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Rear Handbuilt Shimano & DT Wheels - 26" - Disc

Rear Handbuilt Shimano & DT Wheels - 26" - Disc
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Handbuilt rear wheels using Shimano and DT disc hubs (Please allow a build time of 5-8 days)
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Hub Options & Upgrades Options
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  • In stock +$10.33
  • In stock +$23.24
  • In stock +$25.82
  • In stock +$25.82
Rim Options & Upgrades Options
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  • In stock +$3.87
  • In stock +$10.33
  • In stock +$14.20
  • In stock +$20.65
  • In stock +$30.98
  • In stock +$30.98
  • Out of stock +$30.98
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  • Out of stock +$70.99
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  • In stock +$45.18
  • Out of stock +$41.31
  • In stock +$45.18
  • In stock +$42.60
  • In stock +$45.18
Spoke Options & Upgrades Options
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  • In stock
  • In stock +$7.75
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  • In stock +$23.24
  • In stock +$23.24
  • In stock +$32.27
  • Handbuilt rear disc compatible wheels. All take the international standard 6 bolt fitting discs (except splined hubs). Base price is given for a rear deore disc hub with a Mavic XM317 rim and ACI stainless steel double butted spokes. You can choose to upgrade your hubs, rims and spokes from the drop down menus. All wheels are handbuild for each order, please allow build time.
  • Non disc rims can be used with V-brakes and discs, disc rims have no braking surface
  • Select your rim, spoke and hub upgrades and the price will automatically update<
  • Please allow a build time of 5-8 days.
  • Please note: As all wheels are handbuilt to order please be sure your selection and order is correct. We reserve the right to deduct any labour costs if you change or cancel a wheel order.

Choosing your hub

  • You need to know your disc rotor mount. It will either be 6-bolt or Centrelock.
  • Shimano Deore hubs – Great value, no nonsense.
  • Shimano SLX hubs – Lighter option for enthusiasts.
  • Shimano Zee hubs – Bombproof hubs for heavy duty riding.
  • Shimano XT hubs – A reliable choice for home servicing.
Choosing your rim
  • Usage = What sort of riding do you want to do? We have rims for all sorts of biking, from XC through to Downhill.
  • Internal width = The width of the gap that your tyre sits in. If you want to run bigger tyres (2.3″ or more) then they’ll perform much better if paired with a suitable width rim. Running fat tyres on narrow rims causes the tyre to deform and fold-over rather than support you and dig in for traction.
  • Tubeless = If you want to run wheels tubeless (ie. without inner tubes) then it’s a good idea to choose rims that are tubeless-ready from the get-go.
Mavic rims
  • XC717 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 17mm – Weight: 395g – Recommended tyre: 1.0 – 2.10
  • XM317 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 17mm – Weight: 440g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM319 – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 490g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM719 – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 460g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM819 UST – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 405g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3 – Tubeless
  • EN321 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 570g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EN521 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 540g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EN821 UST – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 460g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • EX325 – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 25mm – Weight: 715g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 3.0
  • EX721 – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 590g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EX823 UST – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 23mm – Weight: 655g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 2.5 – Tubeless
DT Swiss rims
  • XR 400 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 400g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • EX 500 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 500g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
ZTR (Stans No Tubes) rims
  • Alpine – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 20mm – Weight: 330g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3 – Tubeless
  • Crest – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 340g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Arch EX – Usage: Trail/Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 400g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Flow EX – Enduro/Extreme – Internal width: 25.5mm – Weight: 490g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 3.0 – Tubeless

Choosing your spokes

  • ACI S/S DB – Our standard spoke offers excellent strength and reliability (silver or black)
  • DT Plain Gauge – Heavier but super strong spokes for downhill and heavy duty riders
  • DT Competition – Higher grade stainless steel double butted spoke suitable for XC, Trail or Enduro (silver or black)
  • DT Revolution – Lightweight spoke for XC and Trail. Not recommended for Enduro or Extreme use (silver or black)

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    Spring Global is part of TNT post NL, the parcel will be handed over to your national parcel service on arrival in your country. Please not this service does not have a guaranteed delivery time, please allow 7-14 days.
  • UPS International Express 2-4 Days Full Tracking: $46.47
    UPS premium international service. Delivered door to door by UPS so very reliable and easily trackable. Delivery times for most countries is around 2-4 working days.
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***** on 21/01/2015

Ridden 100 miles on this now with no issues. Tubeless tyre stayed up on first inflation. Quality build and quick delivery. Thanks Merlin.

***** on 10/10/2014

Good build standard and competitive on price. I build wheels myself but sometimes give the job to Merlin when I am pressed for time. I know I can rely on the quality being good.

***** on 18/07/2014

I've been buying wheels from Merlin for nearly 15 years now and never had any problems. Needed some new wheels with 6-bolt hubs but didn't want to spend too much so went for XM319/Deore. Good wheels, built and delivered in less than a week.

***** on 25/06/2014

Nothing to fault. Built really well, they are stiff and true. An absolutely brilliant, great value wheel. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone! Perfect.

