Astute Choice of Saddle…

The best saddles are those you don’t even think about. Ever. They just support you and let you enjoy your ride.

So, after a few weeks of saddle discomfort riding mainly gravel tracks, I had run out of options. Having experimented with tyre pressure and riding position. It was time to consider a new saddle. The Astute Mudlite VT MTB saddle got great reviews online, it looked like a shape my fussy ‘under-carraige’ could cope with, so I figured that it would be a good one to test.

Astute Mudlite VT £49.99

The Astute MudLite features;

Premium Italian Microfibre

Memory foam pad with three density levels

Nylon Carbon Shell

Lightweight – 215 grams

Size – 125 X 260mm

I have ridden quite a few saddles since the mid 1980’s, one thing I know about saddle comfort is that it is very subjective. So having broken several vertibrae and having had my pelvis patched up with titanium years ago, I was hopeful that the Mudlite would provide a comfortable perch for me.

I set up my bike on the trainer to tweak around with the new saddle position. Rather than a quick tweak, the ride turned into a solid Zwift session – it was really very comfy straight out of the box. My first ride out (80k all gravel) was very positive too – getting the horizontal level right, allows a fair amount of push-back for comfort & support on the seated climbs. In addition , sitting forward towards the tip of the saddle while riding on the drops was equally comfortable.

Stylish Box too!

The Astute range of saddles have been warmly approved by our customers, great quality and comfort seem to be the two main attributes feeding back through reviews. Check out the full range here.

Full Astute range here

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Astute make saddles 100% by hand in a factory in Italy


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