easier than 26 inch.

***** on 18/06/2012

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