Brand Focus – MET

It was back in 1987 is when MET started manufacturing helmets. The couple behind MET, Massimiliano Gaiatto and Lucianna Sala, used to work at Massisilano’s family business Brancale, which was a popular brand of shoes and helmets in the 1980’s. The pair found producing cycling shoes in Italy too stressful and moved to a new area to set start MET.

MET Process

In Talamona, Italy – not too far from the Lake Como, is where MET are based. They are very proud of the fact that almost the whole process takes place on their site in Italy. Everything from the design and shape of vents, the 3D printing of pre-production models. However, like many brands, manufacturing is based in China, before being quality controlled again in Talamona.

Make a Prototype

The outer shell of a helmet is cut out from a single polymer sheet, before being heating and moulded into shape. Robots then cut out the vents before polystyrene is injected into the inside the outer shell. The final stage sees the internal fittings, strap and any peaks or stickers attached. Through this process of producing pre-production prototypes, MET meticulously recycle off-cuts and water used in the manufacturing process goes on to be re-used in the company toilets.

Test of Time

According to MET, if you don’t damage or crash in your helmet, it should offer a similar level of protection, and effectively last, for around 8 years. After this time the materials in manufacture can start to degenerate and offer lesss protection. Over the years MET have provided helmets for all the top names in cycling. This continued through to modern day stars, such as Tadej Pogacar, winner of the 2020 and 2021 Tour De France.

Helmets for All

Luckily you don’t have to be a professional road rider to use MET helmets. There is a wide selection of models available for all riders, from young children to triathletes and enduro mountain bikers.

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