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Elite Custom Race Resin Bottle Cage

Black / Stealth
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Black / White
RRP: $12.90
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Black / Blue
RRP: $12.90
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Hi Viz Yellow / Black
RRP: $12.90
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Red / White
RRP: $12.90
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White / Black
RRP: $12.90
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White / Red
RRP: $12.90
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No other bottle cage of the past decade has gathered as many ProTour victories, a true design classic.
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Code: BC616
  • Revised graphics give a fresh contemporary look that will go with any bike, from a fast commuter to a full-on race weapon
  • Reinforced fibreglass construction is durable and light
  • Added rubber tensioner grips bottles tightly for peace of mind in sprints and on rough sections
  • Unmatched variety of colours and graphics available
  • Made with pride in Italy

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***** on 27/04/2015

Excellent bottle cage, lightweight and holds your bottle securely in place.

***** on 27/04/2015

Cages look much better in person. Perfect match on the new frame.

***** on 15/04/2015

Brilliant cages, light & strong, very good value.

***** on 10/04/2015

Lightweight and look good they hold the bottle well but not so well that you have trouble getting the bottle out on the move.

***** on 18/03/2015

Can't fault this bottle cage. Holds the bottle tight and yet flexes enough to get the bottle in and out. Looks good too.

***** on 10/03/2015

Best water bottle cages ever, no rattling, super light weight and it doesn't fight with you when you pull the bottle out.

***** on 03/03/2015

Had these before and they have worn well and stayed looking good, hence buying another.

***** on 03/03/2015

Easy in/out, bottles are very secure.

***** on 15/01/2015

Excellent quality, Lightweight and good grasp of the bottles.

***** on 07/01/2015

Good Bottle Cage. Light weight, Cheap, great design. Your bottle will not be floating around and fits great.

***** on 15/12/2014

Nice go faster bottle cage! Looks good and grips the bottle ok

***** on 11/12/2014

Quality bottle cage, secure grip on bottle and no noise even on bumpy surfaces.

***** on 28/11/2014

Great looking light bottle cage. Holds bottle securely. Efficient and speedy service from Merlin as always.

***** on 28/11/2014

Great cages. Light, durable and stylish

***** on 16/11/2014

Lightweight, lovely design and just the right amount of bottle grip, oh and it's cheap. What more could you want

***** on 03/11/2014

Good quality bottle cages which I already have on another bike. Tried & tested.

**** on 30/10/2014

Neat water bottle holder. A bit plasticky but should last.

***** on 27/10/2014

Easy to fit and very robust.

**** on 05/09/2014

Good looking and solid bottle cage,holds the bottle very firm which is good for mtb.

***** on 26/08/2014

Bought two new cages after one of my giant bottle cages broke. Great price, the cages are robust and have had no problems with them (good choice of colours too). Would definitely recommend them.

***** on 21/08/2014

This cage holds onto the bottle tightly and as its resin it has some give so you can squeeze the bottle in, allowing a tight fit and no risk of your bottle jumping out.

***** on 18/08/2014

Nice product, no rattling bottles!

***** on 16/08/2014

Light and sturdy - do the job efectively without spending silly money

***** on 15/08/2014

Well made. Look good. Holds bottle firmly.

***** on 15/08/2014

Nice quality and hold my camelbak 750ml bottle very well.

***** on 13/08/2014

Excellent bottle cages. Conforms to the shape of a selected water bottle. Also, there is no rattling while I'm riding too. Would recommend

***** on 09/08/2014

Awsome look and nice holding! Easy to get bottle out from and back in.

***** on 06/08/2014

Smart, sleek, light and inexpensive

***** on 30/07/2014

Light weight, good looking, holds the bottle firmly, is quite cheap, and is good enough for Team Sky! What more can I say!

***** on 03/06/2014

The cheapest, best looking a most useful cages you can get

***** on 01/06/2014

Nice lightweight bottle cage, easy to get bottles in and out of while riding.

***** on 16/05/2014

Great bottle cages, I have these on all my bikes now as they are lightweight good looking easy to get bottles in and out whilst cycling but still managing to hold them securely.

***** on 08/05/2014

Excellent bottle grip, holds bottles rock solid.

***** on 26/04/2014

Excellent bottle cage, strong grip, secure and flexible, looks good too

***** on 10/04/2014

Excellent bottle cage - light, good looking and functional

***** on 07/03/2014

Excellent light weight easy to use bottle cage, looks great too.

***** on 31/12/2013

A big jump in looks and lighter than my old standard cages without a leap in cost. Variety of colours to suit. Recommended!

***** on 02/12/2013

I bought two of these bottle holders in silver/black and they go very well on my Scott CR1. They hold the bottles firmly but not so tightly its any problem to get them out. Good price and excellent service from Merlin.

