9 Top Tips – For When You Can’t be Arsed!

Struggling to get out of the door for a ride? Feeling a bit jaded and like you need a break? Just really can not be arsed? Here’s our 9 tips for keeping motivated – It would have been 10 but…

Take a Break

Learn from full time rider’s, have a proper break at the end of the season for a few weeks. Within a week or so you will start to miss riding your bike and be looking forward to getting out on two wheels again.

Ride with Friends

One of the best ways to stay keen, is to have others to count on for encouragement. Whether it’s those damp, grim weekend training rides or winter cross training, friends can help. Ride mates can usually be relied upon for a bit of motivational banter or that kick up the behind we all need from time to time.


Been hard at it? Training, racing, getting lots of sleep? While all that stuff makes you better on your bike, it probably isn’t helping your social life. At the end of the summer season is the ideal time to catch up with friends and do fun stuff. So get your helmet off and let your hair down…

Join a Group Ride

If you usually ride on your own, group rides are great. For newcomers, once you’ve got a grip of group ride etticut, getting swept along and enjoying bunch chit-chat is a great alternative being on your lonesome.

Café Stops

Instead of battering yourself for the entire ride, take half an hour off, sit in a café and kick back with a big slab of cake. The motivation power of a coffee and cake is well-known, so get stuck in! You might be slightly slower on the ride home, but that content, smug, slightley bloated feeling will keep you going.

Shiny New

Either riding a new or different bike or upgrading clothing or a component or two is a great way to get motivation back. Not sure if it’s the guilt of buying it that makes you ride, or just wanting to check if it performs as it should. Either way – it is getting you out on your bike!

Run Errands

Leave the car behind and use your bike to do local errands. Whether it’s a quick trip to the post office or a corner shop dash for some milk, using your bike for day-to-day stuff will give a quick burst of endorphins, whilst getting the chores done. This will also make you to want to get out for a proper ride…

Ride Somewhere New

It’s easy done. Your regular rides become so ingrained into your brain’s ride-map-database and you automatically head on your regular routes. STOP! Get the map out and search out new roads. Alternatively transport yourself somewhere different with your bike (by train or car) and sample some fresh tarmac – a change is as good as a rest!

Set Goals

Even if you don’t race, you can still set yourself challenges or goals. Working towards an achievement aids motivation and keeps a focus for your training. Online platforms such as Strava and Zwift encourage goal setting within their software. Whether it’s getting around your local loop faster than ever, or doing the most miles in a month – goals will keep you focussed.




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