Brand Focus – Veloflex

Describing themselves as the tyre artisans, Veloflex have been producing specialist tyres, deep in the heart of Italy, since the early 1980’s. The brand heritage is built upon a passion for bikes, handcraft and tradition.

Early Days

The company was founded in 1981 thanks to the encounter between two families. They both shared the same passion for road cycling. The brand decided to set up their production of bicycle tyres in a farmstead in the small town of Chignolo d’Isola. They later moved to what had already become a real artisan laboratory to Presezzo, in the province of Bergamo. This is where some of the best professional bicycle tyres are produced and handmade individually with care.

Made by Hand

Handcrafting, attention to the different processes of the production and the selection of the best materials available represent the core of our artisanal work to create high-quality road bicycle tyres, designed for demanding cyclists. Veloflex strongly believe in our artisan vocation as both our tubulars and clincher tires require a great deal of manual skill, care and patience.

35 Steps to Perfection

Veloflex design tubulars with the same techniques that they used over 70 years ago and the same number of precise accurate steps through production: 35 steps are needed to have a tubular from the raw material and the different components (yarn, latex, rubber, glue, valves). The tubular tyres take three times longer to be produced than the clincher tire (open tubular).

Well Tested

Since the brand started out, Veloflex have collaborated with several professional cycling teams. Along the way, winning races such as Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. Today lots of professional teams still choose to race using Veloflex. Competition is at the forefront of the Veloflex mission, they thrive on the adrenaline of cycling performance.

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