***** on 12/11/2013

Have on all my bikes., strong light and never let me down

***** on 16/10/2013

Light, tough, great colour and tight grip on your bottle.

***** on 18/09/2013

Had carbon ones on before but after one of them snapped, I saw these for a fraction of the price and they have not disappointed, and they hold the bottles more securely than the old ones ever did

***** on 23/08/2013

An excellent bottle cage is all aspects. The Elite Custom Race is light, it comes in a wide variety of colour options and it is very secure... No more lost bidons by the side of the road!

***** on 23/08/2013

I bought two of these for a new bike build. They look good, with a decent choice of colours, and are lightweight (mine weighed in at 42g each). They grip all of my bottles firmly and bottles are easy to insert and remove from a good range of angles. I would definitely buy these again - I really don't see the point of spending any more for such a tiny weight saving. Note that these are supplied without mounting screws so you will need two per cage if they are missing from your frame (as mine were).

***** on 22/08/2013

Great Bottle Cage. Very beautiful and good quality...

***** on 30/07/2013

Very good bottle cage. It is light and holds the bottle securely. Its also looks good and can be seen on Chris Frome's bike. Bit expensive.

***** on 24/07/2013

Nice and light. Looks great on my white and red bike. Holds water bottles with ease.

***** on 05/07/2013

Nice looking bottle holder. Smartens up the look of your bike. Gives it a racier look.

***** on 28/06/2013

Bought these two black ones to replace the single carbon cage on my Addict as I couldnt find one similar. Light, and strong, they hold your bottles tight. Superb for the money. Superb service from Merlin as always.

***** on 22/06/2013

A good quality product at a very good price. They arrived with all the fittings required and hold the bottles firmly. Very pleased with this purchase.

***** on 22/06/2013

Great lightweight bottle cage. Look awesome on the bike & hold the full 750ml water bottle securely. At a great price from Merlin what else is there to say. Just buy them.

***** on 19/06/2013

Good quality light cage, holds bottle secure for those shorter rides when a camelback isn't required.

***** on 18/06/2013

Great looking lightweight bottlecage. If its good enough for the pro riders then I am happy.

***** on 03/06/2013

Looks good on my new bike (Sensa Romagna) and very 'pro' looking. Holds the bottle securely due to the rubber section. Some bottles like Camelback Chill may feel a little bit too tight.

***** on 11/05/2013

These grip like a limpet look cool and are cheap as chips!

**** on 20/04/2013

Holds bottles verly firmly.
I have the red ones.
Good value for money

***** on 19/04/2013

Don't bother with carbon cages when the product teams use these.

***** on 31/03/2013

A very well made bottle cage; must own up that the colour was most important to me though!!! ( green to go with the Hope Water Bottle I also ordered)

**** on 29/03/2013

Nice looking bottle cage, good tight fit on you Water bottle. Bit heavy for a weight weenie.. overall very happy

***** on 28/03/2013

Great cage. Does what it is supposed to. Holds my bottle firmly.

***** on 22/03/2013

A brilliant cage. With the choice of colours makes your bike look great. The cage is light and holds a bottle securely. Merlin again spot on. Ordered one day and received the following.

**** on 19/03/2013

Great cage - very easy to match any bike.

***** on 09/03/2013

Great cages and look good on my bikes.
Excellent service from Merlin as always.

***** on 01/03/2013

I like these bottle cages, nice looking and good quality!

***** on 21/02/2013

Great items. Look a lot more expensive than the price suggests. Super swift and efficent service from Merlin.

***** on 13/02/2013

Well made, lightweight and durable.

***** on 12/02/2013

Excellent bottle cage at an even better price highly recommend.

***** on 22/01/2013

Does exactly what it should. Good firm grip on the bottle, but easy to take a drink whilst riding.

***** on 15/01/2013

Not bad for the price. They are nice and light and well designed. They hold onto the bottle without making it difficult to grab. Early days yet but we'll see how durable they are. They appear to be fairly sturdy though.

***** on 08/01/2013

Use these on all my bikes, faultless

***** on 08/01/2013

Best bottle cage for the price

***** on 08/12/2012

Had to buy a different colour when I changed my bike. Great looking cages and rattle free on rd bike

***** on 26/11/2012

High quality product at a great price. Completely colour matches bike so looks great/like part of bike.
Superfast delivery and this product was not only cheaper than rival sites but I received further discount, bargain.

***** on 22/11/2012

It's a bottle cage, it was black, it held my bottle, job done 10/10

***** on 30/10/2012

Nice product, promptly delivered

***** on 23/10/2012

Great item at a great price with super fast free delivery.

***** on 20/10/2012

Good cage. Effective, lightweight, good price. All this and the usual outstanding mail order service from Merlin.

***** on 16/10/2012

Spot on, great value bottle cages.

***** on 16/10/2012

Nice looking bottle cage matches the paintwork on my bike very well.Grips the bottle nice and tight with no rattling about,however still very easy to remove and replace the bottle.Great product overall.

