Brand Focus – SeaSucker

Florida based brand Seasucker began in 2005. The family owned business started off making marine accessories for boats which used an innovative vacuum mount technology.

Bikes Onboard

In 2009 they realised that the mounting technology would be ideal for mounting bike racks on cars, particularly good for cars without roof-rails and gutters. SeaSucker began designing the racks which are now sold all over the world. From bike racks they expanded into paddle board, surf board and kayak mounts, all using the similar vacuum mounting technology.

Made in the USA

The company is founded on innovation. Founder Chuck Casagrande has invented over 200 products and is still coming up with innovative solutions for athletes on the go. The company now sells all around the world but is still proudly manufacturing in Florida, USA. In addition, the few parts which they don’t make themselves are sourced from US manufacturers.

Vacuum Mounting

Vacuum mounts form a reliable mounting system, only effected by the type of surface its attached to (ideally clean, smooth & flat), the condition of the mount and the load on the rack. The smoother and flatter the surface, the more securely they hold – this is because vacuum mounts generally, were originally designed to carry large glass panels and other very smooth surfaces.

Caring for Seasuckers

Keeping Seasucker vacuum pads in top shape involves keeping them clean (can be cleaned with regular soap and cloth or sponge). Whilst keeping the pads clean, check for any nicks or cuts – these could allow air to leak. Always store the seasucker vacuum mounts in their protective cover which they come with. The vacuum pads are manufactured with UV inhibitors, however UV rays will eventually break down any rubber or plastic – so they are best stored out of direct sunlight.

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