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YBN Quick Release Chain Link 10 Speed

YBN Quick Release Chain Link 10 Speed
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YBN Quick Release Chain Link 10 Speed
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  • Quick and easy joiner link for YBN 10 speed chains.
  • Also works with other brands of chain.

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***** on 19/05/2015

Very useful trail aid and easy to join. Allows easy chain removal for cleaning.

***** on 06/05/2015

Vital component to carry (with a chain tool). Not used yet following change to 10 speed but previous experience with 9 speed suggests well worth having.

***** on 30/04/2015

Cheap 10 speed quick links for easy on the road repair. Not used them yet but they fit nicely in the off-cut of chain that I have.

***** on 23/04/2015

Very useful and simple to use

***** on 20/04/2015

Brillant, works perfectly with shimano 10 speed chains.

***** on 29/03/2015

Easy to use. So much better than using the rivet on the chain.

***** on 24/03/2015

Used these links for years, I replace with every new chain never had an issue.

***** on 03/03/2015

Much easier than trying to use the Shimano pin.

***** on 27/02/2015

Excellent value.....does what it is supposed to do and reusable too. Worked fine with a Shimano chain.

***** on 18/02/2015

So much easier than using a pin on a shimano chain. Hassle free.

***** on 11/02/2015

These are an excellent product that works as intended and at an exceptional price

**** on 02/02/2015

Still the easiest and cheapest way to join a chain - never leave home without one.

***** on 24/01/2015

Great simple piece of kit at sensible price, quick and easy to fit and disconnect as long as you have a chain tool to set chain length. Also worth carrying one as a spare in tool kit incase of chain failure.

***** on 16/12/2014

I use it with shimano chain and cassette and it works very well, in my opinion better then SRAM quick release

***** on 28/10/2014

I have a Shimano XT 10 speed chain and have started to always carry with me at least one of these quick links. They make the difference between potentially having to walk for many miles to find a fix, or continuing with your ride as if nothing had happened! I would definitely recommend these as you never know when your chain might snap and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

***** on 22/10/2014

A product to make cleaning and bike maintenance easier and more effective

***** on 26/09/2014

The best way to link a chain, simple and solid

***** on 17/09/2014

I bought two of these a couple of months ago just as emergency spares (see my previous review) & gave them five stars for quality & price. Since then I have had to use them both on my mates bikes whilst stuck in the middle of nowhere; both shimano & sram setups. These are a brilliant bit of kit for the price & that is why I've just bought two more. Five stars again.

***** on 15/09/2014

Works fine on Shimano 105 chain. Great combination

***** on 07/07/2014

Essential bit of kit. Haven't used it but small and portable and could be vital should my chain break far from home.

***** on 14/06/2014

Works great with shimano chains, used one kept another as a spare, easy to fit in seconds.

***** on 04/06/2014

SRAM had a real winner with Powerlinks, no need for a black pin, easy chain removal and re-fitting. Then along comes 10 speed and Powerlocks, with single use stupidity, thus negating any advantage they had over shimano. These links remedy that.

***** on 17/05/2014

Excellent product, really good value for money. I would highly recommend these for any emergency spare kit.

***** on 07/04/2014

These little guys make chains a breeze to work with.

***** on 28/03/2014

Always use these links now. A doddle to open, (important if you need to do it on a ride because some are a pain without the correct tool) and they join and rejoin easily. Top product.

***** on 18/03/2014

Works as the sram and kmc ones, only for less dough... Why pay more if these get the job done??

***** on 14/03/2014

Easy to install, snaps closed without fuss. Saved me on a journey where I had no chain tool. Keep a spare one sealed (to prevent rust) in my saddle bag. Parfait!

***** on 30/01/2014

Great product. Works well and is robust. Better than SRAM which locks so you cannot undo on the trail. I have used these for the last 2 years and never had a breakage.

***** on 23/01/2014

Fit perfect on my shimano chain

***** on 15/01/2014

Seems to do the job fine - my chain didn't come with quicklinks, and SRAM ones aren't reusable so this seemed like a good bet. Only a couple of rides in, but so far so good. Decent price too.

**** on 26/11/2013

Works with shimano and sram chains, very good.

***** on 28/10/2013

Easy to use, great to have with you just in case of emergencies, a must for your camelbak

**** on 25/09/2013

Great little product, better than SRAM 10 speed Powerlocks because not being quick release they defeat the object. All in all very handy!

***** on 03/09/2013

Just the job, makes splitting chain for cleaning easy. Looks to be top quality.
I kept one in the saddle bag, along with a chain splitter.

***** on 16/07/2013

Great quick replacement link for my chain, does the same job as a power link at a fraction of the cost

***** on 09/07/2013

Quick links, never leave without them. Fixing your chain has never been so simple, as the name states, "QUICK".
This is the best price on the net.

***** on 04/06/2013

The easiest way to join a broken chain. Bought too keep as spares in case out on the trail as9 and 10 speed are different sizes.

***** on 17/05/2013

These are great, cheap and seem to be strong. Only use a new one when I replace the chain.

***** on 19/04/2013

Good quality link in case of emergencies

***** on 12/04/2013

Whats to say, works with Shimano 10spd and makes chain removal & cleaning that much easier!

***** on 02/04/2013

Really good product and as always Merlin's prices cannot be beaten

***** on 23/03/2013

Very good no problems fitting the link. Not problem with transmision when fitted.

***** on 08/03/2013

It locks, it releases, essential item when on long rides as a spare in the pack.

***** on 28/02/2013

Super easy to use, why pay more...

***** on 13/02/2013

Well, it works..

***** on 24/01/2013

Works as expected.

***** on 15/01/2013

Great value quality purchase

***** on 08/01/2013

These are the only joining links that I have successfully unjoined and rejoined repeatedly for regular chain cleaning. I also keep a couple in the pack in case of roadside chain repair. Cannot be faulted for quality or price

***** on 03/01/2013

Essential item for your tool kit.

***** on 11/12/2012

Excellent quick release

**** on 21/11/2012

Great item to cleam your chain after each ride.

**** on 18/09/2012

Great little peice of kit that makes life nice and easy.

***** on 17/09/2012

Such a small item but when needed it is the difference between a long walk home or a good day cycling. Everyone should carry a couple of theses. Not used YBN before but they look and feel well made.

***** on 04/09/2012

Great little device that allows you to remove/put back chain very quickly!

***** on 19/08/2012

The only removable quick link I have seen for 10sp chains. More of a fiddle to remove though than the old 9sp Sachs/ SRAM system.

***** on 17/08/2012

I run Shimano XTR chains on my MTB and have used other common known brand name connector links. The YBN brand has matched the performance of the others and is good value for money. Would I buy this again, simple - Yes.

***** on 16/08/2012

Bought as a spare link in emergencies, but looks a quality part

***** on 16/08/2012

As always, next day arrival of items, great price and no nonsense. Merlin always sort you out!

***** on 18/06/2012

***** on 18/06/2012

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