***** on 22/06/2014

Fantastic build quality, I have had no issues with these wheels so far. I ordered a Flow EX on a Shimano XT rear hub and everything is working fine. Rims have taken a beating, been dinged several times. The XT rear hub (cup and cone) wasn't adjusted particularly well when it arrived, but a couple of minutes with cone spanners had it running smooth as butter. Not super light but considering the 32h wide nature and price I am very impressed.

***** on 19/12/2013

Amazing value, quality parts, great workmanship. Cheap and extensive upgrade options. I bought these wheels for my wife's surprise project bike. Stans Arch EX laced with DT spokes and XT hub. Great build and all perform flawlessly. Run tubeless or as I'm doing wear out an old set of non tubeless rubber then go tubeless down the track. Can't beat hand built quality. Why buy factory wheels when you can get a serviceable custom build for less?

***** on 02/11/2013

Fantastic value for money wheel . Knowing it has been built by Merlin makes fills me with confidence. It already rolls better than the ringle flea hub that it has replaced.

***** on 21/09/2013

Now only order wheels from Merlin. The build options are good, the quality of the build is exceptional, and the delivery is very quick.
Don't go anywhere else for wheels.

***** on 13/09/2013

So far two weeks of hard use on an overweight mountain bike, both on and off road, that is loaded with touring gear have shown no problems with this combination of rim,spoke and hub. Extremely good quality components very well put together.

***** on 18/08/2013

Excellent quality wheel build, ordered a mavic EN521 rim with XT hub, really nice wheel build from merlin cycles. After a month of use, the wheel is perfect spokes all correct tension and wheel is still true. Ordered the wheel on a sunday night and received by thursday which was great but do beware it could take the 5-8 days to build, I guess I was lucky to order in a non busy time for wheels.

I bought a rear wheel for my bike and i'm now going to order one for the front.

***** on 10/07/2013

Good quality, very easy to fit, cassette and disc swapped over very easily, hub is smooth and quiet (I like to see the wildlife not scare it to death) straight swap onto a stumpjumper comp ht.

***** on 22/06/2013

Superb wheels with skilled build quality. These should last for years.

***** on 05/04/2013

Great wheel. Smooth and true. With build quality that I have come to expect from merlin at the right price.

***** on 15/03/2013

What can I say brilliant lovely wheel Best buy to date

***** on 13/03/2013

Very helpful advice over the phone, prompt delivery and the wheels are great. If you need wheels Merlin are the place to come. They were recommended to me and I would recommend them too.

***** on 07/02/2013

Lovely wheel, very happy with it. Description says allow 5-8 days for delivery, mine was here within 48 hours from ordering, packaging and delivery excellent as usual. Don't forget to order rim tape though as it isn't included.

***** on 19/01/2013

Excellent product and delivery. Many thanks

***** on 15/12/2012

Outstanding wheel. Mavic rims are the benchmark for the industry IMHO. The EN521 is an all mountain/Enduro rim, these are super light weight but very strong. I ordered them with Shimano XT hubs (skewers included). For the price I found these to be a great value for money wheel.
The most important thing about ordering custom wheels is the build quality. I found these wheel to be very well made, the build quality is awesome. They run perfectly, and are tensioned to perfection.
Riding these wheels on my local singletrack and regular routes has been a dream. They run great and are super tough.

***** on 03/12/2012

Great can't fault them.Well put together, good price and uick delivery.

***** on 15/11/2012

Ordered Wheel on Tuesday, Arrived on Thursday. I can ride on Friday. Can't Fault Merlin, Helpful on the phone too. Thanks Guys.

***** on 29/10/2012

As ever, well built strong wheels more than capable of standing up to the treatment dished out by my 13 year old son on the trails at Coed y Brenin and at the Antur Stiniog downhill tracks at Blaenau Ffestiniog. It would take a lot to get me to look anywhere else for wheels.

***** on 24/10/2012

ordered this wheel with an xt hub and arch ex rim and DT Swiss comp spokes. The wheel and build quality are excelent the only problem is my wife wants a set now

**** on 24/10/2012

well built wheel, great price, fast turnaround

***** on 27/09/2012

Really quick delivery of a quality budget wheel, spokes were all tensioned the same, wheel was true looks like it will last, hope it does!

***** on 30/08/2012

Quality product

***** on 01/08/2012

Beautifully built wheel delivered very quickly - really pleased

***** on 26/07/2012

I an a return customer to Merlins custom built wheels. I purchased a pair of mavic 721 on hope pro 2 hubs around 18 months ago. I will be honest here and say I have abused the wheelset on my DH bike, but the rims are still true and spoke tension is still excellent. Testament to the high quality parts and experience of the staff at Merlin.
My new wheelset for cross country has been trouble free so far, spoke tension is still great. The price was the most appealing factor here as Merlin undercut the competitors by a few pounds, and I know the quality of the build will be good on past experience.

***** on 26/07/2012

Very well built and excellent value. Delivery was fast and the wheel arrived in perfect condition.

***** on 27/06/2012

Excellent product..very fast delivery

***** on 18/06/2012

The wheels are working perfectly

***** on 18/06/2012

Great build quality and good value

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