Brand Focus – Spinergy

Wheel specialists Spinergy first rolled into the cycling world in 1990. The US based brand arrived on the scene with a revolutionary product which showcased the potential for carbon fibre in the manufacture of spoked wheels.

Spinergy Rev-X

Their Spinergy Rev-X wheelsets really put Spinergy on the radar of bike riders who wanted to go fast, in the early 1990’s. Along with the Specialized Tri-Spoke and Corima 4 Spoke, these wheels broke new grounds in terms of aerodynamics whilst being lighter than carbon fibre disc wheels (which could only be used in the rear). The Rev-X was designed for road use, Spinergy followed the Rev-X with the mountain bike version, the Rev-X-Roks. The Rev-X wheels featured 4 sets of 2 wide, flat spokes in each wheel.

Rolling forward

Today, with over thirty years of bicycle wheel development and production, Spinergy manufacture high performance bike wheels for both on and off-road riding. As well as bikes, Spinergy also produce a revolutionary range of wheels for wheelchair sports and for everyday wheelchair use.


Spinergy have developed a range of wheelsets using very special spokes. PBO spokes are extremely light, yet incredibly strong, these allows Spinergy wheels to offer a light weight wheel, which is extremely durable. Each PBO spoke contains 30,000 strands of Polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fiber – this produces spokes which are 3 times stronger than stainless steel, yet 50% of the weight. The hi-tech spokes are produced in either an aero or round profile. As well as being light and strong, the PBO spokes offer extra vibration damping qualities compared to their regular steel counterparts.

Quality Hubs

As well as cutting edge spokes, Spinergy are well known for their stylish hub designs. They manufacture hubs utilising either a high strength forging process or a high strength machined aluminum billet process. Both manufacturing processes provide exceptional strength and accuracy. The hubs are manufactured using 6061-T6 high strength aluminum. All hubs receive a type 2 hard anodized finish for premium quality, whilst remaining resilient and hard wearing.

On and Off-Road

Spinergy produce wheels for both road and off-road (gravel) use. The PBO spokes and stylish hubs are built onto either aluminium or carbon rims. Full wheelset weights start from 1455 grams per set.

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