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Continental GatorSkin Folding Road Tyre - 700c

Black / 700c / 23mm
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Black / 700c / 25mm
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Black / 700c / 28mm
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Black / 700c / 32mm
RRP: $45.17
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Everyone's favourite training Tyre
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Everyone’s favourite training tyre (formerly known as Ultra GatorSkin).

  • The ONLY tyre you ever need. Excellent raining tyre with the weight and performance of a summer race tyre.
  • The most popular 700x23 tyre in the UK
  • Duraskin® cut-resistant layer from bead to bead
  • Quality German made natural rubber tread
  • Praised by both the press and thousands of satisfied users
  • Weight: 220g(23c), 250g(25c)
  • Max: 120psi
  • Road Tyre
  • Tyre Bead : Folding
  • Puncture Protection : Poly X Breaker
  • Threads per inch : 180 

The long distance runner.

A durable carbon black mixture, a well regarded puncture protection system and the DuraSkin™-anti-cut fabric turn the Ultra GatorSkin into a real long distance runner. In varying widths of 23mm and 25mm it can be used on the way to work as well as training for road races or for sportives and audax. A durable, tough tyre at a really nice price.

Tyres with DuraSkin sidewall protection have to roll with the punches. These tyres are used in the harshest conditions. On messenger bikes, the tyres skid along curbs, on travel bikes, they cross continents without wearing through and in professional cycling they have to endure tough tests such as Paris-Roubaix.

The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the casing of the tyre and protects the tyre from the worst conditions. These tyres stand out with their brown sidewalls.

PolyX Breaker - Puncture-defence!;
With PolyX Breaker®, Continental bring PKW know-how to the bicycle tyre segment: Polyester has been used successfully for years in car tyres and been tried and tested many times.

The extremely resistant polyester fibre is woven tightly crosswise. In this way, a very high fabric density is reached which not only makes the Breaker more resistant to foreign objects but is also especially resistant to punctures.

The rolling resistance is also not negatively affected by the PolyX Breaker®.



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***** on 14/05/2015

Great tires, have been riding Gatorskin for years and have had very few flats or punctures compared to other brands I've tried. Merlin had good service and shipping as well.

***** on 13/04/2015

Best price I could find, even with shipping to the U.S.. Gatorskins are the only way to go. This was my 8th pair and I rarely have flats after changing to them. My last flat was over a year ago and it was from a broken valve stem, not tires.

**** on 28/03/2015

Great tire. Can be a pain to put on a rim.

***** on 22/03/2015

Rode a whole season in Conti GS with only one flat, hope I can do it again!

***** on 29/12/2014

Excellent tyre, use them all year round.

***** on 16/12/2014

My goto bad weather tyres, last well, grip well all at a competitive price point.

***** on 13/12/2014

Superb winter tyre, excellent grip and its good to have peace of mind that punctures are at a minimum. I also use the GP4000s II and find these are very close in performance. Great tyres at a great price from Merlin.

***** on 13/12/2014

It is the hedgecutting season in my area. Thorns all over the place but once again Conti Gatorskins do their job and I am riding puncture free and with plenty of grip on the wet and muddy lanes. Excellent tyres and excellent value they will certainly see me through the winter...and perhaps next too. Who knows?

***** on 09/12/2014

I have done almost two thousand kilometres on a set of these tyres and not one puncture yet. That is riding in and around Paris including cobbles and some fairly rough bits at times. Very happy with these tyres and fingers crossed lots more puncture free riding.

***** on 09/12/2014

After 4 punctures in a week using summer race tires, changed to gator skin for winter, no punctures since

***** on 02/12/2014

Product arrived as ordered and described. I have always used the wired rather than folding tyres but after a recent series of flats and a tyre problem that left me stranded in the middle of nowhere I decided to order the folding Gatorskin to take as a backup. The product fits neatly into my fairly small backpack along with all my other bits a pieces. Would recommend this prodcut

***** on 27/10/2014

Bought these as already have a pair on another bike and have been very pleased with the puncture resistance. Would recommend for all year round use.

***** on 30/07/2014

After terrible experiences with the tires that came with my bike I decided to go with Gatorskins --3 years without a flat ...excellent training tire .

**** on 09/04/2014

I use them on my road bike. They are perfect for me because I have 2 km of gravel before tarmac. Been using them now for about 1000km and still no puncture. The comfort is really good also with the 25 mm.

***** on 15/03/2014

Great dependable, durable tyre, superseded pro race 2s/3s and have avoided the slitting that glass fragments that have usually made a mess of my road bike tyres. No punctures yet from several months of commuting, except for a pot hole that killed my wheel rim.
Will stick to this tyre for all road riding now....

***** on 31/01/2014

My favourite tyres I've tried. They seem to last for a good 1000 miles + and feel assured in wet slippery conditions.

***** on 03/11/2013

First ride on them today and had been on some Bontrager All Weather 25mm and too be fair they were pretty bomb proof until last couple of rides when I only had to look at them and they puntured but had covered over 2000 miles so fair enough.
These tyres today were great and such a difference with the way they rolled and gripped. Excellent for climbing and made such a difference to my ride. Love them!

***** on 27/10/2013

Excellent price, service and product as ever. Tried Conti GP4000's but got fed up with punctures, plus find the harder compound of these actually quicker. Possibly psychological, but anyway.. nothing slows you down like a puncture!

***** on 22/10/2013

Seem like solid, durable tires. Only been commuting on them for a couple of weeks in Edinburgh where there's a lot of glass. Also used for 100 milers and these roll well.

Don't seem to suffer the little slices and cuts that Michelin pro race 3s and 2s suffered.

Perhaps not quite as grippy as more 'race oriented' tires, but more than compensate with their durability.

Super quick delivery - not sure how Merlin do it!

***** on 16/10/2013

This is great winter tyre. Have already had to test it out in typical autumn weather and it has been good. It Inspires confidence as you splash down lanes liberally covered in gravel, hedge trimmings and diesel.

Looks good as well with the visible red mesh on the sidewall and the yellow 'Gatorskin' logo.

Merlin, as ever, gave me the best price and a great delivery response. Thanks.

***** on 01/10/2013

When I wanted a more durable tyre to replace the excellent GP4000s on my training wheels I went straight to Continental. I already have these on my commuter and (sssh) no sign of the p word and little visible wear in 12 months of 50 miles a week through Bristol. No issues with grip either.

***** on 03/09/2013

Have had several sets of these tyres which give superb puncture protection and durability. This is at the expense of a little bit of suppleness in the side wall and so they are not just as smooth and soft a ride as some other 25 mm tyres. This is noticeable between these and the Michelin Pro 4 Endurance, which I have also tried recently but I cannot comment and compare the durability of the latter. Cannot really fault the Contis though as they do what they say they are designed for at a very good price point.

***** on 26/08/2013

What can you say about gatorskins that hasn't been said before? I ride them all year round because I hate punctures, and, to be honest, all tyres feel more or less the same to me - pressure makes most of the difference.

Quite light, ride nicely, hardly any punctures. I've bought a total of 6 - only one was duff where the bead failed and ripped the tube. The rest are all rolling along no problem.

***** on 29/07/2013

Fantastic general purpose tyre.
Pretty light and roll well.!
Was suffering loads of punctures but none since I put these on.

As ever top class service from merlin.!

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