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Pair Continental GP4000 S II Folding Tyres with 2 Free Inner Tubes - 700c

Pair Continental GP4000 S II Folding Tyres with 2 Free Inner Tubes - 700c
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Special offer for 2 Continental GP4000s II folding tyres with 2 free Yaw inner tubes
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The ultimate road race bike tyre, that transforms the performance of any race machine!

The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S road tyre has been developed and refined over the years, and is known around the world as one of the best race tyres on the market. Race proven, and road race tyre of choice for professional road cycling teams BMC Racing Team, Orica Green Edge, Lampre Merida and Lotto Belisol.

Continental have taken their legendary GP4000s road tyre and given it a facelift. Now offering a subtle coloured sidewall to match to the colour scheme of your bike. They have also added a new size to the range, GP4000s II is now available in 28mm. This provides better grip in greasy weather conditions, increased puncture protection and better all round comfort. The new tyre also features the latest version of the Continental's BlackChili compound. Which now offers even lower rolling resistance, greater milage and increased grip in wet weather conditions.

The backbone of the Grand Prix 4000 s road tyres remain unchanged. The 4000 S II still has the same Vectran Breaker for great puncture protection, BlackChili compound for unsurpassed grip performance and low rolling resistance, and not forgetting hand built in Germany.


  • The global leader in the premium race bike tyre market.
  • Strong in every department - a real all round race bike tyre.
  • Advanced Black Chili compound for an even faster, safer ride.
  • Vectran Breaker technology for increased puncture resistance.
  • Colour Black
  • Size choice of 23mm or 25mm
  • Transforms the handling of any race machine.
  • Includes 2 Yaw 700c inners tubes, 52mm valve
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***** on 19/04/2015

I first tried Continental GP 4000S 11 2 years ago, I ride approximately 300 plus kilometres per week having tried other brands these are the tyres I feel most confident in even descending at 70 plus km/h compared to other tyres I seem to get less punctures and these appear to roll better and appear to have better grip around corners. Very happy with the product unless something better value for money comes up I will stick with the GP 4000 S11

***** on 17/04/2015

The standard in road tires. Bought to replace older 4000's - I wouldn't use anything else.

***** on 17/04/2015

Sticky, realky grab the road. I can't speak to their durability yet.

***** on 16/04/2015

I have observed a noticeable improvement with these SII tyres compared to my weary GP4000S in that they seem to roll further and the walls seem stiffer. Very happy to do business with Merlin Cycles too.

***** on 10/04/2015

Have been running the GP4000 series tires for a while now and have nothing bad to say. They offer decent flat protection until they start to get really worn and they roll quite quickly. Great deal on a set of a rubber!

***** on 08/04/2015

Great tyres, roll very well, super strong and puncture resistant, this is my 3rd set now.. great bundle price too...

***** on 07/04/2015

Your go-to clincher tires for british bumpy roads. May not ne the very fastest, but they do survive munching glass day-in, day-out...

***** on 06/04/2015

GP4000 S II - Amazing tyres. Get them, you won't be disappointed with the performance and puncture resistance.

***** on 06/04/2015

As usual...... great prices and fast delivery. These Continental GP's are great tyres, I must have had 4/5 sets over the last few years - never have any trouble with them, ride well, comfortable, roll well, easy to fit, pretty puncture resistant (don't tempt fate!), really great tyres.

**** on 02/04/2015

Great road feel, but the apparent lack of any sidewall protection gives me some concern regarding durability down the road.

**** on 28/03/2015

I've been running schwalbe on my winter bike but after a series of punctures decided it was time for a change. The tyres feel fast on the straights, and almost sticky in corners. I also like their softer feel, seem to smooth out the vibration from the road. I can't comment on puncture resistance yet, they have only done 100 miles.

The inner tubes I probably won't use, they have extremely long valves and feel heavy.

***** on 24/03/2015

Benchmark road tyre. Rolling resistance doesn't seem quite as good as I remember, will try the crosa cx for main summer duties. Ive tried a few various top tyres and somehow always come back to these. Wish the tpi was higher and they made a more supple version of this.

***** on 20/03/2015

These are the best tires on the market. They last forever. They resist flats. They're lightweight. I'm partial to the 25mm size for lower rolling resistance and a smoother ride.

***** on 20/03/2015

Best tyres around in my opinion. I have never flatted on these.