***** on 09/10/2012

Great cage that looks the part

***** on 09/10/2012

Light, solid and keeps the bottles in place and at a reasonable price.

***** on 07/10/2012

Look the business. Colours to match any bike. And with a price like that why buy anything else?!

***** on 30/09/2012

Light and nice looking bottle cage for little money...

***** on 29/09/2012

Nice and handy cages! I bought 4 for my bikes already and they went so well . Highly recommend!

***** on 26/09/2012

Great buy, looks good, snug fit for my existing bottles, can't complain for the price.

***** on 26/09/2012

Great bottle cage, I'm just about to purchase a second one from Merlin. Great price, delivery and service from the team - thank you!

***** on 24/09/2012

The Elite Custom RaceResin bottle cages exceed expectations.No bottle rattle when riding on uneven road surface.

***** on 21/09/2012

Lightweight, snug fit - no annoying bottle rattle. Look great too.

**** on 18/09/2012

good value bottle cage

***** on 17/09/2012

who'd think a bottle cage could look so good.

***** on 16/09/2012

Very good cage it is light and looks great on the bike

***** on 15/09/2012

Excellent lightweight bottle cage, very easy to access bottle whilst riding.

***** on 13/09/2012

***** on 09/09/2012

***** on 08/09/2012

Light, cheap bottle cage with a good grip of the bottle

***** on 07/09/2012

Low price, in stock, arrived next day. What more can I ask for? Nice on Merlin.

**** on 07/09/2012

Its a bottle cage and does what its supposed to.
Its relatively cheap, looks good and is well built.
It is easy to use and works well on & off road with an assortment of different length cycling bottles.

***** on 05/09/2012

Good product, well priced!

**** on 04/09/2012

Grips well and looks good, lightweight for the price.

***** on 04/09/2012

they do a good job as bottle cages go

***** on 03/09/2012

Nice product!
Looks great on the bike and fits any size bottle.

***** on 01/09/2012

Holds bottle securely, good design and colour options are great. Use them on two bike with no issues.

***** on 31/08/2012

Excellent product! These cages are robust and light plus very stylish! The cage will fit only a 500ml bottle and the fit is very snug so be careful taking the bottle out when cycling!

***** on 31/08/2012

Really pleased with the service firstly from Merlin, very quick dispatch! The Elite cage is a real quality product that really doesn't disappoint!

***** on 29/08/2012

Looks great and holds my water bottles really well. Holds my 750ml bottles have not tried 2L bottles. Great product for the money.

***** on 29/08/2012

Stylish, secure and easy to use bottle cage. Usual good price and service from Merlin.

**** on 28/08/2012

Holds bottle well enough, not dislodged going over rough roads. Keeps with the colour scheme on the bike.

***** on 24/08/2012

beautiful, high quality

***** on 24/08/2012

The classic bottle cage as used by so many of the pros. Excellent.

***** on 22/08/2012

Really like these cages, look really good on my bike and hold the bottles very well

***** on 22/08/2012

Just the job, secure but easy to get your bottle out on the fly, not as light as carbon but lighter on the pocket.

***** on 22/08/2012

Light and matches my frame very well. Have ordered another

***** on 17/08/2012

Excellent cage, does exactly what is required and the range of colours means you can choose one to suit the bike.

***** on 16/08/2012

Great bottle cage, looks great on the bike, lot of colour options, sturdy, bottles fit nicely, easy to take in and take out, what can I say, buy one :)

***** on 16/08/2012

Great look and no issues getting bottle out of cage whilst cycling

***** on 16/08/2012

Bought this cage as a second unit to match up with the other on my bike. looks good seems strong and the bottle locks in so no chance of bottle shaking itself out.

**** on 15/08/2012

works well and is super inexpensive! seriously do you need carbon???

easy to get bottles out without falling out and require a deliberate push to put in place (camelback 24oz bottles)

four starts cause they are inexpensive match my bike and don't cause any fuss.

***** on 01/08/2012

Excellent service from Merlin once again. Product as advertised.

**** on 25/07/2012

nice product at a good price

***** on 12/07/2012

Light, looks great, grips the bottle really tightly and yet it's really easy to get the bottle in and out. Perfect!

***** on 10/07/2012

Nice and light bottle cage

***** on 26/06/2012

Enough grip to hold the bottle secure on gnarlly descents, not so much as to require gorilla strength for each sup.Well designed built.

**** on 24/06/2012

Looks really classy -good grip on bottle but not too tight. Quite easy to retrieve bottle whilst riding

***** on 24/06/2012

Great product bought for new bike, have used them before and they are the best on the market. Best price on the net too! Delivered to Australia in 6 days which is as good as any other online stores can do. Overall good experience, will definitely use Merlin again

***** on 16/06/2012

Great selection of colours.

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