Brand Focus – NiteRider

There are lots of cycling brands that started out because of an un-met need or requirement. Niterider started out by accident and by necessity. Tom Carroll was a super keen outdoors athlete based in Southern California. The best surf waves were to be had at night. However, there wasn’t a light capable of lighting up the waves sufficiently at night.

See the Surf

A builder and designer by trade and an inventor of solutions, Tom got busy producing a light for himself which would perform how he wanted, in the surf. His second attempt was everything that a light for extreme sports had to be; waterproof, very bright, light weight and hands-free. He realised the light was also perfect for lighting the trails he rode on his MTB to access those perfect waves.

Hands On

Tom built the business at his kitchen table with his wife Veronica. They assembled and shipped lights at night after a hard days work in their day jobs. Tom is still very ‘hands-on’ today, answering the phones and listens to customers needs and helps service those needs – for Tom the business has always been personal. Niterider lights are proudly designed, engineered, tested and assembled at the company base in San Diego, California.

The Range

The Niterider range topper is the Lumina series which feature varying run-rates and power. The most powerful being the Lumina Pro2200. This light features a maximum power of 2200 lumens – enough to light up the darkest trails on the darkest nights. The Pro2200 features a lightweight 4 cell Lithium battery, eight step fuel gauge and the high power light uses 3x Class Leading CREE LEDs. The lower cost Swift and Mako series feature power levels high enough for commute riders, with the high quality and reliability which Niterider are known for.

Rear Lights

Niterider produce a range of rear lights with some innovative features. The Sentinel 250 projects lazer lines on the ground behind the rider as well as 2 variable flash patterns to add extra visibility. The Sentry Aero 260 is an innovative aero shape which is almost viewable from any angle. Rear lights have ‘group ride mode’ so that your fellow riders aren’t distracted.

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