***** on 20/03/2015

Fantastic tyre. Excellent absorption of bumps on the road and very nice rolling resistance.

***** on 13/03/2015

I bought these as I had used the older version 4000s and thought they were excellent. Well in true Continental style the latest version 4000s II are equally good. These tyres are best used IMO on a summer bike. Plenty of grip and fairly lightweight makes a great combination for a road tyre.

***** on 12/03/2015

Best racing/training tyres out there. Great in all conditions especially wet.

***** on 10/03/2015

Excellent tyres, easy to fit, low rolling resistance. One of the best upgrades you can make to your bike!!

***** on 10/03/2015

Excellent tyres and grip. I have a set on all my Raod Bikes and so do many of my friends. Good Price at Merlin Cycles as well

***** on 08/03/2015

Love Conti tires! It really does feel like these roll smoother and with less resistance. They last a long time too, great tire, highly recommended!

***** on 04/03/2015

Great tyres, gripped well in wet race conditions

***** on 04/03/2015

Best tyres ever purchased to date - superior grip, smoother ride, lower rolling resistance. Questionable quality of free tube provided.

**** on 03/03/2015

Have replaced last three sets of tyres with these, and at this price they represent great value

***** on 18/02/2015

Great tire! It has a secure and smooth ride. It also has great flat resistance.

***** on 18/02/2015

These tires are amazing, in the 25mm width they are fast and comfortable with great life

***** on 17/02/2015

I just converted from 23mm to 25mm and I am not sure there is a difference. The performance is definitely not lower at least in ideal conditions. I think the advantage of the 25mm will show in rougher roads and wet conditions.

***** on 17/02/2015

These are the best tires. I've tried many and always go back to this. Fast shipping to the States too.

***** on 15/02/2015

So much grip ! Much more than the yksions they replaced. Quick delivery, best price from merlin.

***** on 08/02/2015

Awesome tyres, real grippy in the dry but haven't had a chance to test them in the wet just yet but if they're just as good or better than the 4000S Mark1 then they'll be awesome

***** on 03/02/2015

Brilliant tyres. Second pair of these I have bought: first pair lasted over 1000km and over many back roads and country lanes; second pair have only been used for winter crit racing so far and never threatened a skid or slip even in wet and near-icy conditions.

***** on 15/01/2015

Second set of these tyres. I find them to be excellent, both in dry and wet. Ridden over 1500 miles on first set with no problems. Would recommend these tyres and Merlin for their great prices and service.

***** on 13/01/2015

Ordered the new GP4000S II tyres late in the day and Merlin delivered the following morning, excellent service. The tyres are just as good as the original 4000S tyre with what seems to be better rolling resistance and I find their puncture resistance so good I use them all year round. Also got these at the best price I could find anywhere in the UK, thanks Merlin.

***** on 11/01/2015

After 6 rides and as many punctures on the stock tyres that came with my new Giant TCR Advanced Pro 2 I've now done over 200kms on these without any! My old bike had a pair of the older models and they were brilliant so its safe to say these will be too!

***** on 06/01/2015

These tyres are the best that I have used for years. Their low rolling resistance is very noticeable and the quality is great. They are now my first choice for bicycle tyres.

***** on 01/01/2015

Mounted these on my Mavic Kysrium SL wheelsets more easily than my go-to Michelin Pro4 Endurance tires. They measure at 29.5mm, a pleasant surprise because I had read online that Continental tires tend to be narrower than advertised. Perhaps Gatorskins and 4seasons run small, but these GP4000s are as wide or slightly wider than the packaging indicates. Took it for a short ride to test 'em out, and the extra width really DOES make a big difference in ride quality. The roads I ride on tend to be pretty rough, and compared to 23mm it felt like I was riding on air! The Yaw tubes I have no comment on, a tube's a tube. At first I was worried that they wouldn't fit, being rated for 18/25c, but they seem to fit 28mm tires and hold air just fine after three days. They weigh 98g each, for anyone interested. This combo is highly recommended for anyone looking for 28mm tires that still have a whole lot of racing spirit in 'em.

***** on 01/01/2015

These tyres are light, quite tacky, grip the road well, roll well, and my last pair lasted around 7000kms.

***** on 23/12/2014

Best road tire you can buy. Grips good enough to race on, lasts long enough to train on.

***** on 17/12/2014

Love these tires, the GP 4000s II are even better than the originals. They roll incredibly well. Great flat protection and the Chili compound makes then stick to the road!

