Brand Focus – Spatzwear

2017 was the year that Spatzwear launched. Founder, Tom Barras, had studied Industrial Product Design and also had a solid stint as a full-time bike rider. These two elements meshed together perfectly with the launch of Spatzwears first product.


As a long term bike rider, Tom knew that cold, wet feet were an unavoidanble regular occurrence while training through the winter months in the Yorkshire Dales. Existing overshoes hadn’t evolved for 30 years and didn’t do a good job of keeping the wet and cold from getting to your feet.

Photo:Spatzwear – Original Design Work

Spatz Difference

Using the latest wetsuit materials, joining and sealing technology, together with clever design, the original Spatwear overshoes were like nothing else on the market. From the initial overshoes, Spatzwear have developed variations to cover all types of riding, including overshoes featuring flouro highlights for extra visibility (Legalz Glo) and heavy-duty Gravel targeted (GRAVLR) ones.

Expanded Range

Five years on and Spatzwear produce over 40 products and supply some of the biggest names in cycling, including Mattieu van der Poel and the Alpecin – Fenix Team. Spatzwear Windsock2 featured in all the Grand Tour Time Trials in the 2022 season. It’s not all footwear though. The Basez 2 base layer was voted ‘Best in Test’ by the Independent newspaper and can often be seen under professional riders team kit. Spatwear gloves are also making a name for themselves, featuring the same attention to detail, well thought out design and high quality materials.

I asked Tom how he knew when he had got a product just right.

“For me to spot riders on WT (World Tour) teams wearing our kit even though we do not sponsor or support them. It shows that they are buying our kit out of choice because they need the best kit in order to perform at their best, regardless of cost or brand. They are using our kit for the exact reasons and in the exact situations we designed it for. If you look carefully at the winners of Belgian classics in the spring is it common to spot our Burnr gilet or base layers nestled underneath the speed suits of the winners, despite them being sponsored by other brands. Our kit offers warmth, comfort and aerodynamic benefits that other brands have not caught on to yet!”

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