2021 Merlin Malt G2X – GRX

Hot on the heels of the Malt G2 Claris last week, two more bikes in our 2021 Aluminium Gravel Bike range have arrived, the Malt G2P Tiagra and the G2X-GRX.

Malt G2X GRX

The G2X has had some major upgrades from last year’s model. Our top of the range aluminium gravel bike features revised geometry, gravel specific handlebars, upgraded groupset and Merlin GDA-1 wheelset.

Sweet Chassis

The G2X features the same tweaked geometry as the rest of the aluminium gravel bike range. More comfort and stability through a slightly lower front end and shorter top tube. These tweaks help raise the fun level on roads as well as gravel, a bike equally happy blasting down gravel tracks or racing along tarmac back lanes. The 32mm deep / 25mm wide Merlin GDA – 1 wheelset adds solid, reliability right where it is needed. Featuring ‘bomb-proof’ shimano RS470 hubs and 32 spokes, the wheels are built tough. Schwalbe G One 35mm tyres offer a great mix of multi surface grip whilst still retaining on-road speed. 12mm through axles hold the frameset and wheels securely.


Shimano’s GRX gravel specific groupset features on our top end aluminium gravel bike. The GRX groupset has three tiers within the range and has allowed us to tailor a high performance specification whilst retaining a more attractive price point. With that in mind we specced GRX 810 shifters and rear derailleur, GRX600 chainset and GRX400 brake calipers – a seemless mix of performance and reliability.


As with many things in life, the ‘nitty-gritty’ detail is where 5 star bikes shine. The details in the GX2 GRX include; FSA seatpost, stem and flared gravel handlebars, KMX X11 chain, Jagwire gear cables, hardwearing Shimano SLX cassette and Schwalbe G One tyres.

In short, this is the best aluminium gravel bike we have produced.

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