***** on 14/12/2014

Tires seem stickier than last generation. Good price.

***** on 14/12/2014

Outstanding price for these tyres even before the bonus tubes. I've tried other brands a spate of punctures has me back with the ever reliable and grippy Continentals

***** on 22/11/2014

These are great tyres. Excellent grip, long lasting , good puncture resistance and light . This is my fourth set - I would not buy any other tyre . All year round tyre . The tubes have a long valve stem and seem overly heavy buy the set is great value

***** on 11/11/2014

I was looking to change tires after always getting flats on my Vittoria Diamante Pro Lights. These 4000Sii's are great! You immediately can tell that they are more puncture resistent by the tire material. There is a little more rolling resistence but they are grippier and more comfortable. I would highly recommend these tires.

***** on 04/11/2014

I don't use these tyres myself as they are a bit too upmarket for my useage. However, my son swears by them for his road racing, hence I bought them for his birthday..sssshhhh.

***** on 03/11/2014

Pleasantly surprised as to the difference in comfort upon riding with these tyres. Initially I thought I had a puncture because of the more cushioned effect than my older tyres. Excellent product.

***** on 20/10/2014

The Continental GP0400S II tyres are probably one of the best tyres around at the moment for everyday and/or race use - a great combination of light weight, low rolling resistance and puncture resistance. I previously ran the GP4000S tyres but upgraded to the new version when my last pair wore out. It's too early to tell if the II's are a major step forward but they are certainly as good as the older version. Time will tell on longevity but hopefully they will wear at least as well if not better. An all round tyre - one of the best on the market.
Unfortunately the free inner tubes are absolutely rubbish - heavy and unsupple. Don't ruin the ride of your bike by fitting these - give them away to your local charity or throw them in the bin and buy some decent tubes to compliment the tyres!

***** on 20/10/2014

The quality of the Conti Grand Prix 4000 S II tyres is phenomenal. I won't ride anything else.

***** on 16/10/2014

Good Value - Great tyres :-) Not used the tubes yet, they are the longer valve type. Have these on two wheelsets now - 25mm and 23mm. FAST tyres and confidence inspiring when cornering - roll well - grip well and seem pretty durable too :-)

***** on 16/10/2014

Nice upgrade from my stock 23's. The 25's and the soft rubber allow for much more vibration dampening. I recommend upgrading to these or any 25's as it improved my ride quality ten fold.

***** on 13/10/2014

Great tyres, now on my third pair.....would not buy any other tyre .

***** on 09/10/2014

After many years of cycling I've come to the conclusion that tyres are the quickest, cheapest and most noticeable upgrade you can make to a bike. Assuming the wheels are in good condition and half-decent but not necessarily expensive (think Aksium etc..), tyres play a massive part in keeping the wheels rolling with less effort.

These tyres are by far my favourite. They're light, comfortable, roll beautifully, and have some degree of puncture protection. Coming from the S version I think the S II is superior. I wish they were cheaper but you get what you pay for.

***** on 07/10/2014

I usually use Mavic tyres until now! The Conti 4000s II are grippy, fast rolling and very comfortable! I went with the 25mm tyre size to give myself a little bit more confidence and these give you just that in abundance!! In the dry I can't fault the them in anyway, as for the wet, I've not yet tried but have heard great things. I also received two inner tubes too, bargain! Great price, best around infact, so look no further if you've already made your mind up on your tyre choice. Add to basket, purchase and wait for them to arrive (which was so quick that it felt like I received then before I ordered them!). Outstanding service from the Wizards at Merlin.

***** on 05/10/2014

Brilliant product, never failed yet and this new issue promises the same

***** on 05/10/2014

Great tyres bought two sets.

***** on 05/10/2014

Bought these in 25mm to replace 23mm GP4000S tyres that have been GREAT. The new ones will allow lower pressure for a softer ride (95psi instead of 110psi front) with negligible extra weight (225g instead of 205g. I weighed them at 219g) and no loss of speed. Looking forward to fitting and riding them.

***** on 05/10/2014

Fast shipping. The tires came folded and held together well by a band, which was also easy to take off. The tubes are also great quality. I had no trouble installing the tires onto my wheel, and they roll great!

***** on 30/09/2014

I've been a big fan of Conti tires for quite some time and these new 4000 S II will continue to keep me coming back. They offer a smooth soft ride with a grip youu can trust in any tight corner at speed. With my last pair of Continental Grand Prix's I managed 4500 Klms without a puncture or flat. Great tires.
The tubes offered with the bundle however are sad. They're very heavy and poor quality. I ordered three pairs of tires and tubes and had to use these tubes on a friends bike. 2 out three tubes were leaking. One through a hole at the valve the other a hole in the rubber. I gave up and gave her a spare I had from another manufacturer. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving these tubes away.

***** on 29/09/2014

Well it is not often that I am that surprised by a product. To be honest it felt like I was riding on butter the first time I took the bike out with these on, lovely, soft, fast reduced vibration, I had some decent Vittoria 25mm on before but these are worlds apart, with some inner tubes thrown in, added to super fast delivery and of course the best price on the net, what is there to think about?? Go get some. Thanks Merlin!!

***** on 23/09/2014

Fantastic tyres and tubes. Went for the new updated version of this tyre after the last pair had seen me through nearly 4000 plus miles! Super grip and great confidence building going into corners!! Best price on the internet I could find plus the two free inner tubes made it a great deal.

***** on 23/09/2014

Great tyres - fairly easy to fit - excellent grip and great rollers - never going back to Schwalbe

***** on 23/09/2014

A great tyre in its previous incarnation; now even greater.

***** on 22/09/2014

Brilliant tyres with fantastic grip and durability. Life savers in the wet.

***** on 21/09/2014

Superb tyres. I'd been using Schalwbe Marathon Racers for 5 years (1 puncture). These aren't that much lighter, but about 3 mph faster, and more comfortable. Waiting to see about the punctures.

***** on 13/09/2014

Awesome tyres, loads of grip they seem really sticky, I bought them as they are renowned for their puncture protection but only time will tell. The free tubed even looked like continental as they had orange caps which was cool.

***** on 13/09/2014

These tyres are superb, they roll well and you don`t get punctures. I recently bought a new bike and the fist thing I did was take off the tyres and put these on. I won`t use anything else. I use them for training, sportives, and triathlon.

***** on 09/09/2014

These are my go to Tyres. On all of my 4 road bikes. Durable and trustworthy

**** on 07/09/2014

All good so far, run smoothly, no punctures yet and quite grippy. Had a bit of a fight getting them on though!

***** on 05/09/2014

I have been using Continental's GP4000 tires since several years, and I keep using it because it is durable, provides a good grip to the road and is fast.

***** on 04/09/2014

These are true sizes and roll extremely well. The chilli compound and high tpi casing is a definite plus as to feel of the tyre on the road. Good quality tyres at a very good discount places Merlin at the top of my radar.

***** on 02/09/2014

The continental GO 400 S II tyres are great tyres! They look good, were easily put on and roll well when on the bike. I'very only just put them on so hard to give much of a performance review but put them on and did a 98 mile cycle with no problems at all. I like these tyres.

***** on 31/08/2014

Awesome tyres, long lasting and grippy

***** on 29/08/2014

Very pleased with tyres, was rolling on 23mm gators before, these seem lots faster and really smooth out the roads. Went for standard delivery and received tyres next day, excellent service

***** on 21/08/2014

Upgraded to these as older models (gp 4000s)were starting to wear out.
Not one puncture was had on those tyres so don't expect any on these!
Fantastic all round tyre

***** on 21/08/2014

Best tyre going, perfect split of race performance and toughness.

***** on 19/08/2014

Got these to replace my old GP 3000's and immediately felt the difference! Roll better, corner better and give a bit of zing I really need. Best price here at Merlin too and free tubes, what's not to like?

**** on 15/08/2014

Not been fitted long, gone on couple of rides one in wet, got good grip, seem to roll better than tyres that came with mavic wheels. These are a bit tighter fit than mavic tyres, need levers, these have a bit more comfort for me maybe because running lower pressure

***** on 12/08/2014

These are great lasting tyres and the puncture resistance is excellent, only need these through normal wear and will continue to use Continental, great tyre!

***** on 10/08/2014

Continental GP4000S in any version are my go to tires for Sportives. I've got a set on each pair of good wheels I own.

***** on 10/08/2014

Only done a few hundred miles, but seem to roll very well and no punctures as yet, despite hedge cutting. Very pleased

***** on 24/07/2014

The new GP4000S II are another great Conti tyre. First time I've used 25 mm tyres...I won't be going back to narrow tyres anytime soon!

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